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How To: Makeup on Mature Skin

Good Evening Munchkins!

As last Sunday was Mother’s Day, I decided I would treat my Mum in a number of ways, but something she said she would really like was a pampering and her makeup done ‘all nicely’. Being the makeup freak I am, I was more than happy to oblige, but because I wanted my Mum to feel really happy and good about herself, I decided to research what I could do to make her look a little bit more youthful and extenuate her natural beauty. Obviously I wanted to add my own style, but these little tips are tried and tested (most of which actually worked).


So, as per usual, I moisturised her skin with the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser (available from Boots and Superdrug) just to plump her skin slightly and prep it for the makeup I was to put on top. I then opted for a light, dewy foundation so that it looks like healthy skin as opposed to a mask! It is recommended to use a CC Cream on more mature skin, but I found this tester one to work just as well (which I don’t know the name of, but it’s really good!). My grandmother used this – it’s got to be good! I blended it in with a damp beauty blender to allow it to oxidize in with her natural complexion even more seamlessly and maintain the dewy glow.


Something else I was warned about was over-powdering. With my teenage skin type, if I over-powder, it’s not overly noticeable by the time I’ve finished my makeup/left the house because my natural oiliness will reduce the look of it, if that makes any sense. However, on a more mature skin type, powder has the ability to sink into fine lines and hence make them look even more apparent if applied carelessly, which we don’t want. Therefore, only apply around the T-Zone with a small powder brush (I used the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush, available from Boots and Superdrug) and any other notably oily areas.

Something which I do everyday anyway but was also recommended was to use powder products for the eyebrows. Quite naturally as we get older our eyebrow hairs become more sparse and, where my Mum’s blonde, they look even less ‘there’! Taking these points into account, I used a light brown eye shadow on a very thin, defined angled brush so that I still managed to create a natural brow shape and colour for her hair colour. The eye shadows I used were Naked 2 from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (available from Feel Unique) and Velvet Teddy from the Tanya Burr Fairytale Palette (available from Superdrug and Feel Unique).

Wearing neutral eye shadows is something else I’ve heard, which I think most women of that age tend to lean towards anyway. I’m a complete advocate for wear and do what you want, no matter what society says, but Mum wanted a neutral-ish look with some glitter, so I did just that. I used my Daytime Gold Smokey Eye (find HERE) as inspiration, and she seemed very happy with this. The only difference was the amount of glitter I applied and the fact I went a bit higher with the transition shade, but that’s due to our different eye shapes. An amazing all-matte palette if you do want to stick with neutral matte shades is the Makeup Revolution Ultra Flawless Matte’s Palette, available from Superdrug.

I don’t know about your Mum, but mine is always asking me how I get my eyeliner so angled and in such a straight line, so if I ever do her makeup she will always wants a similar look. However, I believe that with her natural colouring and eye shape (and the addition of more mature skin) winged eyeliner wouldn’t compliment her too much, so I instead opted for a smudged dark brown pencil eyeliner on her upper lash line. I did choose a dark brown in order to coordinate with the smokey eye, as well, but it isn’t too harsh against the rest of her skin/makeup, yet ensures there is still some definition still there!


Onto the face once again, I have been warned not to use a glittery blusher. Similar to the over-powdering fear, applying too much glitter can accentuate fine lines in the same way of sinking in, but then I question how I will apply highlighter! I don’t own many shimmer blushers, so this wasn’t much of an issue, but I did still apply a generous amount of highlighter! I didn’t find it making my Mum look any older, but I guess it’s on a smaller area of the face so doesn’t appear too bad. The blusher I used was L’Oreal Le Blush in Sandalwood Pink (available from Boots and Superdrug) and the highlighter I used was the one from the Collection Highlight and Sculpt Contour Kit (available from Boots and Superdrug).


And, finally, choose a colour a little bit darker than your natural lip colour. My Mum has quite pink lips, so there was a whole host of choice for her! This was something I let her choose for herself and she chose the Avon Ultra Glaze Wear Lip Gloss in Rosette, which I highly agreed with! I think lip colours are so universal that it doesn’t matter whether you prefer lighter or darker, but more mature women usually tend to choose a more neutral tone just because it’s more in their safety bracket, which I completely understand. I also don’t think there’s much of a difference if you were to choose a lipstick, a lip gloss, or a completely different formula all together – that part is down to personal preference!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I really enjoyed doing my Mum’s makeup and being able to share it with you could really help any of you out, or myself in the future, because we all know I’ll forget these in a few days! Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be about spending loads; she really appreciated this and being treated in this way, so chances are it could work for you, even if I am writing this after the day itself! Don’t forget to let me know what you got you’re Mum on Sunday, or how you chose to spend it!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx

How To Pamper Yourself on a Budget

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you a few tips and tricks on How To Pamper Yourself on a Budget. As a 16-year-old who comes from a typical working class family, treating myself can sometimes appear expensive, but after hunting high and low, I’ve found products that work and still manage to relax and pamper me. Like everyone else in the world, I love a good ol’ pamper from time to time, so finding really affordable alternatives is something I’ve found to be really worthwhile! So this is how I achieve the perfect pamper night!

The first thing I like to do is have a bath, and a cheeky read while I’m doing so! I love me a bubble bath, so there are a whole range of brands, scents and prices to look at when considering this. One of my friends actually bought me this massive Radox Bubble Bath for Christmas, and I know that these are very inexpensive and come in a variety of scents. I know this one says it’s for men, but she bought it because I always have a bad back and it’s a muscle soother – other options are available though! I’ve been using this around once a week since Christmas and it’s not even half used yet; a little bit goes a long way, and it also makes you smell very nice afterwards! On special occasions, I will also buy myself a bath bomb just to switch things up a bit, but these tend to cost more than the bubble bath itself, and last for more baths! This is available in Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets.


I know this isn’t going to interest some people, but the type of body wash I use really does affect my overall experience! At the moment I’m using the Imperial Leather (fancy already!) Marshmallow body wash and it smells divine! I mentioned this in my Favourites last week, but it is beautiful and really does make you smell amazing! I know some people like to co-ordinate their scents but I really don’t mind (though I reckon with these two brands it is possible to do so!). Although it says ‘marshmallow’, it’s not overly sweet and does contain some floral notes, making it the perfect feminine fragrance! This kind of old-fashioned sweet range contains a few different scents, because I have the Foam Banana one in my cupboard waiting to be used, as well! This is also available from Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets.

If I’m going to fully treat myself, I will go onto use a body scrub as I do get quite dry and irritated skin. The one that myself and my family have been loving has been the Wilkinson’s Fruit range, particularly the Passion Fruit and Watermelon one and the Orange and Pomello one. Although I haven’t started the Orange and Pomello one yet, it is ready and waiting! As it’s early spring, I don’t do a full scrub, only my legs as they do get really itchy due to dry skin and it helps calm that. Again, both scents smell amazing and lasts a long time! There are so many fragrances in this collection, there will definitely be one for everyone and it’s so ridiculously cheap – yet it still works! As this is a massive range in Wilkinson’s, there are also the matching body butters and/or lotions to go with it (find the Passion Fruit and Watermelon one HERE), but I prefer to use the body butter as it feels richer, isn’t as greasy and leaves you smelling gorgeous! I seriously cannot rate these enough!

A final thing I will do to treat myself is wash my hair (I know how to have a wild night in!). I wash my hair twice a week, and recently we received all of my grandmother’s old toiletries so I’m using a lot of Aussie (from Boots and Superdrug) products as the moment. These are slightly more expensive but they do work really well and make your hair appear stunning once it’s dried. The shampoo I use is from Head & Shoulder’s (also from Boots and Superdrug), though, because I have such bad dry skin everywhere! This is also an inexpensive brand, though these two together really do work well. I then use this Schwarzkopf Heat Defence Spray from B&M (somewhere I highly recommend for cheap hair products) to protect my hair whilst blow-drying it, and some Frizz Resistance serum that is very quickly running out! This is also from B&M, and both of these together help styling my hair become much easier whilst still doing so safely. These won’t take you to the moon and back, but they certainly do the job, which is all I need at this stage! Drying my hair is so much easier since cutting it, as well!


