Surviving Valentine’s Day Alone

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today, to mark my most *favourite* time of the year, I thought I would write a blog post for all my single ladies out there who, like myself, will be spending Valentine’s Day alone. This isn’t the first Valentine’s Day I’ve spent alone, it’s the 16th, so I’m thinking that if I’ve manged to survive it so far, you can too! Despite only yesterday being my birthday and being surrounded by family, today I feel officially alone because my Mum and her girlfriend have gone away and I’m house-sitting. I’ve got all the fun of the fair tonight, though, and here’s some tips of how you can do the same!

Movie Night


One of my favourite things in the colder months is having a Movie Night, which I think we can all agree with on some level. This is so much so that I’m just having a Movie Day with my friends to celebrate my birthday this weekend, because we all lack that kind of social concept of leaving the house! My film of choice tends to be one of the three Bridget Jones films because it does really embrace being single and the fact that it’s more than okay. I went to go see Bridget Jones’ Baby in the cinema in September and loved it, so it is more than likely I will be curling up with my dogs on the sofa with my duvet and fully embracing my life of freedom (and loneliness) whilst watching it! I also love a good comedy, one of my all-time favourites is Notting Hill starring Hugh Grant or Daddy’s Home with Will Ferrell. If you have the house to yourself, like me, you should 100% take advantage of that!

Pamper Night


Another thing I love to do every so often is a Pamper Night, and this successfully takes my mind off my singleness or any other stresses I may have. This is like a full-blown ritual for me as and when I have the time, so you can include more or less of the following steps to your discretion. I firstly love to run myself a bubble bath fairly early and have a nice half an hour-ish soak whilst reading my book. I’m currently reading All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and I’ve never fallen for a book so hard! This is one of my new-found favourite things to do! I know in the picture I have included Butterbear from the Lush Christmas Collection, but my friend gave it to me and I still haven’t gotten round to using it! I will though, I promise! I then get out and put on some really cosy pyjamas or a baggy onesie before lighting some candles (please be careful whilst doing this!) and cosy-ing up with my dogs on the sofa. On Pamper Night’s, I’m more likely to stream YouTube videos onto the TV and watch them that way. You’re going to think I’m ridiculous for saying this, but I’m still trying to get through people’s Vlogmas videos! I had such a busy end of the year I couldn’t watch them all, so now is my catch up time! I will then paint my nails or do a little face mask/treatment to treat myself and fully allow myself to relax, though this can differ per night. I will soon be uploading a blog post about how to pamper yourself on a budget, so just bear with for that one!

Takeaway and Friends Night

Finally, another one of my all-times favourites! As much as I enjoy cooking for myself and being alone, I do wholeheartedly love a takeaway, and my friends even more so. We tend to order pizza, but I also love a Chinese or an Indian, and because I live near the sea, Fish & Chips is always a good idea! I love being surrounded by my friends if I’m feeling particularly down because they do really help to bring me back up and running. When my friends and I get together, we really do have a laugh and spending Valentine’s doesn’t just have to be with a boyfriend/girlfriend, it can also be with friends without necessarily being judged!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – a lot of these things you can combine to create one amazing night, but I like simple ideas and simple nights! Let me know how you love to spend Valentine’s Day if you are single or what you’re ‘chill time’ tends to consist of! I would’ve uploaded a makeup-y blog post for tonight, but I didn’t really schedule my posts very well and I never got around to it. Next year though, I promise!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx


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