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Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour Kit VS. Collection Highlight and Sculpt Contour Kit

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be comparing two of my most beloved contour kits for you, both of which are drugstore and very reliable. I have written a full review on the Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour Kit (see HERE) but I don’t think I’ve actually mentioned the Collection Highlight and Sculpt Contour  Kit on this blog before (whilst editing this I realised I was wrong – HERE’S the review of it!). Spoilers: I do love both of these but I just thought that I would tell you the properties of each one so you know straight away which one’s for you or you’re most likely to use! Anyway, on with the blog post!

(L-R) Collection Highlight and Sculpt, Maybelline Master Sculpt

Just as a little disclaimer, this has been tested on very white skin! I think I mentioned it before, but I have found the Maybelline kit slightly orange if used too heavy-handed-ly and when not blended out properly. However, since then I have started using it with a much lighter hand and it can create a really nice, neutral contour that doesn’t look too much like an orange line down the side of my face. The Collection one is a much darker, warmer brown – something we would traditionally expect from a contour shade. I can still make this work on my pale skin but when I’ve used both on my face, there is a major difference and, again, you have to be very light-handed with this.

Both of these contour kits are so, so pigmented. But if we’re also going to bring longevity into the mix, I think the Collection kit actually wins on that front. I think because Collection is a cheaper brand this would surprise quite a lot of people, including myself. When first applied, Maybelline does appear really pigmented and, as I said, you can’t be heavy-handed with it, but over time it does wear a lot more noticeably. Considering all these points, I would say that Collection is the more pigmented product.

Maybelline Master Sculpt Swatches (R-L) Contour, Highlight

Onto ease. I think anything is easy if you just know how (obviously!) but the Maybelline is much easier to wipe away or blend out. If you have gone a bit heavy with the Collection kit, you need to top up on foundation, use setting powder – pretty much your entire face routine again just to lighten it slightly. Both are very easy to apply and blend out, just be aware of how much you put on and how difficult it is to remove – you can always add more but it’s way harder to take just a little bit off again!

I realise I haven’t actually spoken about the highlighters, which is a crime in my book! I know this has nothing to do with the blog post, but I realised yesterday that the way I react to highlighters is the same way my Mum reacts to puppies! Anyway, moving on – both of these highlighters are of a similar quality to their matching contour shades; the Maybelline one isn’t as ‘out-there’ and wears really easily whereas the Collection one is a bit more noticeable. In terms of colours, the Maybelline highlight shade is quite vanilla-y whilst the Collection one is slightly more peachy-toned/tanned, but still entirely wearable. They’re both shimmer highlights but they’re not overly glittery (though the Collection one is still more pigmented and high-profile than the Maybelline one). As long-term readers will know, I am a sucker for highlighter so obviously this is important to me and I do think the Collection one can look a little too dark for me whilst I’m this shade of pale! I will still wear it but I am very aware of that factor.

Collection Highlight and Sculpt Swatches (R-L) Contour, Highlight

Something else I’ve noticed about contour kits is whether I would choose it for daytime (i.e. shopping or school) or nighttime (i.e. parties or a meal out). I would definitely use the Maybelline one for daytime because I can create a natural contour with it and highlight my cheekbones slightly but not too dramatically. As you can tell, I do do this and will use it on the daily! The Collection one I will use for daytime if I’m out all day or want an extreme contour/highlight, but it is the one I lean towards for nighttime due to it being so much more dramatic. Another thing I like to do, though, is mix the two; I will apply the Collection one and blend it out slightly with the Maybelline one so I look bronze-y as well as contoured.

Finally, which would I recommend? This really does depend on your needs and wants in a contour kit and whether you want an extreme, Kardashian look or a daytime ‘I do have cheekbones, here they are!’ kind of look. I think it’s quite obvious which is which, but they are both so affordable and so accessible that I think if you buy one and decide you don’t like it, it’s not money down the drain entirely. Both kits are also amazing to use on the eyes for an easy daytime look! I also think that it depends on your confidence and ability with makeup and contouring – if you’re more of a beginner I would head towards the Maybelline one just because it is easier to use. The Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour Kit is available from Boots and Superdrug for £6.99, and the Collection Highlight and Sculpt Contour Kit is also available from Boots and Superdrug for £4.19.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I love comparing different products for you so let me know what other products you would like to see in another VS.! If you have used either of these products, let me know what you think of them, or if I’ve convinced you to try one or the other!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx

Collection Highlight and Sculpt Contour Kit Review

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you all of my thoughts and findings with the Collection Highlight and Sculpt Contour Kit. I was very lucky to receive this from one of my friends for Christmas because he knows what a makeup freak I am, and I have been using it on and off since. The reason I say on and off is because I wear makeup mainly to school so I only want to use the things I know and love and not have to worry about being late because of my contour (though that has happened a couple of times, already!). Anyway, here is my review of the product!


The first thing I’d like to chat you through is the packaging. This is in a simple black casing with windows on the front in order to see the highlight and the contour shade with the name of the product/kit labelled clearly in a contrasting silver/white. I quite like the little window as it allows me to see which palette I’m picking up if I’m in a rush and it just makes everything a little bit easier. This is relatively large in comparison to my other contour kit and the pans for each product are also quite big and of a similar size to each other. There is also a small mirror at the bottom of the inner part of the lid which I’m not too keen on and I actually think, aesthetically, it would’ve looked better without this. I don’t find any use for it due to it’s size, either, and just use a normal hand mirror when doing my contour. It also doesn’t come with a brush, which I don’t mind because I tend not to use the brushes that come in compacts and it assures me that more time and money has gone into the product itself, so I’m not too fussed over that.  The casing itself is plastic so it doesn’t feel overly expensive but it makes travelling so much easier and I don’t mind that if the product inside is worth it. It also clicks shut but easily opens and closes, so I don’t have to stress about breaking a nail (when I have them!) or another part of my body but I know I can trust it to remain closed when travelling or general moving circumstances.

Highlight on the left, contour on the right

The colour of the kit I have (by the way, because it was bought for me, I know know if it is tiered in terms of colour or if it’s one for everyone, so just bear with me on this!) suits my skin tone if I want a dramatic contour, though it is probably better for a tan!  This has some orange-y undertones but is mainly a dark brown colour which I seem to spend forever blending out! It is quite cool-toned, so maybe it is better as a harsh contour for the paler version of my face! The highlight is quite champagne-y and is a bit too dark for me at the moment so, again, I will have to wait until Summer when I’m a bit more tanned to try that theory out!

The product itself is so, so pigmented! You need the tiniest amount and you have cheekbones to the God’s! The contour shade is the most pigmented one I own despite being the cheapest, so it obviously wins on that front, as well as lasting all day long without fail! It is fairly easy to blend out, but it is one of those products where it’s better to be safe than sorry by only using a little bit and gradually building up. I have used my usual setting powder and my beauty blender with excess foundation over it to try and cool it down a bit but it should be a gradual thing! I have learnt from experience! The highlight shade actually isn’t that pigmented, and I’m much more of a highlight person than a contour. It is shimmery and beautiful for a day-to-day look, but I like my bold on a night out, which is when I would use the contour shade. It does last all day, but I wouldn’t say it’s as noticeably pigmented or bold as the contour shade. This is down to personal preference but I will put this in my day-to-day highlight collection when I’m going to school or whatever.


Finally, price and availability. This contour kit, as it’s from Collection is available from Boots and Superdrug and retails for £4.19. Collection is renowned for being an extremely inexpensive brand with some of the best, staple products known to mankind! I think you would expect the highlight’s quality and the cheaper packaging for this price, but the contour shade is just amazing considering! I think Collection, as a general brand, is perfect for people who are just starting out on makeup or don’t wear it very often so don’t want to spend too much money on it! I’ve even convinced my Mum to turn towards Collection, this is how far it’s got!

Would I recommend it to you guys? Of course I would; if you don’t mind packaging and love a neutral highlight but a bold contour, this is the kit for you! Also, for that price, how can you not say yes to it, even to just try it out? As I said earlier, though, it’s going to get most wear on night’s out so it could last me quite a long time!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I love writing reviews so let me know what other products you would like to see mentioned on this blog! Also, don’t forget to let me know what you think of this contour kit if you own it for yourself or whether I have now convinced you to try it!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday,

Rachel xx

My Cheek Routine 2016

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be talking you through my current ‘cheek’ routine. I’m genuinely sorry for my lack of imagination! It’s basically just my current blusher, highlight and contour routine (not in that order, either!). I’ve been loving using this routine recently and I feel like it’s one of those looks that suits all year round. I find that this really suits my skin tone (everyone is different, after all!) and brings attention and emphasizes the parts I like about myself yet controls the bits I don’t like so much. This is also very natural but it could be built up for a night-time look (but with care so you don’t look insane!).

The products I use to complete my cheek routine (again, I am eternally sorry) are:

  • Maybelline Master Sculpt in Light/Medium, see review HERE: available from Boots and Superdrug
  • Hey Cheeky! Cheek and Lip Tint
  • MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Iridescent Gold: available from Superdrug

The first thing I do is contour my cheekbones, jawline and also bronze up my face using the contour shade from my beloved Master Sculpt. I just use my usual powder brush for this as I have a pretty big face so this just gets the job done quickly and with less fuss. As I mentioned in my review, this can look orange-y on those that are pale (I’m Exhibit A) but with a light hand and slight build up, can just be a natural shadow. I do still struggle with contouring my cheekbones as I do have a round face and high cheekbones and that combination is very rarely documented in tutorials for me to watch! I find this bronzes me up really nicely though, particularly on my forehead. If it looks too orange or too strong, I just take my usual powder and tone it down a bit or in dire situations turn to my beauty blender which has a little bit of excess foundation on from earlier in my makeup routine. I will also use my everyday powder to clean up any edges; a trick I love!

Next I just dip my middle finger very slightly into the lip and cheek tint (I received this in a magazine so I’m not sure where you can get this exact one but I’m sure you will find a similar one somewhere!) and apply directly onto the apples of my cheeks, smiling to use as a guide. I really like this as it is a very neutral matte pink (though has to be used with a light hand otherwise you will look like a Russian doll) and very easy to apply. I find that with my finger I can apply the majority that I have taken up already and it’s easier to blend. In terms of blending, I will first use my finger but then take my powder brush and just carry this on. I have found that blending it in too much can cause some of the foundation underneath to come off, so just be careful! Again, if this is too strong I just take a little bit of powder or just continue blending. As it’s a cream, it also gives a dewy finish, which is one of the main reasons I love it so much! For those that are wondering about different lip colours and whether or not it clashes, I’ve worn this with a range of shades over the past few months and nothing has looked wrong or out of the ordinary. As I say, very neutral!

Finally, I take the brush from the Master Sculpt compact (a round, flat-headed brush) and use this to apply my highlight on the tops of my cheekbones. I love this particular MUA highlighter as it can be built up for a night out but also be super subtle for everyday. It also compliments my paleness nicely and doesn’t look like I’ve just stuck glitter to my face (not that this is a bad thing either!). In saying this, I don’t use the highlighter in the Master Sculpt compact because it doesn’t have enough shimmer within it. The irony hurts me too! And if at any point I feel like they aren’t seamless or blended enough (in or together), I will just take my favourite powder brush and do so. Just don’t be scared!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post; I always love telling you about different steps in my makeup routine. Let me know what you’re current ‘cheek’ routine is or your favourite products to use or what you would like to see more of. If you now use any of these products, let me know what you think of them. Imparting wisdom; very happy!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx



Maybelline Master Sculpt Review

Good Evening Munchkins,

Today I will be bringing you a review of the Maybelline Master Sculpt Compact. I received this for my birthday after lusting after it for a few months and you may have seen it in my last favourites (spoilers!) or any other blog posts I’ve recently included it in. I’m so looking forward to finally sharing my views on it with you after refraining for what feels like forever (i.e a month). I haven’t written that much, what’s wrong with me! Anyway, let’s get onto the blog post.


The first thing I want to talk about is the packaging. This is a compact so does include a flat, rounded brush and a mirror in a little secret compartment underneath the actual product. I like this as it has now become the cleanest mirror I’ve ever owned. I can’t say I use it and it can be a bit of a hassle to flip between product and mirror, but if you don’t use it, it won’t cause any issues really. I do use the brush for highlight though and it really does make your face look magical! I feel like it makes contour look too harsh and too much like a solid line instead of a shadow. For the exterior packaging, it has the typical bulkiness you would expect from a compact and this does mean it’s not easy to travel with spacing-wise. There is also a lot of packaging for not a lot of product. Somehow, I’ve managed to crack the top of the lid as well, and I don’t know how as it’s only been in my makeup bag. I don’t think this is made of glass but it isn’t entirely plastic (points for material knowledge!) so that could be why.


Onto the colour. There are only two colours available for this product which are Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. This tends to be the case for products like this and I understand that it’s difficult to produce a contour and highlight shade that suits loads of different skin tones but this can become difficult for some people. I own the shade Light/Medium because I live in England and the sun is more a myth than a life source (as I type this, the sun is actually beautiful!). One fear I do have with contouring is if it looks orange or muddy and using a heavy hand can create the first issue. I realise this is kind of my own fault as I choose to do inside activities instead of enjoy the sun but still, I’m pale! I like the shade of the highlight though, as it looks quite natural for no-makeup-makeup days. Use a light hand and build up is my advice with this, as you can just turn back to your light setting powder if it messes up.

Now the product. I do quite like the product despite my previous negative attitude. It can give a light contour or a full-blown night-out look depending on how you use it and what you’re after. As I said, you do need to be careful if you are pale as it can look orange but if your using it for a light bronze on the forehead it can look amazing. I tend to use the highlighter for the inner corners and under the brows as it’s quite a neutral highlight and it’s kind of vanilla-y in colour. It does stay on for quite a significant amount of time as well, but I wouldn’t expect anything different from Maybelline to be honest! I think it’s quite good having the two in one affordable product as it helps those just beginning with the whole contouring/highlighting thing. I realise I’ve been into makeup and had this blog for a while now, but I’ve never fully contoured properly until this came along so I feel like it deserves a bit of recognition! I also think it’s quite cute how in the contour shade it says ‘1 Contour’ and on the highlight shade ‘2 Highlight’ just in case you get confused easily.


Finally, the availability. Maybelline is a very well-known brand so this is available in both Boots and Superdrug and also outside of the UK for anyone else who has no idea what Boots or Superdrug is! This is £6.99 which is pretty good for two products if you ask me especially from Maybelline. . If you are just getting into makeup or have never found a good contour compact, it might be worth checking this out as it won’t break the bank and would actually make good eye shadows (look at that for imaginative minds!). At Superdrug at the moment, there is currently an offer that’s buy one product from Maybelline, get a second half price. Just saying.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, we all know how much I love writing a review! I do love this product but I feel as I get older and my makeup matures, I will move onto something else that definitely won’t make me resemble an orange and that will suit my skin a bit better.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx