My Cartilage Piercing

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I would like to chat to you about my cartilage piercing, which I literally had done earlier today (Saturday). This is something I’ve wanted for over a year now and I kept putting it off because of the pain so I thought I would just explain my experience to you guys to relax you or just reassure you of what will actually happen. Rest assured, I absolutely love it and it was much more of a positive experience than negative.

Before I got it done I was so so nervous. I haven’t had a great experience with my original lobe piercings because it really hurt and I ended up getting loads of infections over the years and finding out I’m allergic to this, that and the other. I do feel this has educated me well enough to safely keep this one in, though. I was also really scared of the pain because the cartilage, in theory, is going to be much thicker than your lobes because it’s the thing that hold’s your ears structure, at the end of the day. My friend who’d already had his done was also very much enjoying scaring me at the process of having it done, and even in school last week was telling me it would ache so bad because I have ‘particularly vein-y ears’. Don’t ask! The stubbornness in me, though, kind of made me want to do it some more because he’d said that. I also advise you to do your research about different places in your area you can have it done; basically, don’t go to the first place you find. If done wrong, the cartilage can shatter, hit a nerve and paralyse you, so it’s worth doing your research beforehand! This was something else my friend really enjoyed scaring me about!

Please ignore my tangles of hair! This was when it was first done, hence the redness.

But despite these points, I really wanted it done and Saturday morning I woke up and just decided I wanted to do it. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve wanted it done for ages and I asked my Mum to put some money aside she would’ve otherwise spent on other birthday presents for if/when I got the nerve to get it done. I was very much set on having it done on Saturday and I’m a really ‘now or never’ kind of person, so when the place I initially wanted to get it done told us their piercer-person wasn’t in, I started to get a little bit nervous. I then headed to my local Claires and decided to get it done there.

My friend had got his done there, but told me that using a gun as opposed to the needle could cause the paralysation so the lovely woman who did it and my Mum had to really convince me and I went for it! The lady drew 4 dots on my cartilage so I had some choice and it was done so quickly! Better yet, I hardly felt it! I got a 3mm aquamarine stud which goes really well with my everyday orange studs (I’m not going to get into that now!). I wasn’t in there for much more than 10 minutes I’d say, which is pretty good for a Saturday morning. I was so chuffed though and only really felt it once it was in and it became really hot when the blood rushed to it, like normal piercings do. I genuinely think it hurt less than my lobes, which I really wasn’t prepared for! I think because I was preparing myself for the worst, it seemed easier once it was done.

This is my ear on the Wednesday (yesterday) morning. It’s healing really well, so much so that I can now sleep on it with very little pain, though it can become red in the morning, as you can tell!

It’s still really sore to the touch and I can feel it’s heat against my head even now, but I am so in love with it! It’s one of those things where I seriously wish I’d done it earlier. I’ve been given all the aftercare stuff for the next 8 weeks so I should be able to change earrings in April-ish time and be all prepared for prom! One of my biggest fears was getting away with it for school but I’m hardly in PE because that’s when I have my counselling sessions and that’s the only time I have my hair up. Also, I have my first exam in May – I’m sure they want me more than I want them by this point!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I love updating you on little life bits, so if you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below. If you have your cartilage pierced, let me know what it was like for you or if you want yours done, please let me convince you! I cannot rate it highly enough, I absolutely adore it! For more information on Claires Ear Piercing specifically, you can click HERE.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday,

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “My Cartilage Piercing”

  1. It’s super pretty! I’ve always wanted one though I doubt my parents would let me because of how it ‘looks’ they’re not super keen on piercings. However even if they did it would be way too painful for me I think – I nearly fainted after I got my lobes done, plus I never wear earrings.

    Would love if you could check out my blog! X

    1. I really thought it would hurt, but I genuinely think my lobes hurt more than my cartilage. I guess it also depends on age and maturity, but unlike tattoos you can get rid of it really easily by just letting the hole seal up so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a permanent decision. I think you should respect your parents decisions for now, but if you keep dropping subtle hints maybe they’ll realise you do really want it and will eventually let you? Unlike your parents, my Mum really wanted me to have mine done after I mentioned it, which I guess put a bit of pressure on me, hence the year and a half wait! I really love it and wish I’d got it done earlier but it’s your body and you’re decision. The pain is only temporary and very short in the grand scheme of things, but just do what you really want for you and your aesthetic! Rachel xx

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