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Relaxaton Routine 2016

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be talking you through the current routine I use to relax. As a 15 year old in 2016 living in the UK in the month of May, I have all the good, amazing things to worry about: exams, family life and social media/blogging. These are things that I do love, however (otherwise I just wouldn’t complete them), but I do have to admit that stress is a common factor in my day-to-day life. I also know that a lot of people also suffer from stress or anxiety or something like that and so thought I could impart my wisdom and enlighten you with my stress relieving tactics. Not all of these I will do in one ‘session’ but they are all things I find help relax me. I will also be telling you what I did after I went to a festival a couple of weeks ago because that was a very hectic day in itself!

Take Off My Makeup


The first thing I will always do if I know I am not leaving the house again that day is take off my makeup. I love makeup and applying it (you guys know this!) but sometimes there is nothing better than just removing it. When I went to the festival, I was wearing makeup from around half past 10 in the morning to midnight the same day. My skin was about to boycott, I swear! The current cleanser I am using is the Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water (available from Superdrug and Boots, expect a review soon!) and  I just this with a cotton pad and take off my makeup with it. I will also go over with a flannel that is slightly damp with cold water to refresh my skin and make sure I have got everything possible off. I will then just pat my skin dry with a towel. I don’t really have a night time skin routine but if you do, this is where you would insert it. On this particular occasion, I just wanted to go to bed so literally saturated my cotton pad knowing that one wipe would be plenty (name that old advert) but you don’t need that much with this cleanser. Also, if you’ve been on a long, hot day out, you may want to put this or your face wipes in the fridge during the day so when you come back they are nice and cool. I may also cleanse the next day to make sure my skin is still in great condition despite the day/night I had before!

Have a Bubble Bath


I will admit that a nice, hot bubble bath may not be appropriate for this time of year, but I try and give myself one at least once a week so I can just relax and have a little bit of ‘me’ time. I live with 5 other people, so ‘me’ time is an endangered species, meaning that these moments are very special! I love using this lavender bath cream which I received in a set at Christmas as it creates amazing bubbles with very little of the product and lavender (supposedly) relaxes you. I also love using Unicorn Horn, the bubble bar from Lush, though that is part of the Valentine’s collection. I always ask for one for my birthday each year as my birthday is the day before Valentine’s. Perfect timing! I didn’t have a bubble bath after my festival but I do try and allocate at least one day a week where I can just do this without worrying about doing my hair or shaving (because that stresses me out as well!). Something I’ve also started doing is reading in the bath; I used to hate this because I was always so scared of dropping my book in and then ruining it but now I have a bit more trust in myself to do so! Reading is also something I love as it takes me into a completely different scenario so distracts me from whatever’s really going on!

Use a Face Mask


This is something I don’t do very often because, like everything, face masks do slightly stress me out. I would, however, use one after another long day to make sure my skin hasn’t been too damaged. I am terrible for using them though as I get bored so easily or I forget about them or I don’t like how they feel on my face. I’m just very picky! I haven’t used the one above yet but it’s for blemish prone skin so could be for preventing any nastiness ending up on my face. I know I’m only 15 and I’m saying all this about skincare but you do only get one face and body so I’m going to make the most of it!



I don’t know about you (*enters Taylor Swift*) but I hate full body moisturizing and will come up with any excuse to convince myself that it’s okay I haven’t done it in a while! However, I do get extremely dry thighs and behind my knees which cause it to become very itchy and so sometimes I just have to do something about it. For just over a year now I’ve been relying on the Mango Body Whip from The Body Shop as the mango oil in it really helps to soothe the dryness. I do think this works and after a long day where the itchiness is stressing me out, I will apply this to where I feel it’s needed. I don’t know why I get it but it doesn’t become flakey or anything, it’s just so itchy. If you know, please just tell me! I used to blame it on the cold weather but I don’t think I can do that anymore, haha.

Get an Early Night

My final point is probably my favourite; get an early night (if possible) so you get the maximum amount of sleep possible for your body. I know it can be difficult to get to sleep if you’re constantly thinking of that day or the next day, but this is paramount to how you’re body and mind function and it’s a natural human necessity! Do as you were meant to do and sleep! Unfortunately, I don’t have any tips on how to actually get to sleep, but lavender does help and not being on your laptop or anything with a back-lit screen a few hours before going to bed does also.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and don’t forget to let me know what you do to help relax yourselves! Which of these do you do or are now going to start using? I would love to know what results you get from it!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


My Teeth Story: 1 Year Without Braces!

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of me having my braces off. Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe it’s been an entire year and I can’t believe how much has happened in that year. This is a milestone for me, I’m sorry that this interests literally none of you! But in my defence I do like to use this blog as a diary kind of thing as well as a blog for you guys so yanno. Sorry.

I’m trying to think all the way back into my childhood and I can honestly say I’ve never been as happy as my teeth as I have been now. I hated my teeth growing up as I sucked my thumb for 10 years so once my adult teeth grew they kind of went ming-mong. They were always holding me back as I thought people would judge me and in some photos I’m smiling really awkwardly because I hated them so much! Getting braces is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

I know not everyone has amazing experiences with braces (one of my friends turns 16 in September and he still needs braces but he’s still got baby teeth – an exact reflection on his personality if you ask me!) but I did genuinely love them. I felt they suited me and every time time I went I had a different coloured band put on and when I had elastics that I had to put in myself I really enjoyed it as I felt I was no responsible for my dental development. They do hurt once they’ve been tightened and if the elastic bands snap (hurts like a mofo, I can still imagine it now!) and if the wires too long and if you’re going through that, just think how worth it it will be! My only regret is I wish I got them earlier.

I remember my first ever orthodontist appointment when I was in year 5, so when I was 9 or 10 and I was so scared, I hardly spoke and my orthodontist offered them to me now or wait a year. Me being the tiny, anxious person I was back then (well, I still am now in some ways), I chose to wait a year. Personally, I believe everything happens for a reason so even not waiting a year could make everything now so different so I guess I’m ok with choosing later (on reflection without braces).

I did wait a year and then I remember it all starting and I was still very very scared! I remember I need to have teeth removed and due to my ‘severe fear’ of the dentist (no, I just had death wishes against mine at the time) I was put under general anesthetic. I’ve had this before when I was 6 but for some reason this time round I was crying about it and it really scared me. For me, personally, though, I would prefer this method. I think what scared me was the chance of never waking up and at this point I was only 11. It was fine though, I’m still here! I had 4 teeth at the back removed (2 from the top and 2 from the bottom) because my jaws too small for all my teeth (hehe, I think otherwise!). I remember that I also had to go the hygienist at one point just before having them put on but me being me made my teeth ming-mong again before having it put on! I remember for either my hygienist or talking about my teeth removal appointments I was watching the Olympics at the time, which is just crazy to think about, knowing the next one is this year! Yeah, it was the diving doubles with Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield (I think that’s his name, he came to my school once) and I got so into it we listened to it on the radio.

I then had my braces on and had the colours red, purple and blue. Those were the main ones anyway. Red because that was my house colour at the time, purple because that was one of my favourite colours at the time and blue because it was another one of my favourite colours at the time. I think I had pink as well, but I can’t justify that one. Skip forward 2 and a half years and it’s this time last year and I had them off! I’d dreamt of that moment for so long and I was disappointed at the beginning because my teeth are literally huge, but now I love them.

I have had issues with my retainer such as not having the willpower to clean it (the most annoying thing ever!) and it cutting the sides of my mouth around Christmas but I’ve managed to get over it. I wear my retainer every night as your teeth can move overnight and I like how my teeth look the most when I’ve had my retainer in. It can sometimes cause bad breath if not cleaned (tmi, much? haha) and so has made me realise not cleaning my retainer isn’t worth it!

I think that’s everything I wanted to clear up on the  whole braces matter but if I have missed anything out, do feel free to ask me in the comments and I will reply to you. You can click HERE to see last years blog post of my first thoughts when I had them off and yeah. Let me know of your brace story (if you have one that is) and what you think of your teeth now.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S. I won’t be uploading on Sunday as it’s Easter Sunday so I hope you have a great long weekend in however you choose to spend it!

