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Let’s Talk About … Being Friends With People Who Are Trans

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I decided to write another ‘Let’s Talk About…’ because I actually really enjoyed writing last week’s as upsetting as I found it. I just thought it was quite therapeutic and it helped get a lot out of my system, which I needed. So this week I decided to talk to you about being friends with people who are transgender!

With the openness and ability to accept anyone and everyone in this society, there is a very high chance we will at least meet one person who is transgender in our lifetime, and I’m actually fortunate enough to have a couple of my best friends going on this journey. Obviously they’re not my friends because they’re trans, they were my friends for years and years before they came out to me, but I am so grateful that they are welcoming me as openly as they are to be with them every step of the way. As amazing as it is, I kind of feel like there isn’t that much support or guidance for friends who are cisgender (feel as if they fit the gender they were assigned at birth), like myself, because it was a bit of a shocking and unsure experience. Basically, this is just me telling my story and giving people in a similar situation some support because I really felt I had be thrown into the deep end and unknowing as to what to do or say. Just a bit of background information, they’re both female to male.

So I was first told about one my friends in the summer of last year. I wasn’t overly shocked with this one because he appeared pretty masculine anyway and would always be the person to wear a shirt rather than a dress on a night out. He came out to the rest of our friends a couple of months later, I think, and I don’t think they were overly surprised either. At first he was very chilled about it, but after a while he would become very distressed if he didn’t use the right pronouns (e.g. ‘he’ instead of ‘she’) which is completely understandable, and for the New Year he really wanted our entire friendship group to start calling him by his male name and use these correct pronouns. I completely understand why he became so distraught about it, I just wish he told us straight away what to say or when. Not everyone in our school knows so there are still some people we have to be cautious around and I now have to remind myself to call him by his female name around people like his parents or friends of his who don’t know or don’t accept it. So, on that front, I would just say clarify some ground rules or what they want from this so you don’t get the backlash of slipping up every so often. Since him coming out we have done this, but I would suggest doing it earlier as it’s better for both/all of you. I guess it wasn’t the first thing on my mind because it is a very crazy time being told this person is planning on getting x, y and z done to make him more physically masculine in the future.

My second friend that came out is actually the boyfriend of the first friend, and has been my best friend since we were 4 (if you can follow that!). I really did not expect this one, but at the same time I didn’t expect him to come out as gay! This one was much harder for me to get my head around due to knowing him for the past 12 years and remembering how feminine and girly we were as kids, and even in the past few years. I now see that this was an act to stop himself feeling this way or not get us to guess or something like that, but it was still really difficult and I still struggle to see it. At first he came out as gender fluid (when you feel like your one gender one day and the other the next) like a month after the first friend, but recently he’s been making it apparent he is also transgender, not just gender fluid. I think looking back at this occasion, I would definitely say keep an open mind and support the person in question but be there with them through everything and whether they decide they’re transgender or change their mind, or whatever other path they choose to take.

Something else I really want to talk about is when your friend goes to get treatment. My first friend has been referred to people who can diagnose him as transgender (in the UK you can only get treatment and fully transition once you’ve been medically diagnosed) and even to a gender clinic in London so that as soon as he turns 18 next year, he can get the treatment he wants. My second friend hasn’t as of yet because he hasn’t come out to his Mum and referrals mean getting parents/guardians involved at this age, so that isn’t possible right now. My first friend also has a binder and wears boxers which he wears either every day or most days, depending on the other clothes he wears (particularly with our school uniform). I’m really happy and comfortable with talking to them about transitioning and their plans as a couple/as individuals because I know they are and I want to be in the loop as much as possible – I’m a huge believer in I can’t help you unless you help yourself. I also find it really interesting and I just think it would be more beneficial to them if I’m like ‘I’m here, all ears’, rather than expecting them to make the first move. I don’t want to put them in an awkward situation, but at the same time I want to assure them I am here to listen. I can understand why they wouldn’t want to come up to me and be like ‘I’m wearing a binder today’, but you also need to approach it very delicately and appropriately. As I said earlier, be with them every single step of the way and don’t let them fall without you picking them up afterwards.

Another thing I’ve found is the tensions it can have between friends, particularly now that our whole squad knows. There’s been a few friends who have had major fallout’s with these two because they refuse to use the correct pronouns after constant reminders or have explicitly offended gender in some form, which I have had to stand up against for them. This clearly doesn’t benefit my friends mental health or feelings surrounding being valid, but it does build other relationships with other friends much more and proves that strength, and who blatantly doesn’t want to be there throughout the whole thing. Even though it seems difficult now, it will all balance out and be good in the end, I promise. Just hang on in there because there will come a day where you will meet your friends in their truest form and that is something I am most looking forward to. I might cry to be entirely honest with you!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I loved writing this blog post much more than I thought I would, to be honest! If you are trans, let me know if these sound good to you, or if you’re going through a similar thing to me I really hope it’s helped. Just be you; you’re their friend for a reason and they would only tell you if they thought you could handle it. I can assure you, they are much more scared about it than you! I’ve also tried to step really delicately around this subject because I know how easily people can get offended around it, so I’m really sorry if I have offended you because that really was never my intention.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Tuesday,

Rachel xx

All About: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will finally be telling you All About the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. This series of Naked palettes are renowned for their beauty, longevity and all-round gorgeousness, so I thought I would put that to the test! Of course, I did also buy the palette simply because I wanted it, but I wanted to write a little something about it so if you are looking to buy it, you don’t waste a lot of money on a palette you don’t know much about and might not like. Compared to the Naked 1 Palette (see All About HERE), this is much more grungy, shimmery and adventurous – all things I have found I suddenly need in my life! Anyway, here is my All About!


