Christmas Go-To Nails | Blogmas

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I thought I would share with you my Go-To Nails which are so quick and simple enough for even me to complete! I did do my nails this morning so it’s been a bit of a rush getting all the pictures for you, so I will apologise now! Next time I will be much more prepared, I promise! This nail look combines my two favourite things: black and glitter. I’m not someone who goes all out with patterns and accessories for my nails, mainly because I bite them and also I’m always typing, so they get chipped really easily no matter what! Anyway, as its the most wonderful time of the year, I thought I would still make the effort and paint them nonetheless because I am off school for two weeks now and I might as well fully embrace it!


The first thing I do (which is a shock to everyone, myself included) is apply a base coat. You can get these near enough anywhere but I just use the New Look Top and Base Coat simply because it was to hand and I don’t own any others! I told you I was good at all this nail business! Personally, I prefer to do this because it makes it easier to remove the polish, doesn’t stain the nails once you do remove it and it just makes me feel like I’ve fully completed it so can enjoy it! It’s not always necessary but it probably is with a black nail polish as it is so dark but do this to your own discretion. This is one of those things I’m not too fussed about and as long as it ‘does the job’ I’m all cool with it!

I then apply my first colour which is the Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish in 677 Blackout which has got to be the blackest beauty product I own (so therefore receives more brownie points!). Most of the time I can get away with one coat but if certain nails need touching up or have become streaky (which will look quite obvious as it is so dark) I will add another layer just to even it up. I know this is going to sound random but I really like the brush on this, it’s really thick! I personally love black for a general ‘go-to’ colour because it matches with everything and isn’t too ‘in your face’, which really suits me. Of course, if you like bright colours go ahead, its just not very me at this time of year! This nail polish is available from Boots and Superdrug.

Next comes the glitter! A fair few years ago now I bought a little set of mini nail polishes which are mainly glitter based from Claires all in different colours and this is the time of year that they come out to play! This time I decided to take the silver one (there are around 5 or 6 colours in the set I think though I’d have a hard time telling you what each one is!) and just applied this onto my wedding ring finger on my left hand and what would be my wedding ring finger on the right. I think this is called the accent finger but I could have that completely wrong! I’m so happy with how this looks and, because the bottle and wand are so small, I couldn’t go wrong with it! I personally love silver at this time of year because it compliments most colours, matches my everyday jewelry and looks like little snowflakes! I couldn’t do Christmas without glitter really, could I?


Finally, I be the good citizen I am and apply a top coat (the same as mentioned earlier). This just ensures everything is locked in place, reduces the chances of chipping (which I like and take advantage of a lot) and gets rid of the gritty feel that glitter can have and I hate with a passion. It’s crazy how much I love glitter but it’s just one little thing and I hate it again! I’m only joking, I could never hate glitter!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I love writing little nail blog posts like this so I think I should do so a bit more! Let me know what other nail blog posts you would like to see and I will have a good go at it for you! Also, don’t forget to let me know what your Go-To Nails are for this time or just generally all year round! I think I need some new inspiration!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you tomorow,

Rachel xx


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