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Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel Review

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I will be chatting you through my thoughts and findings whilst using the Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. I feel like I haven’t done enough reviews recently, so I’m going to head back onto that bandwagon! I’ve been using this since around the end of November/beginning of December time, and I like to take a little bit longer when reviewing skincare products to gather everything I need because it does take a while for your skin to adjust to it, as well as the product. Anyway, I will now, after all this time, get on with reviewing it for you!


As always, first things first (I’m the realest): the packaging. This is in a slightly different packaging to what I’d previously experienced with Simple as it’s plastic but it’s that type of waterproof plastic that doesn’t mould or get damaged by water. I find this useful because I do tend to use, and hence keep, this product in the bath/shower, so I know nothing nasty can happen to the product inside. Like all the other Simple skincare products, it displays all of the information on the front and back of the packaging in an easy-to-read manner. I don’t read this as religiously as I would the first few products I bought from this brand because I have formed a trust with it (as if it’s a person!) and I know that they all roughly say the same thing: it contains no nasties and is perfect for every skin type, including sensitive. But, of course, it’s there if you want it. It’s also got a *click* shut-lid, the *click* of it assuring me it’s closed. This makes it perfect for travelling, even if it is slightly larger than what I’d be willing to carry when doing so (150ml). It is quite a flexible plastic, though, so I’m sure it would be relatively adjustable. I have found, also, that the *click* is much less *click-y* the more I’ve used it and the more water that has got into it. It could just be me, but bear that in my mind for travelling, as well. The product also squeezes out very easily and there is none wasted (that I have found, anyway!).

This is a colourless product, assuring me that there are no artificial additives and so Simple’s keeping to their word (not that I ever doubted them!). It doesn’t smell the most appetizing and is very chemical-y, but this isn’t something I overly care about. It’s not a very strong smell and doesn’t last once the product is wiped off the skin like others might.


I, personally, love this product. The instructions guide you to lather this in-between your hands/fingers before applying onto damp skin and removing straight after, and it does exactly as it says. It lathers to form a frothy, white texture and can be used on any areas of the face. I use hardly any at all, but that is dependent on the amount of area you plan on covering. It also feels really nice and cooling on the face and successfully removes any traces of dirt or makeup left from the day. I will only use this twice a week, though, because it can dry out my skin and I don’t really need to – twice a week is enough to fully cleanse the skin for my personal use and application of makeup. When I use it for this amount of time, it also balances out any oiliness without completely drying out your skin, but I think this is dependent on each individual and their skin type. This may have been the placebo effect, but after use I do find that it calms the redness in my cheeks slightly, proving it’s accessibility for those with sensitive skin. There isn’t much more I can say other than it does what it says and I really enjoy using it!


Finally, price and accessibility. This is a very well-known brand in the UK, so the Facial Wash Gel is available in Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets. It retails for £3.45 in Boots and £3.29 in Superdrug (I don’t know why there’s a difference, but Superdrug’s currently got an offer on meaning it’s £2.19 at the moment), which is very affordable in consideration of it being a second cleanser and what it promises. I do love Simple, though, so I don’t think this was a surprise to anyone! This is a brand headed towards my kind of age group (teenagers) which would explain the price point and accessibility, but I’m not complaining!

Would I recommend it to you? Of course I would! I think it is amazing for what it is and I don’t think I could really imagine any other necessary qualities I could add to it if it was from a higher brand. I think for someone of my age, it really does help to introduce significant stages of skincare from a very early point so brings it to our attention much more. Also, it’s cheap and very easy to get hold of, so this will be a brand I continue to use and test out for years to come, I think!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – let me know what other products you would like to see reviewed on this blog and I will get to that for you! If you have this Facial Wash Gel, let me know what you think of it or whether I have now convinced you to get one for yourself!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Tuesday,

Rachel xx

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser VS. Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser [Kind To Skin]

Good Evening Munchkins,

Today I will be comparing for you the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser and the Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser. Very long names, but trust me, it’ll get easier as we go along! I thought I would write this blog post so that any of you who are interested in trying either of these products from Simple will know the differences between the two of them and perhaps make a more educated decision when it comes to buying them. Or it’s just a leisurely read – the choice is yours! I have been trying both of these for around 3 months now so I should have everything I need to talk to you about them.