 Earlier I said that I like to read in the bath, and these methods are probably really obvious, but I thought I’d still point them out to you. At the moment I’m reading A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, which my aunt lent to me, so you can always borrow books from people, such as friends and family. Something that I did a lot as a child was borrowed books from either my village or school library, and this also means you don’t clutter up your house/room with old books you will probably never read again! However, if you do like to do that (like myself) I suggest buying second-hand books from charity shops (I bought To Kill a Mockingbird in the summer for 99p!) or on Ebay, because everything is so much more affordable if you just open your eyes and look. Some books may not look visually appealing, but it’s still the same words inside, so it’s no fuss to me where I get them from.

Before getting into the shower/bath, I will use my beloved Garnier Micellar Water (available from Boots and Superdrug) to remove my makeup.  I then use the Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel (available from Boots and Superdrug) whilst in the shower, because then I can ensure it’s all off without getting my clothes or newly-washed hair wet! After drying my hair, I will proceed with using the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser (available from Boots and Superdrug) all over my face and down my neck. I don’t know if this is normal but I also use it on my eyebrows to ensure they’re not being damaged by the amount of product I put on it! After brushing my teeth, I will apply a generous amount of lip balm to get those beautiful, soft lips no one’s going to kiss and some hand cream, because your face, neck and hands are the things to age first (I’m 16 but I’m still panicking about this!). I tend to receive lip balms and hand creams in gift sets for Christmas, though you can always go to somewhere like Primark and get some really cheap (i.e. £1/£2 depending which brand you get), because they all do the same thing at the end of the day. If I’m in the mood for a full pamper, though, I will also use a face mask, usually the ones from Superdrug that come in a little packet and last a couple of nights. I these are so affordable yet do help boost teenage/young skin, particularly for what they are. They won’t make miracles, but they will give your skin a little something extra! I don’t know their real names, sorry!


Finally, I love to light some candles. Whether they’re scented or not, they’re super therapeutic and really do the trick! I like to buy tealights in bulk because it becomes much more affordable (you can buy around 30 for £1 in IKEA), and I’m always lighting them. They’re also affordable and are in so many scents and colours. For larger candles, you can buy one’s in jars for £1 in places like Tesco or other supermarkets, which also smells gorgeous. I will also treat myself to a Yankee Candle every so often, but for day-to-day, they really aren’t as cost-effective.

And there we have it! That was a lot longer than I expected, but I had so much to say! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I love writing about budget buys so let me know what other topics to cover in that area! Also, let me know if you’ve tried any of these products mentioned or what you are now going to try for yourselves!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx

How To Make Your Own Cold Shoulder Outfit

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I will be showing you how to easily create a cold shoulder outfit yet still look sophisticated, classy and, of course, gorgeous! This is a much cheaper and cost effective way to stay on trend and it has worked for me many a time! Better yet, it’s still comfortable and no one suspects a thing! It’s probably so simple you already know this trick, but I thought I would share it with you anyway.


All I do is get my bardot sleeved top (you can get plain ones cheaply from near enough any high street shop – I would always opt for a plain one because it makes the next step easier and means it will work with a variety of other clothing options!) and just buy a bra in the same colour. I own a black bardot top and a grey one with black lace trimming (in the pictures above and below) which is something that goes with everything and is really accessible, as are the bras of the same colour. Then, all I do is wear the bra and the top over it, pulling the bardot sleeves down to the mid-section of the top of the arm.