Firstly, the packaging. Compared to the luxury of the Naked 1 Palette, I wasn’t overly impressed by the packaging of this palette. I think it’s made of metal or just a heavy/solid plastic which is quite clunky and can take a few tries to close. However, once it is closed I am assured that all the beautiful colours are safe inside. I do quite like how the writing is embossed (is it embossed where the letters are raised?) because it gives it a slightly more expensive feel. It is also in this muted purple/lilac shade which does match quite a few of the colours inside. This does also shine off any light because of the metal/heavy plastic material it’s made of. Logistically, this does make any spillages really easy to just wipe off. It also contains a mirror on the inner part of the lid and a double-ended brush, which I haven’t yet used but will probably do so in the future now that I’ve looked at it more thoroughly! One end has a large, flat-headed eye shadow brush and the other a blending brush. For some reason, the handles of these are much more of a coppery/orange, which does also match some of the colours inside but doesn’t match the casing itself. This could be a negative for collectors or proper makeup geeks, but it’s still a brush and will still do the same thing, no matter the handle colour!


Each eye shadow in this palette is so, so pigmented, I can’t describe! On the swatches you’ll see in a second, I literally ran my finger up and down the pan once and that’s what happened! There are 12 colours in total, with 9 shimmer/glitter shades and 3 that are entirely matte. I love me some shimmer so this palette obviously screams my name! They’re all as pigmented when swatched as they are on a brush, are so creamy and easy to blend out, but don’t stain anything! None of the shimmer shades just have a glitter spray over the top, either; they’re glitter through and through! Anyway, here are the swatches and colours.


This first colour is a true white, matte colour which I love to use to even out my lid colour after priming! If you want the perfect base, this is definitely your shade! The pigmentation of this actually shocked me because it’s very difficult to find a true, harsh white, matte shade, but I do genuinely love this colour. If the worst comes to the worst, I could use it for baking my under eyes!

Half Baked

This second colour introduces one of the most gorgeous shimmery shades I’ve ever seen! This is a copper brown colour, though it leans much more towards the orange side of copper than brown. I love this with my blue eyes because it compliments them and it’s something a little bit different when doing a brown smokey eye! It is brimming with glitter and I couldn’t be happier when I put this on!

Booty Call

I’ve only had a few tries with this colour, but I did initially start using it as an inner corner/brow bone highlight. This is a shimmery white/champagne colour with very small pink glitters/undertones within it. It does look stunning as a highlight and I think I will continue to use it as that because I’m not a fan on the stark-shimmer-white-on-the-lid look.


One of my all-time favourite eye shadows! This is a stunning shimmery, shell pink shade that is perfect for a wash of colour on the lid day-to-day. I literally can’t express to you the absolute love and joy I have when this goes on my face, it is so beautiful! If you are a little bit more adventurous than me, you could always use this as a highlight, but I don’t have the confidence to do that yet!


A colour I lean towards a little bit less than the others but is still beautiful when used correctly, nonetheless. This is a muted/lilac, matte colour (matches the outer packaging!) that can be used on the lid or in the crease if you are doing a full, purple smokey eye. This is one of those purples that can look slightly grey, which may be perfect for a typical, dark smokey eye, but I am still waiting for the perfect excuse to wear it! However, (as you can tell) it is very sheer so it would need to built up a lot in order to make an impact.


A new found love of mine that I wish I could wear more! This is a typical dark brown shade with shimmers but for some reason I love it way too much! I think it must have some kind of undertones that compliment my skin tone/eye colour but I couldn’t tell you what it is! I love to wear this on a night out within a smokey eye and, again, it’s brimming with shimmer!


Suspect isn’t the colour I would usually head towards in a palette as it is a dark purple and I have blue eyes, but there are so many purples in this palette I will have to do something with them! This is probably the ‘medium’ purple of the bunch with some very small pinky undertones. Perfect for those who like to experiment with new colours!


This must be the ‘adventure’ side of the palette! Pistol is a dark, aqua-blue with some silver glitters within it. I own a few colours like this and I tend to keep them for spring to wear coloured eyeliner, so I will probably do the same for this one! I would also love to create a smokey eye with it because I think blue smokey eyes can look beautiful on the right person with the right eye shadows supporting it!


Verve I would consider the lightest purple of the palette. It has some shell pink undertones and silver shimmers, which make it much more cool/icy toned. I think these sorts of colours can look beautiful in winter, so there’s still some time! Again, if you really like to experiment and play around with colours, this could be used (very lightly!) as a highlight. This is very much a true purple that, for some reason, looks slightly brown in some lights!


This shade is very similar to Chopper but has a much darker base colour to it, making it appear a little bit more brown. I do prefer Chopper to YDK but I still wear it and adore it very much. It still has a shiz-ton of shimmer (bonus points!) and is perfect for a wash of colour! If you prefer more neutral shades, this will be much more for you than Chopper.