The first thing I would like to talk to you about it how much of each I use. I think quite naturally, we change how much of a product we use depending on what (if anything) we’re putting on after, what time of day it is, our skin type etc., but I have a slight generalization for you. I tend to use slightly more of the Replenishing Rich one than I do the Hydrating Light one which actually surprise me because surely the richer one would be able to cover a bigger surface area with less product? I do also have combination skin with a tendency for a dry forehead and nose so I guess I do layer up the Rich one for that reason. The Light one, however, covers the face with relatively little and also sinks in super quickly because of this factor. I will apply makeup straight after using this one, though, so I suppose that’s the reasoning behind that.



I know it sounds crazy, but I can actually feel a slight difference between these two. The Rich one feels a lot thicker and actually heavier once on the skin and when sinking in can form a sort of layer over the face. This does depend on whether you like that kind of feel or not – I personally don’t mind but I may go back to further rub it in if I am in a rush for any reason. It can sometimes feel like my skins drowning in it, though, so just be aware for that! The Light one (as you can expect) actually feels fairly light on the skin and, as I’ve previously mentioned, sinks in fairly quickly. I find this one better to use if I am in a bit of a rush for this reason. Both of these moisturisers, though, can be evenly distributed and so makes applying it just a little bit easier and more precise.


Effect on Skin

I’ve used both of these moisturisers at different times in the day to make sure I have perfect results for you and can fill you in on this little section. I initially first started using the Rich one before applying my makeup because, as I’ve mentioned, I can get dry skin in certain places if they’ve been particular used and abused. I actually found that sometimes it didn’t help my dry skin and would either reverse the action or my skin would totally ignore it (which doesn’t surprise me, it’s my skin after all!). However, a couple of weekends ago I wore a lot of makeup on both days for quite a large amount of the day so applied it before I went to bed the nights before, during and after just to rescue my skin a little bit and I felt like this did help the welfare of my face. The Light one, on the other hand, doesn’t dry out my skin and does help it when I apply it and because they both contain glycerin, they both help my makeup stick to it. I think this one is based upon your skin type but from my experiences, these would be the guidelines I would follow.


When To Use Them

Kind of coinciding with the last point, I do have to use these moisturisers at different times of the day to get the full impact and total benefits suited to my skin. I use the Light one before I apply my makeup in the morning because it helps to keep my makeup in place (with the magic ingredient of glycerin!) and because it sinks in quickly it doesn’t waste any time but it gives my skin a little something to get through the day with. The Rich one, however, is one I don’t use all the time (as I say, don’t want to drown my skin) but when I do it’s just before I go to bed so it can sink in overnight. And don’t worry, your face won’t stick to the pillow, which I know it a great fear for many! Basically, I use the Hydrating Light on as a day cream and the Replenishing Rich one as a night cream. Much like the last point, this does kind of depend on your skin type and what it needs so don’t just follow what I do, it’s all about you *cue McFly*.

Finally, which one do I prefer? I love both of them but the one I couldn’t go without would have to be the Hydrating Light Moisturiser! I think I will find more use for the Replenishing Rich one in the winter when it gets a lot colder and my skin becomes a lot more dry but right now, the Hydrating Light one is my best friend! If you would like to see my individual reviews of these two you can click HERE and HERE. For the Hydrating Light Moisturiser, you can purchase it as Boots, Superdrug and some supermarkets. The same goes for the Replenishing Rich Moisturiser which is also available from Boots, Superdrug and some supermarkets. Please match them to your skin type before you buy them because you could actually damage your skin further instead of helping it if you use the wrong skincare products for it.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I don’t think I write enough on skincare if I’m going to be entirely honest so if there’s anything you want to specifically see, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments. If you have any further questions, you may also ask me those as well. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of these moisturisers if you own them yourself!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Water VS. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Good Evening Munchkins,

Today I will be writing another ‘VS.’ blog post (I feel like I haven’t written one of these in ages!) and this time it will be to compare the Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Water and the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Already very similar, as I’m sure you can tell by their names but trust me, there are a fair few differences I am about to share with you. If you would like to read my individual reviews on each of these products, you can find the Simple one HERE and the Garnier one HERE.



As I’m sure you can tell by the pictures, each product comes in a different sized bottle. The Simple water comes in one size only (200ml) whereas the Garnier one comes in two different sizes (125ml, pictured, and 400ml ) which I actually prefer. The smaller one is perfect for travelling as it barely takes up any room and feels almost weightless but the bigger one will last you through a century! The Simple bottle is also quite small, but is still slightly bigger so could be a bit too big to fit in a small wash/cosmetics bag, whereas the Garnier one fits perfectly. It isn’t by much and you do get more product but that’s also where the bigger Garnier one, again, takes the upper hand. Basically, in terms of size, Garnier has it in the bag – they have covered you for all situations. I wouldn’t travel with the huge Garnier one (obviously) but the smaller one is just so compact, it’s almost cute in it’s size.


Another factor I’ve found quite significant between these two products: the amount I actually use. I find that I do need to use more of the Simple water to get off an entire face of makeup completely in comparison to the Garnier one. When using the Garnier Micellar Water, I found I needed a couple of drops on a cotton pad and I was good to go, but I find myself trying to almost soak my cotton pad with the Simple water in order to try and get the same standard of makeup removal. This does become evident by the amount of the Simple Micellar Water I’ve used already in these first 6-7 weeks (at time of writing) than I did with the Garnier one. That small bottle of the Garnier water lasted me from September through to April, but I don’t think the Simple one will last that long. Again, the Garnier one has the upper hand in this aspect – you do get a lot more bang for your buck with this one.



If you look on each of the bottles, they both state the benefits it should have to your skin. Simple is a very well-known skincare brand which I am the perfect demographic for (that sounded really arrogant, I just meant they suit younger skin!) so I think I expected to see more benefits from it. It also promises a lot more, stating what ingredients are in there and what they’re positives are. The Garnier one, on the other hand, doesn’t state this information, it just tells you exactly what it does. I don’t have particularly problem skin, I feel like both of them cleanse my skin as thoroughly as the other and I guess I’m the wrong person to test the skincare benefits. I think in this category, Simple would have to win just because it assures me there are some benefits other than the typical taking-my-face-off with it kind of thing.


Both of these products are drugstore so are obviously going to be affordable and mainstream. The Simple Micellar Water retails at £4.49 (there’s an offer at Superdrug in which it now retails for £2.19) and the Garnier Micellar Water is sold at £1.99 (125ml) or £4.99 (400ml, there is currently an offer at Boots where it cost only £3.33, go grab it whilst you can!). It’s quite clear the difference in price and what you can get most product for. I do find the Simple products to be a bit pricier than other drugstore skincare brands aimed at my age group so I guess this price can be expected. As someone who doesn’t tend to have a lot of money to spare, the Garnier one immediately catches my eye and the product you get for it is amazing – it is worth the money and more. I would have to, once again, say that Garnier has won in this category.

Onto the final verdict. I think if I was going to recommend either of them, it would be the Garnier Micellar Water. I do like both and don’t have any problems with either of them, I am just nitpicking. It is up to you which one you actually end up going for (please let me know!) but I think that is the one I will be re-buying for a long time. To purchase the Garnier Micellar Water, you can find it in Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets. To purchase the Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Water, you can also find it in Boots, Superdrug and a range of supermarkets. I will quickly point out that Simple’s demographic, as I briefly mentioned, is teenage skin and younger people so if you have slightly older skin, this may also not be suited to you. Also, not everyone has the same experiences with skincare because everyone’s skin is different and special in it’s own way, so these are based on my personal findings, it may be different for you. Please don’t hold it against me!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! As I said, let me know which one you prefer or are going to go out and try! I love using  Micellar Waters as cleansers; they remove you’re makeup so easily and quickly but you don’t feel as bad as when using a face wipe! Let me know what other skincare blog posts you would like to see in the future!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx

Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Water Review

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I will be reviewing for you the Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Water which I purchased a couple of months ago and included in THIS HERE haul. I’ve only gotten round to start using it a few weeks/a month ago but nonetheless I’ve managed to gather enough information for you for this very reason. I have one other Simple skincare product I will be reviewing for you very soon so if you are a fan or want to start using some of their skincare, just hold on and it will be up before you know it! If you would like to see my previous Simple review on the Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser you can click HERE.

The first thing I want to tell you about is the packaging. I’m neutral on this packaging, I don’t love it nor hate it; it’s very basic and follows a similar theme to the other products I own from Simple so is easily recognisable amongst some of the other products I own. Unlike the moisturisers I own, however, the bottle is clear which I like because I can track how much of the water I have left and it really frustrates me when I don’t know how how much product is/isn’t in there! It also has the name, brand and useful information (such as the ingredients and the benefits it gives) stated clearly to, again, make it easily recognisable. The lid is one of those ones you flick open so is easy to do exactly that (even for my Dobby-sized hands) but also reassures me that nothing is going to spill anywhere. The colour scheme remains green which matches my other Simple products really nicely for pictures and such. The product is dispensed through a small hole so no product leaks or gets wasted which I also like because I can be careless if I don’t concentrate. This is available in only a 200ml bottle so could be perhaps squeezed into a suitcase for travel (which it should do fine as it’s only plastic) and could mean you need to keep going back for more a lot more often if you use a lot of it.

Like most micellar waters, this is transparent (hence ‘water’) which I didn’t expect any different from, to be honest. The scent, like the other Simple products, is very neutral and is also similar so reassures me that what they say on the bottle is true (no added scents etc.) and also corresponds with all of their products being as natural as they say there are. There isn’t much to say on aesthetics in terms of this product but it’s nothing out of the ordinary or anything to write home about.


When using this product, I do have to use a fair amount. I don’t have to soak the entire cotton pad but I do notice the amount of product in the bottle lessening a lot quicker than what I have with other micellar waters. If I’ve been at school and am wearing minimal makeup, it can be quite easy and quick to remove my makeup and I don’t find I’m using an extortionate amount of the product. However, if I’ve had a full face of makeup on (i.e. foundation, eyebrows, all the rest of it), it can use a lot more product and it does dry up (or at least feels that way) very quickly. I’ve also found it doesn’t remove waterproof mascara that easily but in all fairness, it doesn’t promise that. Also, I haven’t found this has made any extreme changes to my skin, positive or negative which I think is expected from this brand (though that could just be me, don’t hold me to that). I don’t have very spot prone skin, it tends to remain clear with the occasional hormonal spot popping up every once in a while, so I guess this isn’t the right skin to test that theory on. I have used this for around a month so it may still be too early to notice any significant changes, though I tend to by now.

The price of this bottle is £4.49 though I managed to catch it whilst it was on offer in which it was much cheaper (these offers do come around fairly regularly so it may be worth hanging on until the next one). I think this is quite a lot for a student on a budget (as I am) but it doesn’t entirely break the bank. This is available in Boots and Superdrug as well as other supermarkets (I found my offer in Tesco, and they run these quite a lot as I previously mentioned) so is easily accessible for nearly everyone.

Would I recommend this to everyone? I would if they were a skincare junkie or if they had particularly breakout prone skin to see if it does actually affect this or not (for their benefits, not just my research!). However, for the ‘average Joe’ on a budget, I think that there are better ones out there for less money which would be more suited to them. I don’t want to completely disregard this because it hasn’t caused boils on my skin but it does what it says and I guess I’ve just experienced better. Why have wine when you can have champagne, eh?

