Three Simple Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you Three Simple Ways To Cheer Yourself Up, all of which have been tried and tested and are seriously loved. It’s no lie that in this day and age we are constantly surrounded by negativity and sometimes that can really hit home for some of us. This has become apparent to me at certain points, especially to do with my exams and revision stress, so if you are in a similar situation, just remember it’s 100% more than okay to take some time out for yourself and complete these things below. These can all be adapted to whatever situation you are in and shouldn’t contain anything too financially stretching so it’s available and accessible for everyone. These are also super relaxing so should hopefully de-stress you as well.

Singing in a Bubble Bath

This is one I do nearly every night as it is! It doesn’t matter your singing ability, most people love to do it and if it’s something that cheers you up, just go for it! I personally love to chill in a bubble bath and doze into my own little world and singing actually helps me do this in the same way listening to music does. If playing the radio or a playlist super loudly also helps, then you do that! It just takes my mind out of any stressful situation I have just been in and prepares me for bed time! This is where my love for jazz music really takes hold and everyone in my family knows about it!

Completing a Hobby in a Quiet/Serene Place

This is something I don’t get the chance to do that often at this time of year because it is still really cold, but in the summer it is one of the things I genuinely look forward to! I live in the South of England and have done for most of my my life, yet fairly regularly I still find new spots to meet friends or just really Instagram-worthy places you wouldn’t expect from my village! There are quite a lot of countryside-y  and seaside places that are really quiet so I like to take a book or my laptop for writing and just chill out there. This is perfect for me at the moment because I’m 15, have quite a lot of independence and with the addition of study leave, I have about 12 weeks off this summer so have plenty of time to do it as and when I want. It will really make you appreciate the place you live in and cheer you up/relax you.

Having a Night In With Friends

My final tip is one I do a lot when I’m feeling low because my friends are the people I can always rely on! I actually did this of the night my Grandma died (the most joyous of events!) because I was on my own and two of my closest friends came over for pizza and it was a really good night! Whether it’s with food or movies or games, friends are the people you can trust to be there for you, especially at these times! If you are a very people person, this will be ideal for you, but if you are a little bit more introverted, the top two options could be more applicable to you. Just do what makes you happy because there are certain times where it’s okay to be slightly selfish and have things how you want them. Treat yourself, because there could come a time where you can no longer make the time for it!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I love writing chatty, lifestyle ones so let me know what other’s you would like to see from that kind of genre. Also, don’t forget to let me know your tips to cheer you up so that I can try them for myself or which ones you like from the little selection I’ve written for you!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Tuesday,

Rachel xx


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