This is probably one of the least neutral colours in the palette with it being a vibrant, shimmery purple! This is stunning though, and I will have the find the right occasion to wear it because I can’t let it go to waste! This would look beautiful on brown eyes as it will compliment them and the silver shimmers will really lift the darkness of the shade of purple it already is. I will find my chance to wear it and let you know how it goes! Compared to the others in the palette, this is a more indigo-y purple with some blue undertones.


This final shade I haven’t actually used and only first tried it when swatching the colour for the above picture! I did notice, though, that it’s a very ashy black and isn’t as pigmented as other blacks I won (which is a massive thing for me!). Although I don’t use black on a daily basis, it has allowed me to see how and when I would wear this one. As I say, I don’t wear black very often so are all blacks supposed to be like this to work with them more easily??? Ahhh, I don’t know!

Onto price and availability. This is available worldwide, but the most reliable place to get it in the UK would probably be on Feel Unique. This does retail for £38.50, but for that price you get 12 gorgeous eye shadows which will all be worn/used at some point (for me, anyway!). It is very expensive but it is much more of an investment and a staple in makeup geeks collections! However, if you’re not that fussed on makeup and do it because you just want to look a little bit more perky in the morning, I wouldn’t recommend spending this money when it does contain such bold colours which won’t all get used. Of course, you are free to prove me wrong but that’s just what I suggest.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I love writing All About’s so let me know what other palettes you would like to see reviewed on here! Don’t forget to let me know what you think of this palette if you own it for yourself or, if you have anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me below.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx

All About: My Dressing Table | Blogmas

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be talking to you about and slightly reviewing my current dressing table. I still have no idea how I’m going to structure this blog post for you but I know what I want to say and I’ve been wanting to write this for ages, so obviously the best time was during Blogmas! I have owned this dressing table for around 3 or 4 years now and was passed down from my grandparents, so I don’t actually know it’s origin or price but it is beautiful and I’m sure there are similar ones out there (I feel an IKEA trip coming on!). I think that’s all the background I needed to let you know of so on we go!


Just to set the scene a little bit, I use this dressing table for near enough everything! It looks really messy but I wanted it to look as realistic as possible for you and show you it in it’s true light! It’s an organised mess, I promise! It’s not something I chuck just anything on, however; I do tend to place things on there that I will need when getting ready or to hand for everyday. You can’t really see, but my chest of plastic drawers storing some of my makeup and skincare is right next to it so it’s also really easy to grab in the morning whilst getting ready. The most noticeable thing about this dressing table has got to be the mirror. Other than the chair, which I’ll show you later, everything came as one, so all the mirrors and all the drawers came with the main table of the piece. I love this mirror so much and I find it so handy (even if 11 year old me did think it a good idea to decorate it in star stickers!) for everyday! I’m short-sighted so I have to take my glasses off when doing my makeup meaning some mirrors can be too small or too far away for me to properly see, but I can see this well enough to do the larger parts of my face (the more intricate things I will do with a smaller mirror). I have also placed a lot of things on the bit right in front of my mirror that I want to remember (so a picture of my Dad and little cousin, when I went to go see One Direction or when I went to go see Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and just perks me up in the morning, as well as some little toys I’ve won in the arcades over the years. I should really tidy this up at some point! I also store some everyday earrings on this shelf bit in some little jam jars I took from a hotel a few years ago (although I do not condone thieving!). This does look really effective, though! I also love the elegance and simplicity the white of it has. Near enough the rest of my room is white so it blends in really nicely but, obviously, the things on it bring a bit of life to it. It does show the stains a bit but nothing some soapy water can’t get off!


You can kind of see those little details I meant before a bit better now. As you can see, I have two smaller mirrors either side of the big mirror and as this has a flat edge, I tend to use it for storing hairbands or some other kind of hair arrangement! This is a headband I received when I helped open a craft shop a couple of years ago and I actually wore it with my Mad Hatter outfit this year for Halloween! You can also see where I store things like my perfumes/body sprays/deodorant – I just keep this on the side so it doesn’t get in my way and I can quickly grab it without any fumbling when I’m running out the house but don’t yet smell like the tropics! I also have one little pot which has a slight crocheted effect in which I store my makeup brushes. I love this pot so much and I’m so happy with the colour match it has with the table! It’s a bit more creamy but it doesn’t look too bad. Just in front of that I have a pack of post-it notes which I find handy for just scribbling something down (I literally forget everything!) which I put my everyday nail polishes on and a pot of lip balm. Next to this I have a little orange reading light for night time and the biggest bottle of hand cream ever that I received last Christmas and I’m still trying to use up! I like this hand cream a lot but I only use it once a day because that’s all the time I have to do it! I then have my bulging makeup bag which is from the original Zoella range and I have been using for years now – I highly recommend these sorts of bags because they fit so much in but have a patent finish to make any spillages easy to wipe up. The orange things behind it are some bows that my friend gifted me on each of my presents for my birthday in February and I’ve been trying to find something to do with them for nearly a year! If you have any ideas, let me know! In the bottom, wider drawer, I have all my *lady* things which is quite handy because most people wouldn’t expect them to be in there so don’t look! There are a couple of mini drawers where my earrings are and I used to store my hair clips in there when I was younger, though I haven’t opened it in years so it probably contains things I don’t even want to think about!