So there is my review for you on this fine Sunday! If you have tried this product, let me know what you thought of it or any other Simple products! Also, don’t forget to tell me what else you would like to see used or reviewed for you! I hope you have all had a fantastic week, and have another brilliant one coming!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser Review

Good Evening Munchkins,

As you would’ve seen in my ‘World’s Biggest Haul’ (find HERE), I bought a range of Simple skincare products and so thought that today I would share with you the first review from them. From the day after buying my little selection, I have been using the Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser. This is the first product that caught my eye as I have quite dry skin so thought this would be perfect. Although these are my views and opinions and that is the reason for reviews, I just want you to remember that everyone’s skin is different and this is just how it reacted on my skin, it doesn’t guarantee that the same reaction will occur with you and your face.


The first thing that should be mentioned is the packaging. This and most of the other products on sale were packaged in boxed, which I quite like as it makes it feel more expensive. I’ve never had a product like that so when it happened I was like ‘ohmygod I feel so important’. Easily pleased, I know. The actual bottle is plastic (I think) but feels kind of rough so it would slip out of your hand easily (I have no idea how to say it!). Both the box and the bottle share the same amount of information about the product on the back which I like as in the shop you can see what it’s all about without having to open it but once you dispose of the box you haven’t entirely missed out. They both follow the same, simple (not intended) colour scheme of white and green which I also like as the connotations make me feel like I’m doing good to my skin! The cap is a little flip up one which I think I struggled with opening at first, but that’s just me being me! It has become easier over time. The product actually comes out of a very small, almost pin-prick sized hole which I find very helpful in terms of finding out when to stop squeezing etc. I don’t know whether the actual bottle it white or whether that’s the product inside, though I suspect it’s the actual bottle (otherwise I’ve used very little so far!). Despite my love for the box, I did have to get rid of it as it took up quite a lot of room in my drawer full of my personal things that I don’t share with anyone else (how to live in a family of 6!).


This moisturiser claims it isn’t perfumed, which I would like to believe, and it does have a very unique smell. I am terrible at describing but I fell like it smells quite clean and organic as it’s all the ingredients, basically. It could also be seen as a typical moisturiser/body lotion smell. I liked most smells but because I apply this in the morning, it does help to perk me up a little bit as it does smell so pure. The actual cream is white, which is pretty standard for a moisturiser of any kind so I don’t think I could really talk about and justify that. It does help to keep with the pure theme though!

This product claims to include a lot of health benefiting ingredients. This includes two vitamins (pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E) and 3 ‘skin loving’ ingredients (glycerin, bisabolol and allantoin). Before researching, I had only heard of vitamin E (but knew hardly anything about it) and glycerin (which I knew more, but still very little on). Glycerin is a product that becomes tacky once applied to applying further products (such as makeup) makes it stick to it, which I found it has done when I’ve had powder and concealer day. It also claims to work for 12 hours, which I don’t really know how to test, so that one can remain a bit of a mystery for us all (‘and the award for best blogger goes to…’). I have done my research though and found out that pro-vitamin B5  basically gives more moisture to the skin, making it gain more elasticity and therefore making the skin look and feel younger. Now, I am only 15 so testing this would have to be a long-term mission of mine, but if I still have this blog in my 40’s, I will definitely update you! Vitamin E apparently has the same purpose but by blocking free radicals from the body (in English that means cells that are unequal/odd number of electrons that have the capability to damage your skin being stopped in their tracks. Don’t be scared though! This is why you’re body produces antioxidants!). Bisabolol is a known ingredient for having anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties and having a slightly floral scent (probably that smell, then!). And the final ingredient, allantoin, is used to protect and heal the skin. This is actually interesting science, never thought that would happen!

WP_20160312_08_17_38_Pro I’ve chosen to use this one first instead of the lighter moisturiser from Simple because it’s still early days in terms of heat here in England and (as I previously mentioned) I have dry, itchy skin so felt this would be most fitting. I have found that this has improved the condition of my skin and the application of my simpler makeup, but I haven’t so much noticed anything with my foundation application. I realise it can take a while and I appreciate that, but I thought if I saw some improvement in certain areas, I should notice it in all areas. I only use a tiny bit of this as it is so thick and so goes a long way, even down my neck.

 This product is available in Superdrug, Boots and most supermarkets (I found this and the other Simple products I picked up and then inevitably payed for in Tesco) and I think it’s also available in America if you’re reading from all the way over there! This is only £ which I think is really good considering what you get for it and that, amongst everything else, proves that the specified demographic for this product/brand is teenagers and young people. I think that for the price, I would go out and buy this again. I really like the formula and how it reacts to my skin and I love how budget friendly it is! However, if I wasn’t to moisturise my skin every time I went to put makeup on, I don’t think I would care as much. Makeup application is a huge part of my life!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! It got a lot more science-y than I expected but I guess that’s skincare. If you would like me to try out more skincare products or talk about skincare more, just let me know. If you have this product or anything from the Simple brand let me know what it is and what you think of it! I’m very open to trying new things!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

Simple Kind To Skin Exfoliating Facial Wipes – Review

Good Evening Munchkins! After last weeks review (which you can find HERE) I decided I would do another but on something you might not even consider that important as I think they’re quiet fun to do and I enjoy reading them, so here we go.

Firstly I would just like to point out I have the most sensitive skin imaginable. I have really red cheeks and even baby wipes make my skin go all patchy when taking makeup off. These wipes, however, don’t. And sorry for the blurriness of the picture.


I got these as a tester pack with 7 in from the magazine Shout in last month’s issue which I think you can still get, so please do if you can. First, the packaging. It’s your standard plastic (correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think that’s right) but the sticky thing you pull off to get the wipes out of is so sticky it gives me reassurance that they will stay moist and that makes me happy. Even though on the first go I did nearly fly across the room when I first got it open. Also, this is probably because I got the tester pack, but it’s so slimline I just want to take it everywhere I go to show it off. And I wonder why I’m alone! On the sticker it says ‘UK’s No. 1’ and ‘With Multi-Vitamins’. I do not blame it for being No. 1, I really don’t and maybe the Multi-Vitamins is the reason I get no redness. I don’t know. I’m not here for the clever side!

Onto the main product itself. As I said earlier, I have really sensitive skin but they only ever cleanse my face, never bring out red patches which it has before due to wipes. Very happy with that. It get everything off as well as you’d expect a makeup wipe to but yeah. The non-redness just makes me so happy, that’s why I chose to write about it. I wouldn’t say it makes my skin any softer like a face mask/cleanser would but I think for face wipes you get a lot than what you would expect if you hadn’t heard about them. It would be a very lovely surprise.

More onto the ingredients side, on the Boots website it says it contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which restores, softens and smoothes, Vitamin E to moisturise and improve skin condition, Aloe Vera which soothes and conditions but contains no perfumes or colour which is also good. Aloe Vera is known to work well with sensitive skin, hence why it only calms down my skin. If it does improve skin condition, I haven’t noticed it personally but I don’t think I was really looking for it to be honest.

A pack of 25 costs £3.99 in Boots which is average I suppose though I’m used to living on Tesco’s Own for £1. I would pay that money for these wipes, I just love them. They are always moist (and I’ve had them for nearly a month) and they make my skin happy!

Let me know in the comments what you think of them and whether you agree with my views or not or recommend some products for me to try then write a review about. I’m always open to new ideas. If you would like anymore information just ask me either in the comments or through email (my email address is at the bottom) or just go the website which I will leave a link to at the end.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk

Last Blog: https://rachelkate01.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/day-to-night-rings/

Boots: http://www.boots.com/

Simple Kind To Skin Exfoliating Facial Wipes: http://www.boots.com/en/Simple-Kind-To-Skin-Exfoliating-Facial-Wipes-25_6346/