Because I’ve got quite big boobs, this helps to support them much better than a normal strapless bra (if you know of one which actually works, please let me know!) but the straps aren’t too thick so it’s obvious I’m wearing my bra. I’m not even joking you when I say I used this for my Granddad’s and Granny’s funeral, though I had longer hair then so it wasn’t overly obvious! It also gives the impression of a cold shoulder top/outfit without having to buy a new top/dress every time. This could be worn with a skirt or tucked into jeans or near enough in any outfit – the possibilities are endless! You would have to be buying new bras to match the top/dress colour, but I think that’s okay because everyone needs a new bra once in a while! They’re also available in a whole selection of colours in places like Primark or New Look for under £10, so it’s very affordable.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I know it was a very quick one, but I needed to share this with you and I really didn’t know what else to say! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below because I’m sure there’s something I’ve missed! Let me know what you think of this trick or whether you’ve tried it for yourself!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Tuesday,

Rachel xx

Three Simple Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you Three Simple Ways To Cheer Yourself Up, all of which have been tried and tested and are seriously loved. It’s no lie that in this day and age we are constantly surrounded by negativity and sometimes that can really hit home for some of us. This has become apparent to me at certain points, especially to do with my exams and revision stress, so if you are in a similar situation, just remember it’s 100% more than okay to take some time out for yourself and complete these things below. These can all be adapted to whatever situation you are in and shouldn’t contain anything too financially stretching so it’s available and accessible for everyone. These are also super relaxing so should hopefully de-stress you as well.

Singing in a Bubble Bath

This is one I do nearly every night as it is! It doesn’t matter your singing ability, most people love to do it and if it’s something that cheers you up, just go for it! I personally love to chill in a bubble bath and doze into my own little world and singing actually helps me do this in the same way listening to music does. If playing the radio or a playlist super loudly also helps, then you do that! It just takes my mind out of any stressful situation I have just been in and prepares me for bed time! This is where my love for jazz music really takes hold and everyone in my family knows about it!

Completing a Hobby in a Quiet/Serene Place

This is something I don’t get the chance to do that often at this time of year because it is still really cold, but in the summer it is one of the things I genuinely look forward to! I live in the South of England and have done for most of my my life, yet fairly regularly I still find new spots to meet friends or just really Instagram-worthy places you wouldn’t expect from my village! There are quite a lot of countryside-y  and seaside places that are really quiet so I like to take a book or my laptop for writing and just chill out there. This is perfect for me at the moment because I’m 15, have quite a lot of independence and with the addition of study leave, I have about 12 weeks off this summer so have plenty of time to do it as and when I want. It will really make you appreciate the place you live in and cheer you up/relax you.

Having a Night In With Friends

My final tip is one I do a lot when I’m feeling low because my friends are the people I can always rely on! I actually did this of the night my Grandma died (the most joyous of events!) because I was on my own and two of my closest friends came over for pizza and it was a really good night! Whether it’s with food or movies or games, friends are the people you can trust to be there for you, especially at these times! If you are a very people person, this will be ideal for you, but if you are a little bit more introverted, the top two options could be more applicable to you. Just do what makes you happy because there are certain times where it’s okay to be slightly selfish and have things how you want them. Treat yourself, because there could come a time where you can no longer make the time for it!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I love writing chatty, lifestyle ones so let me know what other’s you would like to see from that kind of genre. Also, don’t forget to let me know your tips to cheer you up so that I can try them for myself or which ones you like from the little selection I’ve written for you!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Tuesday,

Rachel xx

How To: Gain Motivation After Christmas

Good Evening Munchkins!

At this time of year, I think we can all admit that feeling motivated and getting back ‘into the swing of things’ is more than difficult! It’s dark, cold and we don’t have the promise of presents at the end of it to keep us going! Something that I’ve actually been struggling with is my weight and the amount I put on over Christmas, as well as trying to get my head back on track for school and my upcoming exams. I just thought I would take some time to chat you through my tips of how to get motivated once more and what’s worked for me!

Fitness DVD’s

I know this isn’t everyone’s preferred method of exercise, but if you have low confidence/self-esteem like me, this is something worth trying. Last year I actually received the Charlotte Crosby 3 Minute Bum Blitz DVD (available from Ebay) and really enjoyed doing it last year! Despite only doing it once so far this year, I do still look forward to it; it’s just a case of lack of time now that prevents me from doing more of it. I particularly like this DVD because it’s not too intimidating: each workout is literally three minutes long and the hardest bit is the warm up! It also allows me to do it in the comfort of my own home, with no one watching or judging me and means I can go for as long or as little as I want. Just introducing this slowly really does benefit the more it builds into your system and routine and, before you know it, you are choosing to workout! I also wanted to toned my legs and bum, hence why I chose this particular one. There is a Belly Blitz one which focuses more on weight loss so there are other options out there from loads of different people if toning your bum isn’t your cup of tea!

Little and Often

This goes for exercise and revision. Something I find I do is overwork myself – on weekdays the only rest I get is when I’m sleeping and sometimes when I’m eating. I tend to focus all of my time to schoolwork/revision and make time for this blog or other things at the weekend, but that does mean I cram stuff in a lot. Despite thinking your doing more good than bad, overworking your brain will actually start to reverse the process of revising and (I know from experience!) it will literally turn your brain to mush! If you don’t feel like revising because you’ve already done a lot of work that day or you just don’t think it would benefit you, don’t do it – you will waste your time and you’ll only have to go over it again anyway! Though that isn’t a valid excuse if you’re just being lazy!

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

Finally, please remember this one (as I will try to!)! My final exams start in May, yet I’m revising as if they’re first thing Monday morning! Yes, I have mocks at the end of the month but they’re just mocks. I’m still going to try and am revising so much for them, but it’s not the end of the world if I get a C instead of a B at this stage. It’s the same with exercise; you will just link exercise to forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to, so it’s fine if you miss a day! Unless you are on a strict routine for some beneficial reason, don’t overwork yourself and, hence, not enjoy it. Life is about enjoying yourself, so go out and do it!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I like shorter, chatty blog posts so let me know if you would like to see more of them and, if so, what on! Also, don’t forget to let me know what tips you have for gaining motivation or getting back into your old routine because a little goes a long way!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday,

Rachel xx

How To: Poisoned Apple Lips

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

As it is now the beginning of October, I thought I would let you guys know that every blog post in October (every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) will be a Tutorial or How To of some kind for a type of Halloween makeup. I am one of those people that loves Halloween specifically for the reason of being able to play with all these different colours and experimenting with new makeup, so I thought I would inflict that onto you as well! I have a fair few ideas but if you have any requests, I would love to write them for you! Today I thought I would start with something super easy that can be made applicable to any Halloween makeup look!

I’ve decided to create a little Poisoned Apple/Vamp-y style look for you guys to recreate yourself either for fun or actually for the big day, which I absolutely love myself (I feel like I’m on Bake Off saying that first bit!). This incorporates a few of my favourite things (darkness, gloss and precision) and I hope you guys enjoy it as well. Remember, Halloween is a bit of fun (as is makeup); it will all be off by the end of the evening anyway! And don’t worry if you don’t have these specific products – anything similar will do the exact same job.

So the first thing I’m going to do is take my Make-Up Studio lip pencil/liner in Funky, which is a beautiful wine-y/purple colour, and just line my lips with it. I can’t give you much advice on this because it is literally doing as it says, but I did entirely fill in the corners of my mouth with this to make it look darker and also make the next step a little bit easier. I love this lip liner so much and Halloween is it’s most used time of year! Unfortunately I can’t find where I bought this because it was a little while ago, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find it much more easily than me if you live in a different country!

Next, I’m simply going to take my Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 107 and apply this onto the centre of my lips/where there isn’t any lip liner. I chose this one because it’s really creamy and is one of my darker reds so won’t look ridiculous next to the darkness of the lip liner. I applied this straight from the bullet because it was my lipstick and I did it quite messily, anyway, but if you would like some more precision, you can go in with a lip brush. There shouldn’t be any bleeding, though, due to the lip liner. This lipstick is available from Boots and Superdrug.


I then take my ring finger and pat my lips in order to help the two products blend but still leave it quite messy (which is the look I’m going for!). Of course, if there’s a lot of smudging, I will take a wipe and just clean up the edges, but if you’re careful it should be fine. If any of the edges still look too harsh after this, lightly run your finger along your lips to blend it in. Smacking your lips together also helps a lot and you may just be able to do that and not have to use your finger, in the end!

Finally, I just tapped a little bit of gloss into the centre of my lips. For this, I used the Rimmel Stay Glossy lip gloss in Yours Forever (which I can’t find anywhere, either!), which is the darkest lip colour I own and is much darker than the lip liner. I just applied a little bit to the back of my hand and used my index finger to gently apply it in the centre. I just really liked the little bit of detail and darkness this added! I then smacked my lips together again so it was all (near enough) even and balanced.

And that’s it! As I say, this is so simple but I love it so much and I think it is going to be in one of my final choices for my Halloween makeup! I hope you enjoyed this blog post – let me know what you thought of the final look! If you have any Halloween requests, do leave them in the comments and if I have all the products I will need, I will definitely do it for you! I think I’m very much going to enjoy this month in the lead up to Halloween! If you also have a name that I can call this month (like in December I do ‘Blogmas’), leave it in the comments as well so I can use it just so that all of the blog posts link together.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Tuesday,

Rachel xx

How To: Coloured Eyeliner

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be writing something a little different (or at least haven’t written in while) and provide you with a beauty-related ‘How To’. This is a huge Spring trend and one that I have actually tried and tested myself (with very positive results!). I’m going to be talking you through how I do it and any little tips and tricks along the way so do keep reading.

The first thing I do when going to complete my winged eyeliner is actually draw on my usual black eyeliner, almost a base/first layer (if you will). I wrote an entire blog post on this which you can view HERE. For this I tend to use Noir from my Sleek i-Divine Palette in ‘Oh So Special’ (available from Boots and Superdrug) because it’s the most pigmented and creamy black eye shadow I own so will really stand out against the colour.

I will then trace the upper line of my wing with whatever colour I have chosen. I tend to choose a shimmer eye shadow because the look I would’ve already created would be quite neutral in preparation for the colour so just gives that ‘pop’ I need. Also, I have an unhealthy addiction to shimmer/glitter. The colour I love to use most is again from the same Sleek palette and is the colour Glitz. This is a true blue shimmer shade that looks stunning with a coral lip and matches my blue eyes very nicely. It also doesn’t look ridiculous (because I will only create another thin line of it) but up-close looks stunning. It also helps my confidence with makeup! This will need a steady hand because I actually find it trickier to trace than actually create the wing but once you’ve nailed it, it’s done! Also, because it’s not so much of a stand-out colour as black is, it can be easier to hide or remove. And that is literally it!

My first tip/trick would be to go for a colour and brand you trust will actually stay on your face. It’s all well and good experimenting with the bright colours but if it’s halfway down you’re face by mid-afternoon it can just look like a disaster. Another tip would be to make sure it matches your outfit or just compliments you/something about you in order for it, again, to not look ridiculous. I also wouldn’t go for a pressed eye shadow that is pure glitter because I did that once and it hardly showed up in the way I desired (this colour was silver, by the way). My penultimate tip (because I like words) is to make sure you are creating you’re ‘base’ eyeliner fairly thick and noticeable but also quite straight (so winged but not like a fairy wing, think Amy Winehouse then subtract some of the drama). This just makes it easier for you whilst adding the colour and helps the eyeliner to stay on a lot longer in general because it encourages it in a pretty simple ‘pattern’. Finally, if you don’t feel confident enough to complete basic eyeliner, this one may not be for you, so just try to conquer the first stage and then the world of eyeliner is your oyster!

And there we have it! That was a very quick one, wasn’t it? I feel like I haven’t written enough so if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Let me know what makeup trends you have been loving this season or whether you’ve tried out coloured eyeliner for yourself!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx