All About: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

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Today I will finally be telling you All About the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. This series of Naked palettes are renowned for their beauty, longevity and all-round gorgeousness, so I thought I would put that to the test! Of course, I did also buy the palette simply because I wanted it, but I wanted to write a little something about it so if you are looking to buy it, you don’t waste a lot of money on a palette you don’t know much about and might not like. Compared to the Naked 1 Palette (see All About HERE), this is much more grungy, shimmery and adventurous – all things I have found I suddenly need in my life! Anyway, here is my All About!


Firstly, the packaging. Compared to the luxury of the Naked 1 Palette, I wasn’t overly impressed by the packaging of this palette. I think it’s made of metal or just a heavy/solid plastic which is quite clunky and can take a few tries to close. However, once it is closed I am assured that all the beautiful colours are safe inside. I do quite like how the writing is embossed (is it embossed where the letters are raised?) because it gives it a slightly more expensive feel. It is also in this muted purple/lilac shade which does match quite a few of the colours inside. This does also shine off any light because of the metal/heavy plastic material it’s made of. Logistically, this does make any spillages really easy to just wipe off. It also contains a mirror on the inner part of the lid and a double-ended brush, which I haven’t yet used but will probably do so in the future now that I’ve looked at it more thoroughly! One end has a large, flat-headed eye shadow brush and the other a blending brush. For some reason, the handles of these are much more of a coppery/orange, which does also match some of the colours inside but doesn’t match the casing itself. This could be a negative for collectors or proper makeup geeks, but it’s still a brush and will still do the same thing, no matter the handle colour!


Each eye shadow in this palette is so, so pigmented, I can’t describe! On the swatches you’ll see in a second, I literally ran my finger up and down the pan once and that’s what happened! There are 12 colours in total, with 9 shimmer/glitter shades and 3 that are entirely matte. I love me some shimmer so this palette obviously screams my name! They’re all as pigmented when swatched as they are on a brush, are so creamy and easy to blend out, but don’t stain anything! None of the shimmer shades just have a glitter spray over the top, either; they’re glitter through and through! Anyway, here are the swatches and colours.


This first colour is a true white, matte colour which I love to use to even out my lid colour after priming! If you want the perfect base, this is definitely your shade! The pigmentation of this actually shocked me because it’s very difficult to find a true, harsh white, matte shade, but I do genuinely love this colour. If the worst comes to the worst, I could use it for baking my under eyes!

Half Baked

This second colour introduces one of the most gorgeous shimmery shades I’ve ever seen! This is a copper brown colour, though it leans much more towards the orange side of copper than brown. I love this with my blue eyes because it compliments them and it’s something a little bit different when doing a brown smokey eye! It is brimming with glitter and I couldn’t be happier when I put this on!

Booty Call

I’ve only had a few tries with this colour, but I did initially start using it as an inner corner/brow bone highlight. This is a shimmery white/champagne colour with very small pink glitters/undertones within it. It does look stunning as a highlight and I think I will continue to use it as that because I’m not a fan on the stark-shimmer-white-on-the-lid look.


One of my all-time favourite eye shadows! This is a stunning shimmery, shell pink shade that is perfect for a wash of colour on the lid day-to-day. I literally can’t express to you the absolute love and joy I have when this goes on my face, it is so beautiful! If you are a little bit more adventurous than me, you could always use this as a highlight, but I don’t have the confidence to do that yet!


A colour I lean towards a little bit less than the others but is still beautiful when used correctly, nonetheless. This is a muted/lilac, matte colour (matches the outer packaging!) that can be used on the lid or in the crease if you are doing a full, purple smokey eye. This is one of those purples that can look slightly grey, which may be perfect for a typical, dark smokey eye, but I am still waiting for the perfect excuse to wear it! However, (as you can tell) it is very sheer so it would need to built up a lot in order to make an impact.


A new found love of mine that I wish I could wear more! This is a typical dark brown shade with shimmers but for some reason I love it way too much! I think it must have some kind of undertones that compliment my skin tone/eye colour but I couldn’t tell you what it is! I love to wear this on a night out within a smokey eye and, again, it’s brimming with shimmer!


Suspect isn’t the colour I would usually head towards in a palette as it is a dark purple and I have blue eyes, but there are so many purples in this palette I will have to do something with them! This is probably the ‘medium’ purple of the bunch with some very small pinky undertones. Perfect for those who like to experiment with new colours!


This must be the ‘adventure’ side of the palette! Pistol is a dark, aqua-blue with some silver glitters within it. I own a few colours like this and I tend to keep them for spring to wear coloured eyeliner, so I will probably do the same for this one! I would also love to create a smokey eye with it because I think blue smokey eyes can look beautiful on the right person with the right eye shadows supporting it!


Verve I would consider the lightest purple of the palette. It has some shell pink undertones and silver shimmers, which make it much more cool/icy toned. I think these sorts of colours can look beautiful in winter, so there’s still some time! Again, if you really like to experiment and play around with colours, this could be used (very lightly!) as a highlight. This is very much a true purple that, for some reason, looks slightly brown in some lights!


This shade is very similar to Chopper but has a much darker base colour to it, making it appear a little bit more brown. I do prefer Chopper to YDK but I still wear it and adore it very much. It still has a shiz-ton of shimmer (bonus points!) and is perfect for a wash of colour! If you prefer more neutral shades, this will be much more for you than Chopper.


This is probably one of the least neutral colours in the palette with it being a vibrant, shimmery purple! This is stunning though, and I will have the find the right occasion to wear it because I can’t let it go to waste! This would look beautiful on brown eyes as it will compliment them and the silver shimmers will really lift the darkness of the shade of purple it already is. I will find my chance to wear it and let you know how it goes! Compared to the others in the palette, this is a more indigo-y purple with some blue undertones.


This final shade I haven’t actually used and only first tried it when swatching the colour for the above picture! I did notice, though, that it’s a very ashy black and isn’t as pigmented as other blacks I won (which is a massive thing for me!). Although I don’t use black on a daily basis, it has allowed me to see how and when I would wear this one. As I say, I don’t wear black very often so are all blacks supposed to be like this to work with them more easily??? Ahhh, I don’t know!

Onto price and availability. This is available worldwide, but the most reliable place to get it in the UK would probably be on Feel Unique. This does retail for £38.50, but for that price you get 12 gorgeous eye shadows which will all be worn/used at some point (for me, anyway!). It is very expensive but it is much more of an investment and a staple in makeup geeks collections! However, if you’re not that fussed on makeup and do it because you just want to look a little bit more perky in the morning, I wouldn’t recommend spending this money when it does contain such bold colours which won’t all get used. Of course, you are free to prove me wrong but that’s just what I suggest.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I love writing All About’s so let me know what other palettes you would like to see reviewed on here! Don’t forget to let me know what you think of this palette if you own it for yourself or, if you have anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me below.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx

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