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My Cheek Routine 2016

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be talking you through my current ‘cheek’ routine. I’m genuinely sorry for my lack of imagination! It’s basically just my current blusher, highlight and contour routine (not in that order, either!). I’ve been loving using this routine recently and I feel like it’s one of those looks that suits all year round. I find that this really suits my skin tone (everyone is different, after all!) and brings attention and emphasizes the parts I like about myself yet controls the bits I don’t like so much. This is also very natural but it could be built up for a night-time look (but with care so you don’t look insane!).

The products I use to complete my cheek routine (again, I am eternally sorry) are:

  • Maybelline Master Sculpt in Light/Medium, see review HERE: available from Boots and Superdrug
  • Hey Cheeky! Cheek and Lip Tint
  • MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Iridescent Gold: available from Superdrug

The first thing I do is contour my cheekbones, jawline and also bronze up my face using the contour shade from my beloved Master Sculpt. I just use my usual powder brush for this as I have a pretty big face so this just gets the job done quickly and with less fuss. As I mentioned in my review, this can look orange-y on those that are pale (I’m Exhibit A) but with a light hand and slight build up, can just be a natural shadow. I do still struggle with contouring my cheekbones as I do have a round face and high cheekbones and that combination is very rarely documented in tutorials for me to watch! I find this bronzes me up really nicely though, particularly on my forehead. If it looks too orange or too strong, I just take my usual powder and tone it down a bit or in dire situations turn to my beauty blender which has a little bit of excess foundation on from earlier in my makeup routine. I will also use my everyday powder to clean up any edges; a trick I love!

Next I just dip my middle finger very slightly into the lip and cheek tint (I received this in a magazine so I’m not sure where you can get this exact one but I’m sure you will find a similar one somewhere!) and apply directly onto the apples of my cheeks, smiling to use as a guide. I really like this as it is a very neutral matte pink (though has to be used with a light hand otherwise you will look like a Russian doll) and very easy to apply. I find that with my finger I can apply the majority that I have taken up already and it’s easier to blend. In terms of blending, I will first use my finger but then take my powder brush and just carry this on. I have found that blending it in too much can cause some of the foundation underneath to come off, so just be careful! Again, if this is too strong I just take a little bit of powder or just continue blending. As it’s a cream, it also gives a dewy finish, which is one of the main reasons I love it so much! For those that are wondering about different lip colours and whether or not it clashes, I’ve worn this with a range of shades over the past few months and nothing has looked wrong or out of the ordinary. As I say, very neutral!

Finally, I take the brush from the Master Sculpt compact (a round, flat-headed brush) and use this to apply my highlight on the tops of my cheekbones. I love this particular MUA highlighter as it can be built up for a night out but also be super subtle for everyday. It also compliments my paleness nicely and doesn’t look like I’ve just stuck glitter to my face (not that this is a bad thing either!). In saying this, I don’t use the highlighter in the Master Sculpt compact because it doesn’t have enough shimmer within it. The irony hurts me too! And if at any point I feel like they aren’t seamless or blended enough (in or together), I will just take my favourite powder brush and do so. Just don’t be scared!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post; I always love telling you about different steps in my makeup routine. Let me know what you’re current ‘cheek’ routine is or your favourite products to use or what you would like to see more of. If you now use any of these products, let me know what you think of them. Imparting wisdom; very happy!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx