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Bucket List for S/S with ChummyC

Good morning, Munchkins. Yes, it’s Monday, I’m aware of that factor but I’m ill, extremely ill. Like, I’ve got the worst cold ever, and I am always, every single year the last person to get them. So I’m at home and letting the medicine kick in. Last night however me and my Chummy C (C standing for Courtney) were texting and she was saying how we need to come up with a bucket list for S/S. I know a bucket list is like a list full of things you want to do before you die, but I might die in September, hopefully I won’t, but there’s always the possibility. How depressing do I sound this morning?! So yeah. Then I thought of the idea of me coming up with 10 for her and she comes up with 10 for me and we’d share them. I’ll tell you her’s now and then mine and just explain them a bit as we go along. 

My Bucket List for Courtney for S/S

1. Wear more everyday dresses but not so short you get kicked out of places. I came up with this one because she only ever wears dresses when she’s going out at night and they’re really short but I’ve seen loads of day dresses that would suit her and she should just take the plunge. Ooh, plunge. Sound a little bit creepy now. 

2. Wear more outgoing colours in makeup but not so overloaded unless your going out. Whenever I see her she’s always wearing the same sorts of colours and it actually annoys me. For my birthday my Granny is arranging for me to meet up with this lady that lives near me who will tell me what colours I suit etc and I’m hoping Courtney will be able to come as well so she can also be told and then wear those colours. 

3. Try and wear more flat shoes in the day. Apart from school she never wears flat shoes, and she went to this like foot therapist the other day where they’re deforming her feet. She’s 4 months older than me and she’s going to be 14 later this year, but still. One day, I’ll get her a whole range of converses or vans, just so she doesn’t have to say she hasn’t got any. Always thinking!

4. Put hair up in more unique and different ways. Her hair is so long and so straight and so knot-free it’s amazing, but she only ever does like messy bun, ponytail or down and a few bits gripped back. I would like to see her hair in different ways because it is really easy to work with so yeah. Something different would be nice. 

5. Try to stop playing on iPod after 11 o clock. She’s just told me that she stops playing after 10, but she doesn’t get to sleep until like 2 in the morning most nights and then wakes up at like 7 for school and it really isn’t enough. She just needs more sleep to be honest. 

6. Spend money on things you really want and don’t hesitate! Over the past few years she has saved up around £200 and says its for her future and fair enough her family aren’t bursting with money but neither’s mine and we just about get by. She was in Primark the other day and liked a lot of things and if it were me I would spend it, but she was like, ‘Oh, it’s for my car and my prom dress’ etc. It’s really hard buying like 5 things and she’s only got a pair of shoes. 

7. Have fat days if you want fat days. She is extremely worried about her weight even though she’s dead skinny and we share lunch at school so she eats less calories, but she needs to learn that eating a bit of cake won’t harm you if you’re only eating a little bit. 

8. Don’t spend a lot of money you could buy for less. I know I’ve just said don’t hesitate, but for her 12th birthday she got a Kardashian leopard print purse for £50 from New York when I’m sure there’s a cheaper version out there. OK, so it won’t be Kardashian, so what? It’s just a brand and you could get away with another leopard print purse for less than £20 anywhere else in your own country. She now has no money to put in it because she’s spent it all. 

9. Experiment with new things (clothes and makeup)This is sort of to do with the other makeup and everyday dress ones. 

10. Find the colour that suits your skin tone. This is again to do with the makeup thing. 

Now onto my Bucket list. Obviously I can’t really explain these so I’ll just list them. 

1. To talk to a boy I think is fit and do a bit of flirting. 

2. Go out again in the Summer.

3. To try and speak to more boys.

4. Don’t worry too much about your weight.

5. Wear at least one sexy outfit (by sexy I mean a little more revealing but not horrible Miley Cyrus look)

6. Try to be more confident with people.

7. Find a colour that suits you and get a new outfit that really suits you to wear out.

8. Try new things/say yes to things you might not usually say yes to.

9. Try new makeup ideas.

10. Talk to more boys you would usually shy away from. 

OK, so that’s all of them. We thought this was a really fun way to boost our confidence and make us a bit better at doing certain things. As you can tell I’m usually shy around boys, but we’re going to try our hardest to complete these things. If you want to do this go ahead there’s no body stopping you from being young and free and be able to boost your confidence. I’ll update you and we’ll probably stop doing it when we go back to school after the summer holidays in September. 

Thank you for reading and talk to you later,

Rachel xx


Winter Favorites 2013/2014

Good afternoon Munchkins, for the second time today. I’ve put a blog up about an hour or two before this one which is the PJ Pack Reaction which links in to last weeks blog as well, so yeah just as a bit of an update as it did get a good response, so if you want more ideas on that just let me know and I will think of something with the thing in my head known as a brain, though in my case it is very small.

Right now though, I’m doing my Winter Favorites of 2013/2014, because Winter tends to run through two years, greedy little thing. I’ve been really looking forward to this because I have put up what I wore when I went out a few weeks ago, but this is like my ‘Welcome into Beauty Blogs’ if you will. I bet your reading this thinking what a strange person I read about, let me just say now, most people I know are like this, so become fun and young again with me!!! I sound so sad reading it back, oh well, this is what I like and I don’t care as long as I make other people happy as well! Also, I know Winter starts at the beginning of March, but it just seems right to do it now because it’s cold and people will be flooded and want cheering up, so I’m here to help if your one of the unlucky ones. If you are, then I’m sorry for everything that’s happened, and I hope 2014  will be better for you in a few weeks when everything’s cleared up. 

Also, going to say now, from next week for a few weeks I’m going to be doing a few blogs to do with teenagers and a bit more fun as it is my birthday soon and I will join you in no longer being seen as small and . . . small? Most people think I’m older anyway, but yeah. So just to prepare you, as I’m sooooooo excited. My best friend has been a teen for like 4 months now, I’m so jealous. Sound sad again, don’t I?

I think we should get on now! (I’m going to try and put it in order. Note the word try!!)



First up, a onesie. Not just any onesie though, a zebra print onesie. Oh yes, I look like Marty from Madagascar in this! I love it, it’s so soft despite having it for over a year now. I got it from Next for around £25-£30, but you can get a similar onesie from anywhere now, I think. The cuffs around the ankles and wrists are pink and were quite tight when I first bought it, but I’ve lost some weight since then, so it is baggy, but it’s still warm and cosy!!! The only problems I’ve had with it is within a few weeks of having it, I had a hole in the armpit (how lovely!) and I wouldn’t expect that from Next or anywhere for that price, as they come quite cheap now so yeah, little disappointed. I have another hole in it in the knee but that was when the fire spat, so that’s acceptable, I suppose, since it was either that or go up in flames! It was also my first ever ‘cool’ onesie, because obviously I had one when I was a baby as most do, so yeah, like it! It’s a zip up as well, which is good because I tried on my Mum’s which is red with white Minnie Mouse head’s on it with poppers, but things popped out in awkward places, so zips are my onesie type, for those that care!



Next thing, is ANOTHER ONESIE!!! These are the only two I own, I promise so this is the last one, but I love this one sooooo much. Sorry for it looking so wrinkled, I’d just got it out the drawer to take a picture for you lovely people. This ones from New Look for £10. It was in a sale, but I’m sure they’ve got loads more like this. I got this in the summer (trust me) and it’s quite tight so if you stand in the right position and are ‘cuddly’ in some areas, it hides it quite well. It’s got tight cuffs at the wrists and ankles again but they are the same grey colour. You can’t read see but in pink it’s got ‘NERD’ written across it, which has been really popular recently and the zips also pink. It hard to roll the sleeves up if you are a bit stuffy as it’s tight, but it’s lighter than the zebra one, so I don’t usually have to.



Lastly in the pyjamas theme, is these ‘Slipper Boots’ as I like to call them from Next. I initially got them from my Mum’s parents a few Christmas’ ago but they were too small, so me and my Granny went to Next to return them and get them in a bigger size. In the sale they were £8, and my Mum also got a pair, but in a different style, I guess you could call it. They are a sort of nude/champagne colour with little bits of glitter in it which is so pretty on those cold Winter evening. They’ve also got a coral-ish flower on it and I wear these with all my pyjamas in the Winter as they just go with everything and they’re so warm on the inside and I could live in them if it were possible. Actually, I went to Tesco the other day and saw a whole family in their pyjama’s walking around, so I might try it sometime, just to creep people out!!



Now onto shoes. I’ve only got two pairs of shoes for Winter, unless you could count the Slipper Boots, but these are everyday boots. I love Ugg boots so much, it’s not even funny. I got my first pair a couple of years ago and they are wayyyy to small for me now. I can’t remember what shop it was in, but they were £70. Yeah, expensive. Good thing we have Granny’s!! They kept me happy for years though, even when I’d grown out of them, but this Christmas I got some new ones. I went with my Granny (the official Ugg boot buyer in my family) to my local shopping center at the beginning of December and chose these ones. They were from BHS and were around £25. Sorry I’m being so vague, it’s just I have the memory of a goldfish, and whenever something goes in one ear, it goes out the next. I remember my old pair being £70 because I did a puppy dog look to get the bad boys, which, can I just add, is hard to do with blue eyes. But they are so warm and cosy. They have the white fur coming out over the top which I didn’t have on my old ones, but they got muddy when we went to the park with PJ, and it hasn’t all come off yet, but I’m on it!! Also, at the back they have like laces which you’d tie like on Converses and stuff, which I hadn’t seen before and I loved them! The only problem I’ve had with them is that one of the laces got caught and ripped, so my Mum had to do some ‘Mother Magic’ as she calls it to make them look good again, which they do. When you first buy them the lace-bits are really long and drag along a bit, but if you tie it up shorter like we have, then they’re shorter and a lot easier to work with. Also, this Winter, I’ve been wearing normal Converses, as their like an all year round sort of thing. 


For evening I’ve been wearing these!!! I got them the same year as the Slipper Boots for Christmas and I think they were around the £25 mark from New Look. I’ve been out a reasonable amount in these and they’re still in really good condition. I’m not sure how high they are, but they took a bit of practice if you’re a new comer to high heels. I’ve worn them at least 15 times, and now my feet are used to them, they are like my best party friend to be honest. I have one other pair of high heels, but they’re more like sandals, so they are definitely more Summer-y. You can wear these all year round, which I do, but they look a lot more Winter-y and they keep your tootsies warm. I’m not sure if it’s for all high heels like this, but I find that when I wear tights with it, I have to wear ankle socks otherwise my feet will slip about in them, and we don’t want that, do we? It’s got a zip on the inside of each ankle if that makes any sense, and they have a lot of memories to them. Definite favorite for all year round, I think. I wore this when I went out that time, if you remember as well. 



Now, it’s bags, because I love them to be downright honest. My friend got me this for Christmas this year from Primark for only £7. Can I just say, I didn’t ask for the price, she just came up to me one day and went ‘I’ve got your Christmas present’ and I panicked, so I said ‘what price range are we talking’ so she tell me the price. Me and my friends are very alike!! I think, like the black high heels, this is an all year thing. It’s camel colour and goes with everything I own, literally. I took this out with the shoes above, I went on the train with it, it’s been everywhere in the space of a month. It’s so big, and I love it. However, when I went out to the club, it was really packed, and it was way too big for that sort of thing, but it fit everything, so yeah. When I went on the train, I managed to fit in a book (Insurgent by Veronica Roth, if your wondering), some sheets of paper, my school organizer to do homework, my phone, my Ipod, some headphones, a lip balm, some train tickets and two pairs of gloves (don’t ask) so it does fit A LOT in. It also has a long or a short strap, but me being the blonde I am, took off the long strap when I first got it, so don’t know how to put it back on. I like the short strap, anyway! There are also small pockets on the inside and it’s zip up. 



This is the bag I should’ve taken out with me to the club. I got this for Christmas a couple of years ago and in the label it says New Look, but I can’t be sure, and the price is anybody’s guess, to be honest. It’s a dark purple/burgundy sort of colour and it’s small enough to go out clubbing with but not so small you can’t fit anything in. It’s leather and you can change the length of the strap really easily, but I prefer it long so it’s on my shoulder. It got a pocket in the front which is zip up as well with the rest of it and has little pockets on the inside as most bags do. I don’t think there’s much more I can say, apart from it’s really handy. 



I’m going to go onto woolen things now, which is basically just socks and gloves. First off, gloves! I never have a pair of gloves to hand, so I have loads everywhere. These are my favorite two though. I got the pink and black ones in a market for about £2 and you can take of the black bit so it’s just pink or have them together, which is really cool, in my opinion. The black and white pair I also love, I got it when me and my Nan went to go get PJ and my hands were so cold it was unbelievable. We got a two pack and I gave my Mum the other pair because I didn’t like them as they were fingerless. Somebody tell me now, what is the point of having fingerless gloves. Write it below, because it confuses me. So yeah, and it was also black and had little sparkles on them. I think she likes them. For the two of them it was £2.50 in Tesco. My pair are so warm, we got them in the Tesco near where my Aunt lives, and literally, it’s a 5 minute walk, but my hands were so warm by the time we got there that they were sweating. How gorgeous do I sound today! So yeah, a bargain, and the black and pinks ones have lasted over a year or two, and still going strong. Good quality in my opinion for both.








Fluffy socks. Need I say anymore. I got these from the same friend that got me the bag from Primark for £2 for the pair of them. I love fluffy socks so much, nothing will actually compare. In the Summer, I went to Primark, and even in June, I got my first pair of fluffy socks. One was all purple, the other was purple and white. I’ve lost the purple one, and I’m holding a funeral soon, that’s how sad it is, but now I have these two to welcome into my collection. One of them is just pink and white with a few pink snowflakes, but one is pink and white then multicoloured snowflakes!!! Oh my God, so excited. Fluffy socks keep your feet so warm and you can wear them instead of slippers, and even after a few washes, they are still fluffy and amazing and keep my feet so toasty warm it’s good enough to have a party for, or something as exciting???? I’ve run out of ideas for today!! But yeah, I love them. I love most socks actually. For Christmas, I got 9 pairs of socks, from my own free will. I got these, I got some cute Minnie Mouse ones (you can never grow up!) and I got some from Accessorize with ears on, which are cute! Socks are good! 



Onto beauty, as I don’t wear makeup all the time and try out different things, I’ve just decided to do scents. So for perfumes, I’ve chosen Beyonce Heat. I think you can get a range of these, but I’ve got the red one. How smart do I sound!! It just a very A/W smell and it makes me think of Winter more than Summer. I got this for Christmas a few years ago, and I think I’ve used it more than I’d thought or it’s evaporating . . . quickly. This year I got One Direction Our Moment, and that’s a Spring/Summer perfume for sure, so I’m looking forward to wearing that. I’m not sure how much Beyonce Heat costs, but I think I saw in Tesco the other day between £15 – £20, so not that bad compared to others. Is it sad that I keep perfume bottle boxes? I plan to put the empty bottles in them once I’ve used all the perfume in it so it looks like a Boot’s counter or something. I’m going to be the ‘Crazy Perfume Lady’ when I’m old, aren’t I? At least people will recognize me then give me more perfume!! I love this perfume so much, this also has some really good memories. This was the one that got taken away from me when I went clubbing, but I got it back, luckily!! 



This is the body spray I’ve been wearing like all December and January, so first of all, Charley body sprays, last a long time. This ones Shimmer, and I didn’t smell it in the shop, I just bought it with another one as they were quite cheap, which I’ve forgotten the name of, but the can is like zebra print orange and black. That’s a more Spring/Summer smell though. I think this is a more Wintery/Christmassy smell as if reminds me a bit of ginger for some reason (the smell, like gingerbread men) and yeah, it made me feel Christmassy leading up to it them let the Spirit go on afterwards. I sounded so weird then! So yeah, this is to get you in the mood for Christmas, definitely. 



This is the first thing in the Everyday Clothes bit and it looks really unclear, but it’s two pieces of knitwear. They’re cardigans and I’ve loved them so much throughout Winter, but you could wear them on a cold day in Spring if you really wanted to. The cream one I have no idea about but I got it for either my birthday or Christmas, so it’s a few years old, but it still fits (surprisingly!). It has one big button at the front, but I prefer to have it undone and it’s so warm. The other one is from Primark which I got in the Summer. It’s black and cream stripes and has a few medium sized buttons down the front. It comes down so it covers your bum a bit, which I don’t mind, but its so warm and I’ve worn it a bit more than the other and I tend to wear it with jeans. I think it was either £7 or £10, but Primarks good, so I have a feeling it’ll last me a while. 



It’s quite hard to see, but this is a white sweater from Primark. I bought this at the same time as the stripey cardigan, so whatever the cardigan is, the sweater is the other one, but around £10. I’ve worn this with a blue skater skirt and leggings and blue converses this winter and it has button’s on the shoulder’s which I thought made it different from just another white sweater. It’s quite thin, so you could wear it in Summer if you wanted to, but I wouldn’t, maybe Spring, but I’d want really thin things for Summer. Like a body!!! I initially bought this to go with something else I bought whilst I was in Primark, which was this blue dungarees thing but it was a skirt instead of shorts, but I decided to match it with other things as well. I really like it, that’s what I’m trying to say!



Onto Evening Clothes. First off is this peplum top from New Look. I got it for Christmas but I chose it and it was around £15 I think. I just think it’s so pretty to wear with leggings and the black high heels if you don’t feel like a dress. It’s got like a burgundy pattern on it, which I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s pretty. The background’s just plain black, but yeah, I love it, as with everything else in this blog. I love peplum tops, it’s really good for my figure, as it brings out my boobs a lot more, shows the slimmer part of my belly, hides the bigger part of my belly and then in leggings makes my bum look big, so good all round. I’m thinking of wearing this at my birthday lunch with my family, as it’s not too short but it’s nice. It’s just . . . think I’ll move on now, we could be here all day otherwise!!



This is another Christmas present I got from New Look for I think £22.99 or something around that. It’s teal and it’s all got lace on it but at the top it’s like a strapless dress if it didn’t have the lace that’s there. It’s so pretty, I wore it for Christmas and it looked amazing! It has 3/4 length sleeves and came with a belt, but I don’t tend to wear it with it as it’s two sizes too small for me as it is and blue isn’t a good colour for my cheeks! I love this dress so much, it comes to just above the knee, and I wore it with black tights and the black high heels I showed earlier. 



Now is this black shrug from Next. This was an early Christmas present from Next and it was under £10 I’m sure but I’ve worn it loads. I wore it when I went out clubbing, and it comes down to the elbow or just above. In the beginning it was really itchy, but after a few washes it was OK. As it’s black you can wear it with just about anything and with the short sleeves you can wear it any time of year, though I think Winter would be better for this sort of thing.



This is my posh coat. It’s grey and it’s REALLY heavy. I got it off Amazon for around £25 when I thought I’d lost my coat (I’d left it at school) and I’ve only ever worn it once. For the price it was, I’m not prepared to get everyday stuff on it and ruin it. The only time I wore it was my Granny’s 70th, but it was a very posh event. As I say, it’s heavy and it takes a long time to tie up, but otherwise it keeps you warm. It’s fabric, so it wouldn’t be good for rain, but if it’s just windy or something, it would be fine. 



This is the last thing, and I know it’s not beauty or fashion, but I just HAD to share it with you. I got these chocolates from my Mum’s parents for Christmas and as you can tell, they’re all gone! They were so nice, and I ate them all in about 2 weeks. I think they were from Marks & Spencers and there were 15 in the tin. They had 5 different flavours, Clementine, Egg Nog, Rum and Raisin, Gingerbread and Christmas Pudding. They were a mix of white, milk and dark chocolate and had these cute illustrations on each of them and they tasted sooooo nice it was unbelievable. The only one I didn’t like very much was Clementine, but that’s sort of an orange-y flavour, which I don’t really like, but the other’s were amazing. I really hope they bring them out this year so I can stock up!!


OK, so that’s it. It’s taken me nearly 2 hours to write all of this, so well done if you got the end. I realise I can go on a bit, but it’s for your benefit, and that’s why at the end some of the descriptions were shorter, because I thought I was boring you, and my fingers were starting to burn.

So yeah, thank you for reading, and talk to you next week,

Rachel xxx

What I Wore When I Went Out / What’s in my Bag?

Good afternoon my little muchkins (ooh, I feel a nickname coming on). I’m really sorry that A. this is a day late and B. it’s late as it is. I know I’m really sorry, but I’ve done a collaboration, a bit like Rihanna and Drake, so I hope that makes up for it. 

First of all, where I went. They had an under 18’s Joey Essex Meet and Greet at a club near where I live (I’m not telling, you cheeky stalkers) and if you don’t know who Joey Essex is he is probably one of the stupidest people ever, but he is so fit and he’s famous and it was only £10 to get in, and I needed a night out. So, as you can tell, celebrities, girls who are a few years older than you, you need to look good. What I wore. I have put a picture up but the lighting isn’t amazing but I wore a ‘Bustier Aztec Print Dress’ from New Look for around £20-£25. I got it for Christmas, but I chose it and it was it’s first outing. I love this dress, it’s very tight at the top, like corset tight, so if you’re a little bigger like I am it’s fine if you’re standing up, sitting down is another question all together. Just above the hip it flares out a bit (excuse the spelling mistake, I think flares is wrong) into a skater dress. I got it in a size 12, when I’m a 14, so it’s shorter and I can just about breath *starts going blue*. So yeah, don’t do what I did and get the right size. I also wore a black shrug from Next. I’m not sure how much this was as my Granny got it for me just before Christmas, but it goes with everything, and as it’s January, it’s needed! I also wore skin-coloured  tights from Tesco, as once again, it’s January, and I don’t like the idea of getting pneumonia. On top of my tights I wore some black ankle socks also from Tesco as I find that just in tights my feet tend to slip around in the high heels, so they were to get me walking properly and to keep my feet nice and warm. The last thing I wore was my favorite pair of high heels ever. They are black and have a zip on the inside of the ankle bit and are a bit like an ankle boot, but I love them! I got them for Christmas 2012, and I really haven’t wasted them! The only thing is, the day after (yesterday) I went walking round town with my Nan and brother in my Ugg boots (I love them as well!) and when I took them off before I went to bed along with my socks, I had like these ‘Blister Pillows’, like one long blister on the ball of my feet, it was horrible. Sorry for putting that image in your head, but I was wearing them from like 6-10 at night, so I lasted longer than I thought.

For hair and makeup I let my friend do it as I can only really do a few bits gripped back, a basic ponytail and concealer and mascara. So she did it all for me. For my hair she twisted a front bit quite nicely and gripped it back and straightened the rest, which is good as I have really thick hair. For makeup she used my Eyebrow Kit which I think is Technic, but I got it in a magazine as with most things, and I will try to put a picture of that up. She also used a Makeup Book she got for her birthday, and oh my God, it’s like heaven in a box, it really is. She used a champagne shimmer colour for my eyes and a red for my lips. As always, concealer and mascara were used. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of her makeup, so I can’t amaze you with the wonders that is the Makeup Book.

Now for what’s in my bag. This is basically what to put in your bag for a night out. I took, 2 packets of tic tacs (just in case I ran out), my phone, some hair bands, some hair grips/kirby grips/bobby pins (whatever makeup/beauty language you speak), my phone, my purse (with money in), some stud earrings, some autograph books (they didn’t get signed) and a pen just in case they would. That’s all I remember. I did also take a Beyonce Heat perfume but that got confiscated, though I did get it back. I would also take a camera if I had one and a small amount of perfume hidden in my bra or something (as you do). If your on ‘Your Time of the Month’ as girls do, I’d take your ‘Girlie Things’ and hide some painkillers in your pocket/bra or something. 

OK, so a beauty one just to be different. Sorry it’s had to stop so suddenly but my netbooks running out of charge, so kind of got to go, but yeah, next week I’ll be doing a kind of haul sort of thing and it will come up early Saturday, I can promise you this time. Thank you for reading and see you next week.

Rachel xx

(I do not encourage smuggling anything illegal for the matter)

Image What I wore