This side is much blander in comparison – you can actually see the top of it! That’s just due to me usually putting my glasses there before I go to bed and putting my cup of tea there in the morning. I have another pot of the same design on this side of the table, but this one’s for my pens and pencils. Just above that on the mini shelf bit there is a Simple Micellar Water which I use every day to remove my makeup. I then have my usual paddle hairbrush that helps to kind of sort out the mess on my head! I’ve had this for years, I should probably get a new one to be honest! On the top of the side mirror on the right are more headbands and flower crowns and a mini sombrero that somehow appeared in my belonging! Just behind that I have a jewelry stand that I’m absolutely obsessed with – I bought this from a little independent shop whilst staying with my grandparents one year and it’s white (what a surprise! This is literally all the colour I can handle in my life!) with a little glass-effect bird on top. It has four hooks, all of which I use and reminds me every time I look at it to sort it out! I do love this and it has a stunning vintage effect that I live for! You can’t really see but there is another smaller mirror rested on some notebooks at the very side of the picture. I tend to use this to check the colour match from my neck and face (as you do!) and to see how things look from an able-sighted perspective! The notebooks I have under this mirror are simply miscellaneous and include many lists or diary entries or whatever else I happen to be writing over the years! The orange one has a lot more blog stuff in than any other notebook I have so I guess this is my ‘work-y’ one. I then have some other random bits like a little glass jar with an orange bow tied around it and some presents from friends who went on holiday in the summer (yes, I know, it’s terrible!). And that’s everything on this side! Do you think I own enough orange things??

When I first received this dressing table, it came with the stool on the right though I recently switched it up for this chair. Both of them match the dressing table perfectly, I just fancied a bit of a change. I now use the stool for putting tomorrow’s clothes on and the chair for when doing my hair/makeup. I love them both, they are both as comfortable as each other and I haven’t found any significant difference in them other than being able to lean back on the chair which can ease any back pain. I sound like such an old woman but I seriously get such bad back pain! The chair’s also surprisingly lightweight whereas the stools much heavier, if that means anything to you!

Overall, I love my dressing table and feel it’s going to be one I keep for a long time! I would recommend one to everyone because it’s a great use of storage (or to collect clutter, in my case!) but also really practical when it comes to doing things like skincare/makeup/hair routines, especially if it comes with a little stool/chair! Prices do vary but a good quality one isn’t going to be cheap, I can assure you of that! I do feel really lucky to have been given such a beautiful one – I just hope there isn’t any need to replace it anytime soon.

And that’s it! I think it’s obvious that this had no structure to it judging by it’s length! I’m sorry, I had no idea how long it would go on for! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I would love to do an updated one for you in a few years times once I’ve actually sorted it out! Let me know if you have a dressing table or if I’ve now convinced you to get one for yourself!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,

Rachel xx

All About: Urban Decay Naked Palette

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be telling you All About the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I have been the proud owner of this palette for nearly a year now and I finally have everything I need to tell you all about it. As I always say when I include this palette, I’m not sure if this is the real deal or not but I will simply be reviewing the version I own so please do not be alarmed if yours looks or appears different to mine and the swatches I will be showing you. I love writing these blog posts so I will now start it for you!


First of all, the packaging. I feel as if the Naked packaging is so statement and bold and I actually really like it! It’s the only one I own with this type of faux fur effect on it which makes it really easy to grab if I’m just reaching around for it without really looking and it also looks really cool. After a lot of use, however, it can become quite rough and not feel as nice as it used to but that obviously depends on you – for some people it will mean everything to others it will mean nothing. The title of the palette is in gold foil which I really like against the brown; I also feel like it’s a nice introduction to the colours inside as they are mainly brown and golds (which I am loving right now). It also has a magnetic shut which I really like as it assures me it is closed and I don’t have to worry about it when travelling. Due to the size, it’s not ideal for travelling but I do feel like it has every colour you could possibly need in it. I don’t really know what material the packaging is but it feels sturdy so I know it won’t break easily. It also has a little mirror in the lid and comes with a full-sized Urban Decay brush. When I first received this palette, it came in a box/unicarton as well.


Within this palette, there are 12 colours; 9 shimmer and 3 matte. All of these are super buttery and creamy and so easy to work with. The shades that are shimmery are packed to the brim with glitter (much excitement!) and they all appear so pigmented. I do always use a primer so this does help the colour stand out but there are also some that seem bolder when the brush is damp (I will let you know of these as we go along). I think I’m going to get on with each individual colour for you now.

The first colour is Virgin. This is a pale, ice/shell-toned, shimmery pink that looks stunning for everyday. I personally love a pink as an everyday look as it’s just something a little bit different to a typical white. I personally find this pigmented enough just with a normal brush and primer. This also looks stunning as a brow bone/inner corner highlight if you want a little bit of colour there.

This next shade is Sin. This is another shimmery shade but is a much cooler-toned brown with silver shimmers in it. It looks slightly warmer when swatched but it is also quite neutral and sheer so if you want to test some form of shimmery colour, this could be the one for you! It’s not that noticeable on my hand but on top of a primer it does look beautiful for a daytime look.

The third shade is Naked and is this matte, yellow-toned nude colour. It looks much more white in the picture and then when swatched it looks quite brown, but it’s somewhere in the middle on the yellow scale. This is just a typical base colour that can come in handy literally with any makeup look.

This next colour is Sidecar. Yet another shimmer, this is a slightly darker, warmer-toned brown that for some reason looks really dark in the pan. This is one that you can just use as a wash of colour for day-to-day with a little bit of eyeliner and be good to go. I  would also say this is a slight level up from Sin for when you have a bit more confidence.