My Makeup, Fashion and Hair Staples

Good Evening Munchkins,

Today I will be talking you through My Makeup, Fashion and Hair Staples (the current ones because we all know how much I like to change it up!). I feel like I’ve written something like this before or mentioned some of these things but I really felt like writing a chatty one and so here it is! I will be splitting these into sections so if you only want one little piece then you can head straight to it. At the moment (or recently anyway) I feel like my styles have changed a lot and this is probably where I’m getting older and maturing a little bit, though some things have always been the same! I think I’m just going to get on with it now, I can’t think of anything else I need to let you know of at the moment.


As you will know by now, I love me my makeup but there are some things I adore and have become ‘staple’ looks in my collection. One of these is winged eyeliner. I think I’ve spoken about this before, but literally for the past 6 months I have been doing winged eyeliner every single day (I did do it before then but not everyday). It is one of those things that does take time to learn and to get it perfect for your eye shape and just not make it look like you have wings on your face. I do still have days where one looks amazing and the other like it’s stayed out until 2am but that’s life, you are going to have to deal with that and use it as a learning curve (something I tell myself most mornings before school as I’m about to cry – tears will only make it worse!). I hardly recognise myself without eyeliner now and can happily enjoy tiny flicks one day then Amy Winehouse tribute act the next (I love her so much!). I will be writing a blog post sometime soon as well about how to get the ‘perfect’ eyeliner.

Another is bold eyebrows. This is something I didn’t even realise but naturally I have very thick eyebrows and when I fill them in you don’t miss them! They don’t look terrible (a 15-year-old-girls worst nightmare!) but I don’t see them at important as my eyeliner, if you get what I mean. The other day my Mum just pointed them out and now I’m noticing them a bit more, I am realising that I do have quite bold eyebrows. Something else to complain about I guess.

The next Makeup Staple is bold lips. I realise I’ve just said about my brows and I must sound crazy now, but I do love bold lips. This could be anything from a classic red to a coral or a nude, but I just love it. I do have quite plump lips so trying to make some good use out of them would really help! I also love playing around and experimenting with new/different lip colours and I will always find a way to wear something, no matter what people think! Defining my cupids bow is also a favourite task of mine!


Onto Fashion now. I do like Fashion and have done from a young age and also try to incorporate it into this blog as much as possible because I am bigger and I do believe that bigger women should also feel body confident. One way I will be trying to do that this year is by wearing more crop tops. Over the past few years I’ve been dress and skirt obsessed (not that I’m not now) but this year I’m going to take the plunge and delve into crop tops. I have a fair few now and can’t wait to wear them (especially now the weathers becoming amazing!). I will talk about them a bit more but yeah, Fashion Staple number 1: crop tops. Never thought I’d say that!

Going to the opposite side of the spectrum now is baggy jumpers. I have one black jumper that I wore constantly through out the colder months as I could add amazing makeup with it, it was cosy and, because it was black, made me look a bit slimmer. I love jumpers just for how cosy they are and (kind of contradicting what I just said) hides anything I don’t like or want others to see. I really like the ones with band logos or quotes on them but yeah, baggy jumpers.

Another one is leggings. For as long as I can remember I have worn leggings and I guess I never really stopped! I love how comfy they are and how you can do practically anything in them. I own more pairs of black leggings than I have brothers, which is amazing by my standards! I do have one patterned pair (which I’m wearing now) that I thought would look really odd on me because I am so short and am *slightly* bigger but I’ve got used to them and they don’t look so bad. Guess I’m getting some more of them!

My final one is more jewelry but I thought I’d throw it in there anyway and they are fake cartilage piercings/ear cuffs. I’ve been wanting to get my cartilage pierced for ages but my school won’t allow it and I hate pain so instead I bought some fake cuffs and I wear them literally all the time (apart from at school, clearly!). I love them so much and I think when I leave school I am going to have to get it pierced, just maybe. This will be included in a haul so you will have pictures but it’s a massive haul and not quite finished yet, so you may have to wait a little bit longer. Sorry.


Finally, hair. As some of you will know, I have thick, long hair so styling it can be a messy and painful task, but I have two hairstyles I love and will be sharing with you more in the future. The first is where you have the top part of your sectioned from the lower part and you put it into a ponytail or mini-bun. I love this as it makes my hair look thinner (but not too thin) and keeps the majority of my hair out of my face. I will be writing a proper blog post on this soon but it’s so quick and so easy, everyone needs to have at least tried it! If I can do it, anyone can! I tend to do it when my roots start getting a bit greasy (usually hair wash day) and I want my hair out of my face but it’s cold (i.e still living in England!) so I want some down and boom! This is the hairstyle you will need to fit those needs.

My second is one that my Step-Mum only practiced on my last night but I love it so much and it’s a 50’s style hair-do where the hair is clipped and gripped into a small beehive with a slightly quiffed front and your fringe-part (I don’t have a fringe but if I did it would be that section of hair) tucked behind your ear. I realise that’s a difficult explanation, but one day I will have pictures for you. I also like to wear a little clip-in bow with it for that extra 50’s vibe. I love this so much; the 50’s is one of my favourite time periods and my Step-Mum kept saying I reminded her of Amy Winehouse. I’m not complaining about that one! By the way, I’m not trying to be her, it’s just that those kinds of looks really do suit me and I love them so yeah. Sorry for the similarities.

And there we have it! Wow, that was a long one, wasn’t it? I really do enjoy writing a chatty blog post though, so I guess it’s worth it (my hands have moved so quickly they’d give Usain Bolt a run for his money!). Let me know what your Makeup, Fashion or Hair Staples are in the comments as I would love to know and perhaps try some of them out.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


Tattoo Ideas

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

I don’t normally upload on a Sunday, do I, so I thought I would throw a cheeky one in there for those that want it. I realise this isn’t something I talk about a lot or at all, really, so I thought I would throw my views out there. I know some of you will not like this at all, but tattoos are something I’ve known and wanted from a young age and so thought I should share that personal matter on my own personal platform. From my heart to yours, as it were. I’ve also been thinking a lot about this recently and what better way to express yourself then through the form of writing.

Recently, I’ve been loving watching Tattoo Fixers. I did not know this show existed until my friend introduced it to me and I have not looked back! It really inspires me to get creative and to also get tattoos. If you don’t watch it already, you might want to give it a go as it’s really funny but also teaches you a lot about tattoos. The drawings the tattoo artists create really are amazing and makes me wish I could draw like that. This show does make tattoos just look creative and that they should be on people as they look so cool. I do know there is a negative side to tattoos and that a lot of people may not agree with them, but I would like a few small ones (I hate pain so much!) on my body, which I will just explain to you now.

Anchor – The first tattoo I wanted is a medium sized anchor on my wrist. I would quite like the bottom part (the widest part) to be the width of my wrist (which in all fairness is quite small) and maybe 5cm long. I have no idea why an anchor, I do just like them. I have grown up by the seafront and I remember when my granddad used to have his own boat so that’s probably why I feel a sort of connection with it. It sounds crazy, I know! I think this is one I will have last or maybe not at all, it kind of depends how things work out and stuff like that.

Cat Whiskers – This is something I’ve wanted for only a little while now but I know is one I’ll cherish forever and perhaps be my first one. As you may or may not know, I am addicted and completely in love with Dan and Phil and one of the things they are known for are the cat whiskers and nose. It might sound insane, again, as it’s just YouTubers and stuff like that, but they do genuinely mean a lot to me in a way I find difficult to describe. Also, I’ve grown up with cats around me so when I’m old and YouTube probably won’t exist anymore, I can give the alibi of being surrounded by cats and re-enacting the Lion King when I was young. I would like this on my hip as my hips are very broad and they need to have something done with them, to be honest. I want this one to be quite small as well, but I haven’t really decided on measurements yet.

LGBT – The final tattoo I would like (or have decided on so far) is LGBT written in block capitals. As you will know, LGBT is something I stand very strongly for and my Mum is a lesbian so it will be my tattoo for her. I would really like this in a very bold font (I have one in mind but have no idea of the name for it) as it will show that it’s strong and important. I would like this on the side of my body, kind of where the band of my bra would be to show that things don’t need to be on full show in order to be known and important.

I will probably do what everybody does and get a tattoo for my child/ren in the future once they are in the world, but now as a single little 15-year-old (that’s weird to say!) this is what I would like on my body. I am kind of scared to get a tattoo (especially the anchor one as it’s the biggest and going to be filled in) in case I don’t like it or I change my mind or it doesn’t suit me. I use temporary tattoos all the time but I don’t know, it still doesn’t seem too real or right. Let me know of your thoughts on tattoos, whether you have any and if so what they are, and your views on my ideas.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S. I’m scheduling this way back in February so I just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day!

New Year’s Resolutions 2016

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Like every other blogger out there (well, most!) I’m going to be telling you my New Year’s Resolutions. I only have a few and I’ve made them fairly easy for myself because well, it’s me! I’m also trying to do them for myself as I’m a very people person but also take a lot upon myself so thought I would make things more around myself to help a bit more. I hope I don’t sound selfish but yanno, life! You are very welcome to use any of mine but they are fairly personal so take what you can! I don’t like calling them ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ though, I feel like it’s definitely jinxing it; I don’t think I know anyone who’s stuck with it for the whole year. Let me know if you actually have!

Sustain my Happiness

This is a no-brainer for me. Last year I hit my highest highs but also my lowest lows and I don’t want to be faced with the latter ever again. From perhaps October last year I started becoming the best version of myself that I can be and I can honestly say I love that side of Rachel more than anyone else. That Rachel is happy, loveable, joking around and is just a nice person to be around! I want to be that person for the whole year and after that the rest of my years. You may have noticed it in my blog posts as I do show a lot of my personality within them but I have become a lot happier and want to sustain that. This is so that I can be the person I want to be all the time not just some of the time.

Try and Meet New People

Last year I met a lot of new people, most of whom are still in my life and I love very much and I love the experience of introducing myself and learning about someone’s life which before then I never knew existed! As I previously said, I’m a very people person and I do bounce off other people a lot so I do enjoy experiencing more people! Even on here, I love talking to you guys and even just a short conversation makes me smile! I don’t consider myself a confident person because I’ve spent the majority of my life being shy and anxious around people, but talking to people makes me really happy! This is just to build my confidence and to be less of lonely person!

Don’t Worry or Other Think

Just thinking about school is making me stressed, oh God! I’m currently in Year 10 and have started a number of my controlled assessments and am really starting to feel the pressure! Last term I was very scared and upset about school and still am in a way, and this is what this is linking to a lot. It does also link to other aspects of my life but basically I just need to take things slowly and a step at a time, as that is where I’m most comfortable. I also hate being out of my comfort zone, though it has made me into the person I am by stepping outside of it. Why are things so confusing?! This is just so I can get through the rest of my education without wanting to cry all the time!

Get Myself Toned

Yes, this means fitness. My final New Year’s Resolution is to get myself toned. I have quite curvy curves and I would like to keep them but would like to get fitter and so toning is my route! I’ve started doing this at school in the gym there but 3hrs a fortnight wasn’t really doing much for me so I’m going to start properly for myself. For my birthday I’ve even asked for the Charlotte Crosby 3 Minute Bum Blitz fitness DVD because I feel that will help my toning needs and 3 minutes sounds short enough for me! I haven’t got a Sports Bra or anything though, that’s too much commitment; you can sell a DVD after a few uses but you can’t with a bra, can you? I think I’ll only ask or get one if it’s going really well. TMI, much? Haha, sorry. I just want to have perfectly toned thighs and a bum which is firm but still at the size it is.

And there we have it! I realise I haven’t got any specifically for this blog but these are more personal resolutions. I don’t have much for this blog because I’m really enjoying how it’s going as it is and I’m happy with it. This may change, though! Let me know what Resolutions you’ve made this year and why you’ve made them! I may do an update later on in the year with how it’s going with them but if I give them up I won’t, so you’ll know the outcome I suppose! I feel like that last sentence made no sense, I’m sorry!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


Life Goals 2015 | Blogmas

Good Afternoon Munchkins,

Today I’ve got a bit of a sentimental, personal blog post for you. I was wondering what other blog posts I could upload for Blogmas and I remembered that at the end of last year I did a kind of reflection in my personal life as well as my blogging life, but to be quite honest with you I have not had a good time this year and I’m not in the right place to write about it all (I have written life updates if you do want to know what’s happened). I just feel like that if I did that I would get upset about everything and I want this blog to be a happy place so I’m going to try and keep things positive. And so now I’ve decided to write about my ‘Life Goals’. They may change or become different as time goes on and I get older, but do just remember the fact I’m 14 and have had a terrible time so is wishing for better things. Some of these are pretty big things and other smaller, but all things I want to complete, either by the end of next year or just generally in my life. I would love it if you could join in with this and either write a blog post of your own on this (and leave a link in the comments so I can have a read!) or just a small comment or whatever level you would like to share it on. Although, I am just going to say, be careful what you wish for. I’ve wished for things previously as everyone does and let’s just say some of the negative things have come true. I think this will be a great idea but also let’s just be relaxed about it, it’s not a definite ‘by 25 I must be …’ and all that. Just relaxed. Breathe!

So my first ‘Life Goal’ is an obvious one but one that I think should be mentioned: to have children. To have my own family is something I’ve always wanted and I’ve found my definite girls name so if a girl is to come first, perfect, I’m planned! I would also like to stay with the Father of my children or the Father-figure unless it’s really not possible as I come from a family whose parents have split up and I don’t really want to put my children through that. I know I was a slightly ‘unique’ situation but I still don’t want to be one of those Mothers who is constantly asking if they’ve packed for their Dads or not. I know that some parents can just not stay together due to arguing or not getting along and I appreciate that, but for my children’s sake I would really want to stay with their Father. I just feel like we should experience our children’s lives together and not miss milestones just because they’re at the others house (did anyone else feel the heartbreak when Ross realised he wasn’t the one who heard Ben’s first word in Friends?). However, unlike most people, I cannot give you an actual reason to wanting children. I don’t know why I want children, but I just know I want to do the mothering thing. I know I may regret saying that one day but yanno; hopefully it’s going to happen to me one day.

In saying that, marriage is still something I haven’t quite decided on. Maybe if I’m in that place but I’m not so sure about that, unless he really wants it for some reason. I don’t know that one’s still an idea to be played with. I do want to try and find the ‘one’ though. I’ve had one relationship and that just wasn’t a pleasurable experience towards the end. I just want someone who will take care of me!

My second is to get a Saturday job. This one’s slightly smaller and something that is more relevant to me now, but I feel like this would help my family out a lot. I’m starting to look for jobs for when I turn 15 as it is, but I feel like I would enjoy it. It would mean spending less time being stressed out by the family, gaining money that I could spend on myself or others (I’m that person that goes shopping for myself and ends up getting 10 advent calendars for all the children in the family) and also money to go into my savings or if my Mum needs help money-wise. I know it’s not going to pay thousands but it’s still that little bit extra that we may need. Like the children thing, I will probably regret saying that, but I like being busy and having a massive list of things to complete. I just want to live life! Also, everyone at some point has a Saturday job of some sort, so why can’t I?

My next one is another smaller one: to get my cartilage pierced and to get tattoos. For those that don’t know, the cartilage is the part of the ear at the top (the curved bit). It feels a bit more solid and ‘in shape’ than the normal part of the ear you get pierced (due to the cartilage). I few of my friends have it done and I really like how it looks. I just need to find money and time and the confidence, haha. I might get it done for my birthday, but I’m not sure. I do want to get it done though. My reason for wanting tattoos, like children, I have no idea. I know I want to get a few small ones (an anchor on my wrist and LGBT on somewhere like my wrist as well or maybe on my hip). I think I’m only going to get tattoos that really mean something so I don’t just look like a walking poster. I don’t know why I like anchors, I just really like them (and the other day I say Harry Styles has one on his forearm!) and my friends keep saying they’re going to put a ‘w’ in front of it to make ‘wanker’ but yanno what? I honestly don’t care! LGBT for the sheer fact I support it, my Mum’s a lesbian and I feel like I should for her and everyone else who is going through it. That is going to be my tattoo for my Mum and will probably be my first (just for the fact to guilt her as her first wasn’t for me!). I’ve already got the image in my head of what the letters will look like and stuff. I’m not going to have anything around it, just have it completely stripped back. I will go through the pain for that! I do hate pain though, hence why they’re going to be small!

My fourth ‘Life Goal’ is to get all of my GCSE’s A*-C Grade (though I’m having the new grade boundaries, so something like 5-9). This is pretty standard but something I’ve always said and wanted. My parents have been very hard working people and my Dad repeatedly talks about how my cousins failed at education and how he wishes he went to college etc. so it’s kind of always been on my shoulders. My step-family, however, are the complete opposite. I kind of want to do it for myself and my future instead of what my family will think as I know half will really care and the other half … not so much. I just want to be able to open my little envelope and be super chuffed with the results. I’ve started some of my controlled assessments and have an exam in June so I’m literally praying! As well as myself, I would love to be able to see my 3 brothers pass their GCSE’s (if they still exist when they get there!). The four of us are pretty bright kids and hopefully we’ll be able to sustain it! I just want us all to have the same chances and opportunity’s and enjoy life! My youngest brother’s 4 though, so he’s going to have it hardest, bless him. Little thing won’t know what’s hit him! (As I write this he’s staring at our fire, in the fireplace not just the whole house, and he looks so sweet. I kind of don’t want him to grow up!)

My fifth one is to see my brothers go to prom. We all have our issues and I’m hoping that hormones don’t make them even angrier or anything so they do end up going to prom and stuff. I just want to see them go out with a girl in suit and embarrass them. Big sister fun! I want to go to prom as well but it’s going to be even better watching them in 5, 10 and 12 years. Might have a little wait but hey ho!

Another thing I would love to do is spend Christmas and/or New Year with a boyfriend. Obviously I need a boyfriend in order to complete this, so for now it’s impossible but it’s there! I know it will become an occurrence every year once I’ve had children and am in a committed, longt-term relationship, but there’s just something that appeals to being young and spending Christmas or New Year with someone other than family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and the routine but I can just imagine being in my early twenties with a boyfriend (who may or may not last) and spending Christmas Day together. So cute! Ooh, similar to that, I would love to have an actual New Year’s kiss, a Valentine and all those things. There are loads more I just can’t think of them. And a boyfriend on my birthday. I’m basically talking about how single and lonely I am, great!

Also kind of linking to that, I would love to spend New Year in New York. Going to New York is something I definitely want to do anyway but I’d love to spend time there in the winter with it being all snowy and like the films and then spending New Year there. This doesn’t have to be with a boyfriend, but still. It would be so much fun to feel the atmosphere and the buzz; I just think this will be so much fun.

A slightly smaller one (depending on how you look at it) is to have a holiday romance. Now, I know people have loads of different views on this, but for a week on holiday I would love that. That is seriously leaving everything at home behind and having fun. This could be next year or in the next 10 years, but I think it would be so fun and so impulsive and something I would remember as I got older in my soon-to-be ‘boring’ life.

My final ‘Life Goal’ is to be able to become a makeup artist or something to do with makeup (basically a job I love). I heard the phrase ‘if you have a job you love, you never have to work a day of your life’ a few years ago and I really like the sound of that. Makeup is something, as I’m sure you know, I adore and to be able to make it into a job would just be a dream come true. I would also love the experience of meeting new people and being able to watch them and be like ‘I did that!’. If I get stuck doing my Saturday job for my whole life, I think the novelty will eventually wear off! I’ve known people who’ve hated their jobs and have only spoken negatively and I don’t want that. I just want to enjoy my life. Is there a theme going on here? I would be so chuffed if my children only remembered me as a happy person because I had a happy life. Just, complete! The people I would just love to use make-up-wise would have to be Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Mila Kunis. Their faces are legit goals in themselves! I would also like to have at least one day where my eyeliner is completely identical on both sides and to be able to paint my nails and not just the skin around them! Career-wise, I would love for this blog to take off, but whether it does or not is another matter completely. If I could make a living out of this then I would seriously be the luckiest and happiest person alive, but for now, I do need to plan my life with an ‘actual’ job. Sad times!

I think that’s all of them, and this might just be the longest blog post I’ve ever written, but hey ho. As I said earlier, let me know of your ‘Life Goals’ as well, I would love to know and to have this spread around for everyone to see! As I said earlier as well, if you decide to turn this into a blog post as well, leave the link in the comments so I can read it. I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog post, something a bit different, something to keep you on your toes!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx