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Let’s Talk About … Anxiety in a Relationship

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I would like to branch into another topic to do with anxiety and that is being in a relationship. I feel like anxiety as a whole is a massive subject and no one ever really realizes the consequences it can have on different areas of their lives until it happens to them, much like this one. Therefore, similar to my blog post about Anxiety ft. Prom, I thought I would enter another subject that many teenagers go through but how anxiety is effected by it, or what it can cause. At the age of 16, I have a few friends who are in relationships and some who aren’t, and it’s kind of  a running joke that I will forever be single, but very recently I have entered a new one, (for the first time in nearly 2 years!). I sound so much like Bridget Jones, it’s not even funny! Anyway, taking my current relationship and my previous one into account, I will now press on with the blog post.

 Anxiety is something that, despite having it for so long and being able to write quite openly about on here, I struggle to speak about with people face-to-face. Even to my counsellor, which he’s still coming to terms with as I am usually such a chatty, bubbly person! It either takes a very long time for me to speak about my anxiety to you, or I have to whisper to you one-on-one, in the dark about it – I just have this mental block to talk about it! I think this is quiet common, but if I’m entering a relationship, I want that person to at least acknowledge my wavelength and how I think, even if they can’t do anything about it. I just want my partner to be aware of it, before I have a panic attack or hyperventilate and they have no idea why, and I can’t physically explain it. I would love to be able to sit down with someone and be like ‘I feel like this sometimes…’ or ‘sometimes I might go quiet; this means that..’, but the words don’t form in my mouth. I literally feel as if anxiety punishes me for speaking out about it, which is really weird to get your head around if you don’t suffer from a mental health issue, I know, but even typing it is making my heart beat that little bit faster. This kind of thing doesn’t have to be in a romantic relationship, it can also be in a family relationship/friendship.

With my first boyfriend, I don’t remember exactly telling him that I had anxiety, but I was filled with paranoia and stress throughout the whole thing, and even after. This wasn’t really helped with the fact that 3 weeks after me he got with this drop-dead gorgeous girl, and I was kind of like the ‘ex that shouldn’t have been’! After our relationship, we kept in contact, but knowing what he was like, I was still really cautious when he told me the certain things I wanted to hear. He was my first love, but the amount of stress he caused me just wasn’t worth it! Every time I met up with him I had a panic attack, and that drained me so much, but it was something he never really understood, even when he was diagnosed with clinical depression himself.

However, with this new boyfriend, I know I can tell him anything, which helps a lot with my type of anxiety. As I’ve found with my counsellor, I like to talk my ideas out (surprise, surprise!) and even just one niggling thought ends up being tracked years and years back. We are so similar to the point where I know he understands my train of thought and why I do things the way I do them – he told me yesterday that he noticed it way before we got together! I’ve never met someone who can read me so well, and knowing that my ideas aren’t entirely unheard of (one of the main reasons I don’t talk about them) really does help to reassure me. Yes, there are still difficult points where I’m paranoid, but he knows I mean it when I say it’s all in my head. If you have anxiety, you need to find someone like this! If I’m feeling anxious, he can calm me and reassure me to the point where I can laugh again – that has honestly never happened before! I need this kind of stability and reassurance in my life, particularly with everything that has happened recently.

I’ve never gone dating, but even the idea of it terrifies me. Just the idea of meeting someone and having to tell them some stuff about me but not all of it, and wondering what the important parts are about him and myself, and thinking about what to wear or to eat – nah, you’re alright! If there was ever a point where I had to date, which I hopefully won’t, I have no idea how I would cope. On a general night out I get so worked up as it is, even if it’s with people I know! I just overthink everything: every movement, every gesture, every tone of voice, every piece of eye contact and everything I could possibly dare to do myself.

So, taking all these into account, I have a few little tips if you are the person in the relationship with anxiety, because when you finally decide to open up and share your life, there’s a lot to adjust to:

  • Only do what you feel comfortable with; whether this is just choosing who you date or in a sexual way, people seem to think we’re quiet easy to manipulate or twist into their way of thinking. Obviously there’s a good form of manipulation, but it’s the people who start to control and run your life for you that become the ones that are hardest to physically leave. Speak to the person you want to speak to, not the person who wants to speak to you.
  • It’s okay to ask for reassurance; everyone’s a little bit paranoid and everyone’s going to overthink at least once in their lives, so it’s 100% fine to ask your boy/girlfriend what they’re thinking. They may appear fed up of it after a while, but your anxiety is a part of you, and if they want you badly enough, they will accept and adjust to your anxiety just as your entire life has been.
  • Talk to them about it; I know it sounds really generic, but if you form an emotional bond with someone and you feel comfortable with them (as they do you) then they will happily let you speak about it. I’ve never been the outsider in this situation, but I’m sure people wonder what the bloody hell is going through my head, so let them know what is going on in there! Mine’s kind of coming out in little spurts at the moment, but these bite-size chunks are much easier for my boyfriend to handle, I’ve discovered. For me it’s also a lot easier than opening a 1000-page book filled with all the different thoughts I have in a second! This is kind of down to you and how you decide to tackle the situation, but it’s definitely worth it. Also, if you’re having deep chats, common courtesy doesn’t allow someone to just get up and leave!

I also thought I’d attempt to write some tips for the other person in the relationship if they don’t have anxiety because trust me when I say I know how difficult it is to deal with! Both people in the relationship should be accounted for in order for it to remain happy and healthy:

  • Be patient; I wouldn’t expect your partner to start dating you and immediately be like ‘I have anxiety…’, ‘welcome to the world of paranoia!’ because it’s just as scary to talk about as it is to hear. If that person feels safe enough with you and comfortable in your company, they will naturally start drip-feeding little things, like ‘I’m not keen on going here because it tends to be crowded’. It may be subtle, it may be quite obvious, but just let the person talk about what they want at their own pace.
  • Find the things that calm them; I haven’t had a panic attack in front of my boyfriend yet, but I’m still trying to look for things I can show him that he can use on me when that time comes. Some people like being held, some like colouring in, others like sitting in a corner on their own – that’s up to you and your partner to find what works best and how to adapt to the different situations you may be placed in.
  • Enjoy the good times; for both people in the relationship, I’m sure anxiety isn’t that easy to speak about, so don’t become paranoid that just going out for a drink or to the cinema will suddenly cause a panic attack. It does depend on your partner and their level of anxiety, but if they reassure you that they’re going to be fine, they don’t need you constantly worrying next to them! I know it sounds really harsh, but accept the good times, and use it to remind them that life’s good and they’re doing really well.

And I think that’s it! I hope you have been able to take something from this blog post – although writing this hasn’t been easy, I really hope it’s worthwhile by helping you, whichever person you happen to be in the relationship. I’m really sorry that this is a day late, but it also means that tomorrow’s blog post will be uploaded Friday instead and then the usual blog post on Sunday. Sorry, I’m kind of on stress overload at the moment!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Friday,

Rachel xx

Anxiety ft. Prom (Before)

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I will be chatting to you about my social anxiety and how I think it will be affected by my school’s up-coming prom. If you’ve read any of my other blog posts about my anxiety, you will know it’s something I’ve struggled with for nearly 10 years and that I’m not seeking attention or sympathy; it’s literally just to document it and let you know, should you be going through it yourself, that you’re not alone.

Initially, I wasn’t going to bother going to prom. In my group of friends everyone had a partner to go with who isn’t in a relationship, and we had all decided to go in two’s then meet at the venue and re-group there. There’s one couple in my group and one person that already knew he wasn’t going, so I did have a little bit of a selection, but it turns out everyone had sorted it before I asked. I just didn’t want to third-wheel everyone and think of all the possibilities of what everyone would be thinking if I was to do just that. I was also struggling with the loss of both of my grandparents (as I still am, but I’m a bit further along the line of grieving now) and it was something we had always spoken about as a three; my Granny had even designed my prom dress whilst she was staying in her cancer hospital! I couldn’t face the day without them and I didn’t want to have to cope with the dress shopping and the different fears that arose from that.

In January, I was actually asked to prom by someone who I liked and did like me back, and I actually looked forward to prom. It would’ve definitely cheered my mood up and kept my mind off my grandparents, but it turned out he was on holiday for prom (something we only found out when the date for it came out after he asked me). I guess it wasn’t meant to be and it was only a few weeks after so I hadn’t been dreaming about it for too long, but you know what I’m like: a massive daydreamer who can’t help but wish! Once again, I decided not to go to prom because it really set me back and there’s still some people that think we’re going together, so that’s kind of awkward to explain after all this time! Anyone with anxiety will understand the kind of effect this could have on someone. Despite all this, I still had an idea of prom and the dress I wanted, so, after much convincing from my friends, I decided to pay my deposit. I did have a lot of time speaking to my counsellor about this, as well, who has assured me he will get the deposit back should I change my mind again (can you tell how indecisive I am?!).

I’m now going with two of my closest friends who have, luckily, already sorted out their transport, so I don’t have to stress about that! I’m really excited to go now, because I know them and their families so I don’t need to worry about anything (these are the kind of things that really trigger my anxiety!). I’ve also seen the car we’re going in, and it’s a gorgeous vintage American car (I don’t know actual names of cars, sorry!) in a beautiful aqua blue. One thing that I knew I didn’t want to go in was a limo because I know I would struggle to get in and out of it, particularly in heels and a dress! My only fear is that these friends are like 9-10 inches taller than me, but they’re having smaller heels on their shoes than me so the height difference will decrease slightly. I am very short and it’s something that can’t be helped, but I still wonder what people will be thinking. This is added to the fact they’ve got darker dresses and mine will look much brighter than it already does next to them!

Unlike everyone else might’ve thought, dress shopping was something I was really worried about. I love clothes and I love normal shopping and I know what suits me (which isn’t long ballgowns!). However, after looking in a couple of shops I managed to find one that I actually like and feel comfortable in (and, most importantly, not too conscious of). I think it’s a loose-fitting fishtail shape, but it’s quite tight from the waist to the mid-thigh, then it flows out slightly. I did try on a loose-ish fishtail beforehand and loved it on me, so I knew I wanted something like that. It really brings out my small waist and curvy hips, which I wanted. However, you can see my stomach when I wear it, which I don’t like, so I’ll have to wear a corset or something underneath. It’s red (I was initially looking for dark red/burgundy, but this is a nice red, particularly with a tan!) so it might draw attention to me, but half the people there are going to be girls all wearing different dresses, meaning not too much attention will be on me. It has a skin-toned mesh-style side bit which is kind of like those monochrome dresses that were on trend a few years ago; they’re on the sides of the body so it accentuates the waist and hips even more. This is decorated with champagne beads and pearls, so I’m getting accessories to match that. There’s also quite a big hole hole in the back (there’s a clasp at the neck and it re-fastens with a zip in the centre of my back), so I’m going to have to go bra-less, but it has enough structure to support me. It does look stunning, but I’m now trying to tone my bum as it does look quite big in the dress! I also bought it from a place called Tiffany’s, which has a sentimental place in my heart, so it had to be!

The first shop I actually went to was way too posh for me. The lady who helped me was lovely but I didn’t feel comfortable or confident in there, resulting in me not feeling that way about any of the dresses I tried on. The fishtail I fell in love with in there was covered in too many jewels and I didn’t really like that look, so I just took inspiration from that. In the second shop I went into (Tiffany’s) I felt much more comfortable, there was less people in there and the woman was really genuine about the dresses I tried on and the one I eventually bought. I’m not going to lie, I was feeling really anxious so if I appeared stroppy or ungrateful or in anyway rude, I’m really sorry. That’s something else I fear when I’m having an anxious day, because I know I can appear that way.

So, finally, onto the day itself. I just hope I don’t trip over, I look alright, my dress doesn’t get caught anywhere, I don’t have a nip slip, no one thinks I’m putting this all on, no one looks at me for an extended period of time, no one slags me off, no one thinks I’m drawing attention to myself, no one thinks I’ve used my inheritance money just on a dress, I keep it together, I don’t have a panic attack, I don’t get tired, there aren’t any confrontations, I don’t get called on stage, no one tries to dance with me, no one asks me where my previous date was etc. Sorry if you’ve passed out from that extremely long sentence, but all that and more is what goes through my head in a second, and not just about prom! I’ll probably think of more as I get closer to the day but that’s it for now. Hopefully, if none of that happens, I’ll have a nice night!

And there we have it! I hope you have been able to take something from this blog post – I will be writing a follow up of this (hence the ‘before’) after prom just to let you know how it goes and, hopefully, prove that none of those bad things will happen if you’re worrying about the same thing. I’ve got just under 14 weeks left until prom, so that’s all the more time to worry and panic about it!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Tuesday,

Rachel xx

How To Survive Going On Holiday With Anxiety

Good Evening Munchkins!

If you read my blog post on Sunday you will be in the know that last week I went on holiday with my family. This place we went to was somewhere I’d never been before, it was with people I’d never gone on holiday with and at a time where I could’ve been quite vulnerable. Despite my fears, this turned into one of my most best-loved holidays that I have a whole collection of amazing memories from. However, to get to that stage I did the following things to try and help calm my anxiety a little bit until I was entirely fine. I thought that I would share these with you now in case you ever find yourself in the same boat as myself because personally, I find these quite effective.

Take New Things To Look Forward To

If you read one of my most recent hauls, you will have seen that I briefly explained this aspect of buying something new to wear or to do specifically for holiday so that if nothing else goes to plan, I have that to look forward to. This year I did it with pyjamas because I love me some pyjamas and I know that if I’ve had a not so great day, I could crawl into bed in my new pyjamas and just be all snuggly and lovely. Once I get back from holiday, as well, it leaves me with amazing memories so when I use/wear it again I can be like ‘oh, this was the holiday I fell of a go-kart and tried to laugh but it still really bloody hurt’!  An alternative to pyjamas I like are face masks because they’re so easy to pack and just make for a really nice pamper evening if you ever need it. My little brothers also love everything beauty related so they love it too!

Research The Area Beforehand

I went to somewhere called Camber Sands which I knew would be right on the beach (the sea is one of my biggest fears, just putting it out there) so I kind of knew what the actual resort was going to be like and I also had a cheeky research into Hastings because I knew we would spend one day there. One of my big issues is actually timings and how long it takes to get somewhere so I looked up the distance and travel time from home to the resort and from the resort to Hastings. For me, this really relaxed and steadied me because little things like that can stress me out for some unknown reason!

Plan Things To Do

Something else I blame my anxiety on (no shame!) is missing home. I’m very much a home-ly type of girl and I get homesick really easily so this is something I have made a must since I was a child! I’ve figured if I fill my day from the minute I wake up to the minute I fall asleep, my mind will be occupied with the activity/day so I won’t have to miss home and my cats. This has only proved successful so far! I’ve also found from this that by the time I roll into bed, I drop off almost instantly so there is no late night worrying!

Get To Know The People Your Going Away With (Kinda)

Okay, so I wasn’t going to include this one but then I thought that some of you might find it useful. I went away with my Mum, Step-Mum,3 younger brothers, Step-Mum’s brother and Step-Mum’s uncle, which is a lot of people. I know the first 5 people very well but I don’t see the other two as much as I would like so being on holiday with them meant I had to spend time exclusively with them. I was thinking of not including this point because I found that no matter how much/little preparation or stressing I did before the holiday, I ended up really getting on with these last 2 people because we had to spend so much time with each other. These 2 people I didn’t necessarily have a steady relationship with beforehand so I found that the actual holiday made us as a group so much stronger and so much closer.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – if you would like to see anymore dedicated to anxiety I will be more than happy to do that for you. If you have any more issues or problems on or surrounding the topics, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below or email me if you would like a bit more privacy and I will be sure to get back to you!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday,

Rachel xx


My Confidence Journey

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I have felt a sudden urge to sit down and have a proper chat with you guys about confidence and my past experiences with anxiety (they do interlock somewhere, I promise you!). I have no idea where this urge has come from but I feel like explaining everything to you so that those who may be going through the same thing realise you’re not the only one and also for myself so I can look back on this and think ‘I got there’. As I’ve said with these types of blog posts before, I’m not asking for sympathy, I would never do that, I just want to enlighten you on my life prior to this chapter and maybe even help one or two of you. If you would like me to write any follow ups of this just let me know and I would be more than happy to do that for you.

Growing up, I was naturally very shy; both my parents were this way and I guess it was kind of expected that I would be just the same. I was also very aware as a child (that quickly faded!) and was very bright so I did know a lot in terms of what was going on around me. I could sense very quickly what people did or didn’t want me to hear, what they meant when they were saying stuff etc. and I guess these factors were used against me as my anxiety proceeded to take over my life. I think these aspects also meant that a lot of people didn’t think I ended up developing social anxiety because they thought I was ‘just shy’. I can’t really remember when the turning point was but early on in my school life I started become increasingly nervous before going into school (sometimes even faking illness) and just feeling like I couldn’t do it without someone there to look out for me (i.e a parent). I struggled to make friends and during Year R can only remember having one main friend and a few others I had gone to nursery with. This ‘main friend’ later became my bully, but that’s another story for another time.

Throughout Year 1 and 2, not much changed; I can remember being a bit more sociable and becoming a little more confident with my teachers but I was still very much a recluse within myself. I had gained a few more friends and was starting to become my own little character. This was nearly 10 years ago though, so it is a bit of a blur! As far as I can remember, I was fairly ‘normal’. I had learnt my daily routine and I was very content with this.

When I started in Year 3, my younger brother started in Year R (it was a primary school) so that routine I had loved was suddenly replaced with this new one that I was expected to accept over night (which I subsequently did not). This then started a 2 and a half/3 year episode of anxiety that, looking back, was pretty full-on for a 7-9 year old. I can remember my first day in Year 3 being ridiculously and unnecessarily stressful; it was full of sweating and shaking and the lump-in-the-throat moment you get before you start crying – there were a lot of those over the next few years! I think this initially started because of mine and my brothers sibling rivalry and I always believed my Mum loved him more than me and found me more annoying so would leave me at school and I would be abandoned and lost forever. As I say, I was very alert!

I can’t really remember how long this was happening for until I had my first panic attack, but I remember the actual thing so clearly. It tended to start if our teacher had kept us after the bell (even by seconds) but this time it started 10 minutes before we were due to leave. I was shaking and sweating and I was tapping my fingers on the desk just to try and pass time and distract myself but if anything it only made it worse.I think I also started tapping my foot. I also started biting my lip/side of my mouth which is still something I do now, so I guess was just a nervous habit. I also remember the lump in my throat just appearing and just increasing in size as the seconds passed and it really did start to hurt. Those 10 minutes seemed like years and it was just really freaking me out. All I wanted to do was close my eyes and sleep and ignore what was going on. I wanted to leave and run out to whoever was picking me up that day just to ensure they had me and they couldn’t leave without me. I had all these thoughts in my head as well as whatever we were actually doing in the classroom and all the different distractions I had set up for myself; it was like my brain was a machine that was being over-run and everything was just about to fall apart. I’ve felt that a fair amount in my life since that point. I just felt very lost and enclosed in my own head and that scared me a lot.

As I was quite shy, I didn’t talk to anyone about this (that I can remember). It just became a part of my routine (I like routines) and my daily life. I had no idea what was going on in my mind, I had no idea what anxiety or panic attacks were and I did feel like I was the only one who was going through this. I did feel very isolated from everyone else who could just go and get on with their lives but I would make up literally every excuse under the sun to make sure I left school on time. It did scare me because no one else noticed, I obviously didn’t tell anyone and no one did seem to care. Looking back, it’s just insane what I had to deal with.

I don’t really know what stopped these panic attacks or reversed the initial turning point. I think it was settling into another new routine (my Dad started picking me and my brother up once my Mum had got a full-time job and this somehow settled me) and just feeling suddenly secure. I think the onset of puberty also helped for some reason – my hormones must have affected my emotions and my outlook and during this time I did become more confident and I started talking to a lot more people that I normally wouldn’t. I do think if I’d reached puberty later, a lot could be different in terms of my anxiety so I guess that saved me but obviously that’s not a good cure for everyone.

When I was in Year 8, my anxiety kind of flared up again and I started having a few more panic attacks; never to the extent of when I was a child but I’d forgotten about that time in my life so it was just like the first time all over again. I think this started again because I would overthink everything and that is still my biggest enemy. It was around this period I actually went to my doctor and that was basically a waste of time because he told me what I already knew without supplying me with any treatment. He never diagnosed me, he literally just gave me more information about generalized anxiety. This is still something I’m kind of annoyed about because I never got the answer I went for and it kind of set me back, thinking I was stupid when in fact I wasn’t.

Coming back to present day, I now have a few panic attacks every so often but it’s not as overshadowing of my life as it used to be. I had one the other day when I was out for a birthday meal for my Step-Mum’s sister, so the whole family was there (like 15 people) and I just sat the in the corner the whole time not talking to anyone, just feeling ridiculously stupid. Now I know what’s happening, it’s a bit more reassuring that I’m not constantly questioning myself and if I’m crazy or not. My symptoms now include my heart racing (and subsequent chest pain which can get quite bad), shaking, sweating, feeling sick, feeling like I’m going to cry, not being able or want to communicate, my voice shaking – stuff like that. I’m hesitant to go back to the doctor or any doctor because of my past experiences and because I don’t really want people to see me as a caution or a warning or anything like that. I don’t have panic attacks all the time but it can get quite bad in the moment (or at least it seems that way). I wish I could give you a better ending to this little segment of my life, but it does kind of flare up at certain times; this just seems to be one of those times.

Between these periods of mental health joy, however, I have accomplished some things I never thought I would. For example, I went to a one-day festival at the beginning of May which was just insane and with the arrival of my new step-family, I’ve had to meet and talk and learn about a lot more (new) people. These are very different examples, I know, but they’re still very significant in my life and things that 10 years ago scared the life out of me. I have come a long way but sometimes I do have my setbacks (though that’s just life). I’m proud of my achievements and focus on these times and look forward to more of them, instead of constantly thinking ‘I would, but I’d have a panic attack’ which is how I used to run my life. Always focus on the positives and what you have and can do! There is nothing stopping you other than yourself!

And there we have it! A bit of a different blog post, but as I say, I just wanted to vent to you guys! Just know that if you have anxiety or suffer from panic attacks, it’s not always going to be that way. This may be a phase or the calmer times may be a phase, but that’s okay, just concentrate on the positives. If you have any further questions about my own experiences or anything you may be concerned about regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to ask me; I love helping people and if I can then that’s my job done and I can also be happy!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

The Girl That Sits In The Corner | Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Good Evening Munchkins! Oh look, another blog post about Panic Attacks and Anxiety. I know for some of you it’s just another and you’re bored of them but each one is worded in a completely different way so I thought I’d give it a go. I do know what I’m saying and doing by the way. Also, if this helps one of you in the tiniest of ways then I’m happy and I would love to hear from you (my email address as always is down below) though don’t feel you have to.

Basically I’ve been having a lot of Panic Attacks or days where I’ve felt anxious quite a lot recently and on Wednesday I decided enough was enough and I’d actually do something about it so went to my doctor. I had a lot of hope that he would be able to help me in some way though if I’m going to be honest he told me what I already knew or just clarified certain things. This is not to say all doctors are like this, Zoe Sugg (the person that keeps me going through all of this) has said that if 1 doctor doesn’t help go to another and another until you find the right one who will actually help you.

I learnt that out of Flight, Fight and Freeze I am a Freeze-er. Flight means you run away from the situation, Fight means you fight the situation and Freeze means you sit there and just try to calm yourself down or take it. He gave me no time to explain what I feel when I have a Panic Attack (which in my opinion I think he should have) but all the symptoms he said I nodded as if to say ‘Yes, that happens’ because it does.

He said that you tend to get hot, feel like there are millions of butterflies in your tummy, your heart races and something else which I can’t really remember. All of those things happen as well as a lump in my throat (like when you cry) and that causes me to not be able to breathe properly and that panics me even more. Sometimes I also feel sick but the others always seem to happen. Panic Attacks are vicious circles and unfortunately it takes a lot to get over it.

I once described Panic Attacks as being like dogs: once you’ve disturbed it (or had a Panic Attack) it’s always going to be on guard (i.e be anxious all day or have another Panic Attack). And I can’t do anything about that. And that is the one thing I would love to be able to control.

Many things can set of Anxiety and sometimes it’s just something that is blown out of proportion but I think the main thing to remind yourself of is that it can’t physically hurt you unless it’s like a murderer or something then just run!

Zoella has two videos on Panic Attacks but if you would like to watch the newer one click HERE or for the older one click HERE and I’m sure you will get a lot more useful and better information from her than you have from me.

If you are having Panic Attacks or are constantly Anxious, then please let someone know, whether that’s a friend, a parents, a school counsellor, a teacher, anyone, just let them know about your worries.

My friends thought I was faking it the other day because they’d never seen me have one but personally I would never broadcast it to anyone that I’m having a Panic Attack and most of the things that are happening are happening inside like the heart racing, the feeling sick. Shaking is another symptom of Panic Attacks, forgot to put that one in. If your friends tell you that, tell them it mainly happens inside of you and if they haven’t had a Panic Attack it isn’t for them to worry about.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick little blog post, thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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