This colour, Buck, is one of my all-time favourites. This is a simple, warm-toned, matte brown that I live for. This is, usually, my go-to crease shade as it creates a gorgeous, natural shadow (as you can tell!). I feel like I own hundreds of these shades but this blends out so nicely; it’s 100% my favourite!

The middle colour is Half-Baked, which I actually included in a blog post the other day! This is another shimmery shade that I have previously described as ‘blonde Labrador’ – but do you see what I mean?? It looks really white in the pan but when swatched and applied it has a much more gold-y/champagne-y undertone to it which I also love for everyday!

I’ve only just realised that the next half of the palette is significantly darker that the first half, so these are the ones I probably use less on a day-to-day basis! I do wear this one, however (I can just about get away with it!). This is Smog and is a gorgeous bronze-y/brown shade that really makes blue eyes stand out because of that bronze undertone. This is also shimmery and is pigmented enough with just a brush, which I love when I’m just chucking it on for a wash of colour!

This is one of the shades I haven’t yet tried due to it’s darkness but I would love to next time I go on a night out! This is Darkhorse which is an earth-y toned brown/black with some cool undertones. This has some shimmer in it but not too much to overpower the colour of it. I will definitely be wearing this in a smokey eye soon as I have a fair few parties coming up!

This next colour is one I have recently fallen in love with! This is Toasted and in the pan it looks quite intimidating with the red and the pinky undertones but when swatched it just has this gorgeous pale bronze/rose gold kind of vibe which is very on trend right now. I also love this as a wash of colour but I do find this applies better either with a damp brush or with a dry brush then a finger to go over top. I will show you how to wear this without it looking too scary soon, I promise!

Hustle, fun fact, was one of the first colours I used from this palette! Although this is shimmer-y, I have used this on the outer third of my crease to darken up a look before and it has looked beautiful! This is a slightly warmer-toned, dark brown shade that I actually live for in a smokey eye! This does apply as strongly with a brush, as well.

This penultimate colour is another I haven’t yet tried but will do for a navy smokey eye, I’m thinking! This is an almost black shade with some slight blue undertones and very little (if any) shimmer. I will be testing all the colours I haven’t before soon, by the way, and let you know how I get on! This could be worn really beautifully, though, I’m thinking!

Gunmetal is the final colour in this palette and is actually stunning. Again, I don’t think I could wear this to school so haven’t actually trialed it on my face yet, but when swatched it is beautiful. This is a mid-blue shade with darker undertones and a shiz-ton of shimmer that also reflexes in different lights. I have been hinting at a navy smokey eye tutorial and that will be coming soon, I promise you, and this colour is definitely my inspiration for it! I feel like this will be worn a lot over Christmas.

Finally, price and availability. As I think everyone and their mother knows, Urban Decay is a high-end brand and is not cheap! This palette retails for £38.50 on Feel Unique. I feel like that is a bit extortionate but you do get what you pay for and, as a complete makeup addict, I feel like I had to have it in my collection. It does include some stunning neutral shades but I feel like if you’re only going to wear those shades, you’re much better off looking around for a dupe instead because there is no point spending that amount of money for half the palette. Personally, I do love this palette and I would pay that much but that’s because I know that I would need it in my kit and I will use all of these shades at some point.

Would I recommend it to you? Yes, but only if you can afford it! Maybe save some money up or ask for it for your birthday or Christmas because it is very expensive for some powders. Obviously money means different things to different people but this is something I would have to work for for at least 14 years in order for my parents to buy it! I’m joking but it did take a lot to convince my Mum to buy it for me last Christmas!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I do love writing All About’s so let me know what other palette’s you would like me to write about! Also, don’t forget to let me know what you think of this palette if you own it for yourself or what you would like to see more of!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday,

Rachel xx

All About: W7 Neon Nights Palette

Good Evening Munchkins!

In remembrance of Halloween *sobs quietly*, I thought I would share with you the ins and outs (‘all about’, if you will) of the W7 Neon Nights Palette. This palette basically carried me through October and if I could give a lifetime achievement award to any Halloween-type palette, it would have to be this one! It’s taken me a while to get round to writing this because it is very bright and it’s something I haven’t exactly been able to try out when doing my everyday makeup for school! Even if it is a bit adventurous, I thought I would still tell you everything I have gathered from my many experiences with this palette for those who are interested in buying it for themselves or just want to know a little bit more about what I’ve been putting on my face (I have a way with words, don’t I?!).


The first thing I’m going to speak about is the packaging. This comes in a long, narrow palette and, as you may have noticed from previous blog posts, I tend to take a few pictures for a blog post because you can’t really show every colour very clearly in just one picture. This means it’s not very easy for travelling and it can be quite bulky. To slightly contradict that, it is made of plastic so if you do find space in your suitcase or travel bag, it won’t break (hopefully, don’t take my word for that!). I personally love the typography on this and it’s very different to anything else I own. Something else I also love is that the actual case is transparent so I can quickly look if I need any of those colours at the time without having to open it and check that way. It’s also a *click* shut palette, so you can be very much assured it won’t accidentally open at any point. Like most palettes, this comes with a double-ended brush, one side having more of a sponge-y texture and the other being a typical bristle-y eye shadow brush. I don’t tend to use this because I have my own but they’re a good backup or perfect for beginners!


All of these colours, as I’m sure it has become obvious to you, are neon and really, really bright; those of you who may like neutrals may want to steer clear of this one, but for a bit of excitement, it is right up my alley! This palette contains 12 unnamed, powder eye shadows (something which annoys me greatly when talking about them), with a mixture of matte and shimmer shades, one containing mainly glitter. Most of these are very pigmented but some may involve applying a few layers to reach a fully opaque level (I will point these out to you as we go along, though). I think I’m going to go on and explain each of the colours to you now.


The first colour is this gorgeous canary yellow. This is a colour I’ve only worn once and when swatched it can seem a bit sheer, but I know that over a clear, white base it is much brighter – so don’t let it put you off! I feel like yellow is really difficult to pull off but if you have an idea then this is the perfect, standout, neon yellow for you! Also send those ideas to me so I know how to incorporate it on my eyes, thank you!


This next shade is pure silver glitter and I love it! When applied with a brush, some of the glitter can be lost and so it appears much more sheer, but when swatched it was much more pigmented! I think this would look gorgeous as a dramatic inner corner highlight or highlight in the centre of the lid and I think I’m going to be wearing it a lot in that way over Christmas! I will warn you, the glitter is super chunky so if you don’t like that or your skin disagrees with it, I’d steer clear if I were you.


This shade is definitely more wearable than the previous two! Although still bright, this light, sky blue can be worn in a much more subtle way and even for day-to-day! I have blue eyes so I guess that gives me a bit of an advantage when it comes to blue-anything-else anyway, though it could also look stunning with hazel eyes, I think. This is one of the most pigmented colour in the palette and so this, overall, is the least exclusive out of them all (which is always a positive!).


With this shade, I’m still slightly undecided on what it actually is; in the picture it looks like a slightly dulled red and in real life it looks like an orange-toned red. Either way, it is a very pigmented, slightly shimmery red-ish shade that isn’t wearable for everyday, but I have used this a lot for Halloween so it’s not entirely wasted. I think for a striking eyeliner, this could look stunning!


Again, this colour may not be so easy to wear as it is a matte, hot pink (very Jeffree Star but I’m not complaining!) but I think for a bright smokey eye it could look gorgeous. This is a perfect dupe for nearly every eye shadow  Jeffree Star uses in his makeup tutorials and I think I will have to take inspiration from him very soon because of this!


This shade has a shimmer/metallic sheen effect that I adore in a teal, green tone. I’ve worn this once and I think I will definitely be wearing it some more after swatching and re-finding this gem! Again, this may be difficult to wear for everyday but I think it could really compliment hazel/brown eyes.


This next colour is absolutely stunning and I would definitely force this into an everyday look if I could! This is, again, a shimmery, slightly metallic looking, purple-toned pink which really reminds me of Disney’s original Cheshire Cat. This is gorgeous and is just as pigmented swatched as it is applied with a brush! I cannot rave to you about this enough!


This may be another one that I can get away with because of my blue eyes, but brown eyes may also compliment this beautifully. This traditional cobalt blue is also super pigmented and blue/navy smokey eyes are very on trend this A/W, so watch out for a tutorial on that featuring this soon!


This may seem similar to the Cheshire Cat colour, but I can assure you it looks entirely different when compared side-by-side (cue Ariana Grande)! This is much more warmer toned and contains a little bit more purple. This is also shimmery but not metallic in any way. Again, this is very pigmented when swatched or with a brush alone.


This may be one of those colours where I’m like ‘it’s so wearable, gonna pop this on my lid for school tomorrow’ but everyone else is saying ‘wtf, no thank you’ but I actually really like it! This is really pigmented, with brush or when swatched and I wore it on a night out last weekend (where it looked absolutely stunning, can I point out!). I am so in love with this colour and hopefully it’s going to entice me to play with some more colour!


The penultimate colour is one I would call a Tinkerbell colour (we’re clearly going for a Disney theme!) because it matches her dress perfectly! I’ve never tried this colour before swatching it but it swatches really well; it’s shimmery and again has a slight metallic sheen. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those that swatches really pigmented but with a brush you may have to build it up, which is fine by me (as long as I know that pigmentation’s there). This is definitely more suited to brown eyes but I would try it for a spring-time eyeliner look on top of my usual black for a bit of fun!


The final colour is this true, lime green shade. I think with a clean, white base the colour would show up much better, but it was my last swatch so it may be slightly discoloured from that. Again, I don’t think I’d use this so much on myself but for brown eyes, I would almost definitely gives this a go!

As you may be able to tell through the pictures, some of the eye shadows did stain my hand after swatching and trying to remove them with a face wipe. I can’t remember which ones exactly but I think it was the pinks, red and maybe even purple, as well. However, I have found when removing these with the rest of my makeup with a proper micellar water, they came off really effortlessly, so you don’t need to worry there! I just thought I’d clear that up (see what I did there?) for any of you that were wondering.


Finally, price and availability. The place I think mine was purchased from (it was a birthday present but I still think I can guess!) was Ebay but I know that some clothes shops will sell W7 products. In light that it’s sold on Ebay and other shops (that I don’t want to outline for you in case it’s wrong or has changed) the price does vary but I think it’s definitely under £10. The link I’ve added for you sells it for £4.95. This does make it a little bit harder to find a reliable source, but I believe mine is real and I know that W7 is an affordable brand so it doesn’t scare me that the palette itself was so cheap. It also means it’s an amazing dupe for the neon palette that Urban Decay sell (which I can’t remember the name of and is going to annoy me forever more now!).

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I know I said it last time, but it feels so good to be writing about things other than just Halloween makeup tutorials! I guess this is kind of linked but I honestly have found my love for this palette! If you have this palette or would like any more information on it, please don’t hesitate to let me know below! Also, don’t forget to tell me what you’d like to see more of!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday,

Rachel xx

All About: Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be telling you All About the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette which I’ve been the proud owner of for 18 months now, which is quite a long time to constantly be putting something on your face. Nonetheless, I have used this time wisely to now be able to tell you everything you need to know about this palette. I’ve mentioned this a lot in previous blog posts already so you keen beans know how this is going to go but just don’t spoil it for the others, please! I think this is going to be quite a short post, however, because it’s quite a small palette so I think I will now press on for you.


The first thing I would like to enlighten you on (following on from my last favourites, I’m still loving words!) is the packaging. I love the packaging of this palette – it’s nothing too adventurous but it still floats my boat immensely. It’s very compact (it literally fits in my hand and I have Hobbit-sized hands!) so is perfect for travelling, the actual material is very soft but sturdy and the name is embossed, which makes me feel really happy when I hold it (I can’t be the only one that feels this way!). It comes in a muted brown colour with the writing in black which I like because it allows me to easily know what palette it is and links in with the ‘naked’ and ‘neutral’ theme, which always makes me smile. It’s also matte (which probably adds to the softness) and that is something which just adds extra points because matte is something I’m loving at the moment, for no real reason other than it looks nice. This can make it a little bit difficult to wipe certain stains off but this is a palette that is well out of reach of little brothers and cats and things that stain.Within the palette, there is a landscape mirror which I find very helpful because I can do everything (i.e. choosing my makeup and then applying it) in one go, which just speeds up time and makes life a whole load easier. I have, in the past, got this dirty and regretted it ever since but all mirrors are like that (because I clearly get everything everywhere!). Even the packaging tickles my pickle and I don’t think I can say much more without internally dying with joy.

Onto the actual eye shadows! Within this palette there are 6 colours, 1 shimmer and 5 matte, all of which are powder. These are all so pigmented and last so well. They apply really easily and are very creamy and buttery. They are also fairly easy to remove with a cleansing water and don’t stain your face in anyway. They don’t drop down, either, and are so versatile, there are so many looks available to you with just these 6 colours. Over time I’ve used all of these colours for different things and have included them in some MOTD’s and EOTD’s, which you may or may not remember so that is my proof to the choices you have with them. I’m going to get on with each colour now, I’m just rambling!



The first colour on the left of the palette is Venus. This is the only shimmer in the palette and even so, contains very finely milled particles of glitter. It gives a slight sparkle but for me, I do like a lot of glitter! This is an off-white shade which I wore when I first started getting into makeup but now (as I’m sure you can tell) I very rarely touch. I think I will try to rekindle my love for it but this is just very subtle and for those that don’t want a lot of evident makeup on.



Another pale-ish colour is Foxy, which I have loved greatly! Again, when I was first getting into makeup this was a go-to for me because it’s almost my skin tone and so created a nice, even base. It is more of a banana-y tone so suits my skin colour perfectly but for others it might not. It does create a perfect base, though, for either a full-on night out look or a day-to-day makeup. I feel like everyone could use this colour for something.

Walk of Shame


Walk of Shame is a pink-y toned base colour that would, again, be suited to those who don’t wear a lot of makeup. This could also be the alternative for those whose skin tone doesn’t match Foxy because it doesn’t tend to look right on me. It doesn’t come out incredibly pink, it does kind of blend in to match you’re skin tone as much as possible but it still doesn’t sit right on me. I think I will find a way to wear this as a neutral pink eye but, as you can probably tell, I haven’t (as of yet) used it that much.

Naked 2


Naked 2 is an ash-y toned brown shade that is potentially one of my favourite shades from the palette. I like to use this as a base when I’m doing a brown/neutral smokey eye for school as it’s matte and is still fairly subtle and I can still get away with it. This is also super versatile and I use it nearly all the time if I don’t have any other imagination for my makeup that day. This shade also kind of matches the colour of the packaging, but is slightly lighter which hurts me a little bit!



This next shade is a little less neutral compared to the other colours but could still be worn very subtly. I tend to wear this and Naked 2 together on brown smokey eye days and they do look stunning together. This is just a general brown shade that is slightly muted (it’s not warm toned at all) and I find that this factor can kind of dull my blue eyes a little bit. In all fairness, brown isn’t supposed to compliment blue so I can let that slide! I do love this colour though as it can be worn for subtle smokey eyes (like I tend to) or can be dressed up for evening looks.


(I didn’t have a decent photo, I’m sorry!)

Every reader of mine should know that is hands down my absolute favourite colour in the entire palette and probably my favourite eye shadow I own! This is a simple matte black shade but I use it everyday for my eyeliner and it has never let me down! I think this could be worn on a seriously dramatic smokey eye due to the pigmentation and longevity it gives but I haven’t got to that stage in makeup yet! I love this for so many reasons and I think this is evident by the damage I’ve done in the pan!

In terms of price and availability, this is high-end as it’s Urban Decay but I can tell you it is worth every penny. This costs £23 (which I don’t think is that much considering it’s Urban Decay) and I did receive it for Christmas so when the time comes to needing a new one, that is probably what I will do again. It is out of budget but for a treat it is so good! This is available from Feel Unique which can be difficult for some to get hold of as it’s online, but the delivery is really quick and I would actually recommend Feel Unique as a whole.

Would I recommend this to anyone? Anyone and everyone! I adore this palette and I will be that person who keeps it until the very end. I genuinely enjoy using this palette for a wide range of things and I know that a lot of you guys will too. It may seem like a lot of money but I can assure you that it is worth every penny (even if you can’t feed your family for the next month!). I would be interested if some of these were sold individually as there are a couple I hardly touch but you know me, I will find any excuse to wear any shade!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed reading this – I do love writing these types of blog posts! If you have any further questions of things I may have missed out, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments. If you have this palette, let me know what you think of it or any other products I need to try!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday,

Rachel xx

All About: Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be telling you ‘All About’ the Little Mix palette released from Collection. I’ve had this palette a little over a year now and have been able to gather enough knowledge in order to tell you everything I can today. This is a smaller palette so should be a little shorter than my other ‘All About’s but all the same, if you want to know everything there is to know about this palette, please keep reading.


The packaging for this product is pretty basic and something that isn’t exactly something to write home about but for the price I wouldn’t expect much more. It is literally tiny; it fits perfectly in my hand so is perfect for travel! It also has a magnet in the lid and main section in order to secure it shut which I do actually like because I am pretty weak so makes it easy (but also keeps it safe!) to open. This weighs 6g (allowing 1g approx. per eye shadow) so won’t weigh you down at all. Unlike the majority of my other palettes, this doesn’t contain a mirror in the lid which is kind of disappointing but I can work around that when doing my makeup at home. In it’s place is a plastic, transparent lid which allows each of the eye shadows to be displayed. The entire thing is black with a gold and white typography theme which looks really glamorous and makes it easily recognisable amongst my other palettes. The names of the colours are on the back which can be an inconvenience but because there aren’t many colours inside, it is quite easy to remember the ones you use regularly. This does also come with a sponge-y brush which I don’t use but I know could be of some use to others.


Onto the actual colours! Every eye shadow is powder and 4 out of 5 are shimmer, which really floats my boat! These aren’t super pigmented but can be built up and don’t last an exceptionally long time but if I’m just going out to see a friend for a couple of hours, I will turns to this palette. It’s also super affordable so it doesn’t matter how often I use it or how long for.



I think this is actually my favourite colour in the entire palette. This is a basic shimmery white which contains only small particles of glitter and is just stunning. I tend to use this for more neutral looks when highlighting my inner corner or brow bone because it looks so natural but does give it that extra ‘oomph’. It’s also pale enough for my skin!



This is another one of my favourites and one I use fairly regularly. This is a gorgeous shimmery bronze with gold undertones and can look amazing when used to build up a neutral smokey eye. Because it’s bronze, it also has a very slight orange undertone so compliments my blue eyes nicely. It does, however, need to be built up to create an impact.

Golden Sand


This is a colour I very rarely touch but is a yellow-toned, shimmery gold that would look stunning in summer. I will be trying this a bit more as the sun decides to come out but for some reason last year I wasn’t that inventive so didn’t really go for it. This year will be my year with it, but I feel like I will have to build it up as I do with Sunkissed. I will keep you posted!

Dazzling Brown


Yet another shimmer colour but this time in the form of a chocolate-y brown. I really like this as it matches the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze perfectly so if I’m wearing that on a night out I will place this under my eyes slightly. I wouldn’t normally go for a shimmery brown but this one has completely changed my mind about it! I also find it to be a bit more pigmented than the previous 2 I’ve just mentioned.

Cocoa Dream


This is another colour I wouldn’t initially go for but by using the right eye shadows to match, it has again changed my mind! This is a shimmery, darker brown that I think it slightly more muted. I use this also with On and On Bronze to create a smokey effect and it does just that! Again, a good shocked and it does also seem to have a bit more pigmentation and lasting power.



As the only matte in the palette, Blackbird really does speak for itself; a very basic black colour. I tend to steer clear of this one just because I’ve worn it as eyeliner before and it wasn’t that pigmented so had to go in with about 39 layers and it ended up dropping halfway down my face. In all fairness, I was at the beach…but still! This wouldn’t be my first thought when thinking of a black eye shadow, but I guess if it’s used in the right way it can look and last amazingly.

This palette retails for £3.19 and is available from Boots and Superdrug (both of which are only in store). This ensures that everyone (or the majority of people) will have access to it and for a very small price. I do think it’s worth this price considering what you get and the quality you receive, but Collection as a whole are affordable.

Would I recommend it to everyone? Probably not. Although a couple of colours do help me here and there, it’s not for the highest quality makeup artists out there. I would, perhaps, recommend it to someone who is only just getting into makeup so they have they’re own palette and for a very small price (so if they decide they don’t want to practice makeup anymore the bank hasn’t been broken).

Sorry to end on a bit of a low-note, haha. I hope this has been helpful to you and that maybe you have learnt a little bit more about this palette! If you have this palette, let me know what you think of it or what else you would like me to review!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S. I’m sorry for the marks on certain eye shadows; I think they got attacked by little brothers at one point! And also let me know what you think of this new camera set-up! Love you lots.