EOTD: Everyday Shimmery Brown Smokey Eye | Blogmas

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I thought I would share with you a stunning new eye makeup look I have just about worn to death in the past few weeks! This may not appear ‘everyday’ to everyone but I, personally, think it is or could be. Obviously, only wear what you feel comfortable with and you can always adapt this if you would like to. This seems quite complicated but it takes no more than about 3 minutes and you’re all good! Also, I’m so sorry for this blog post being uploaded so late – I had a *very* hectic day yesterday so I woke up late and I should’ve been more prepared. I’m sorry!

The idea came for this when I decided I was going to attempt to use all the colours from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and challenge myself with my ‘creative skills’ to see what I could do. This is what happened on my face:

I basically decided I didn’t want to just do a wash of colour anymore because it was boring and, for a first attempt, I don’t think it went too badly! It also means I can wear this any time of year and with any lip colour, which I love because I get bored very easily! I was going to say I didn’t use many products, but the amount of eye shadows that actually went into this is quite ridiculous!

Firstly, as always, I applied a primer and set it with some setting powder in order to help blending later. I then took a small, dense blending brush and took the shades Rosewood and Olden from the Makeup Revolution Ultra Flawless Mattes palette (third row in from the left and two up, and the middle one on the column that’s been cut out, respectively) and applied these into my crease. This is my go-to when using any kind of transition shades from this palette for day or night – they work perfectly together! I brought this fairly high up in order to create a kind of gradient effect. This palette is available from Superdrug.

I then took the colours Warm and Leather (underneath Rosewood and above Olden, respectively) on the same brush and placed this directly into the crease to give a little bit more definition and ensure the next shade blends in seamlessly with it. I then blended all these colours together with a fluffy blending brush.

I then took Leather, again, and Earth (underneath Olden) and applied this on the outer third of my eye in order to darken it. I used the same blending brush for this as it was the perfect size and it just makes applying the shadows even quicker. I popped a tiny bit into my outer crease, as well, just so it looks even more seamless.

On a small, flat-headed eye shadow brush I applied Snakebite from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (available from Feel Unique). This was the main star of the show, but I still wanted it applied precisely! I just applied this on the only bit of eye left and blended it slightly into Earth. It was a bit warmer toned than what I was expecting but, with enough blending, it can still look stunning! And, as I said earlier, this goes with any lip colour at any time of year!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post as late as it may be – I love writing EOTD’s so let me know if you would like to see more of them in the future! Also, don’t forget to let me know what makeup looks you have been loving recently!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,

Rachel xx


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