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Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I will be writing to you voicing my opinions on feminism. I know there is quite a clear divide between feminists and those who aren’t, but if you could please take the time to read this blog post, do your own research and then make up your own decision (if you haven’t previously made it up) then I will be happy. I don’t want to force my opinion onto you, as much as it may seem that way, but I want to just let everything out and enlighten you on my viewpoint and personal experiences.

For those that don’t know, feminism is a type of movement that originated to basically stand up for women and to ensure there are equal rights because despite it being 2016, there are still some significant differences between men and women. Personally, when I started researching this more, it really opened my eyes because I’ve always felt or had this thinking that in the 21st century everyone is equal, at least in this country. When I was a child and would research different points in history, such as the suffragettes, it made me really happy to think that these things have been conquered and I was born into a world where I’ve basically got the green light to go and get on with my life. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and feminism spreads all over the world, not just in the UK (another thing I naively thought). A couple of examples of things to fight for within feminism is getting girls all across the world to go to school or equal pay for men and women. This isn’t about proving women are better because truth be told we’re not; we are all equal and this is a fact that shouldn’t be shadowed by anything or anyone.

The first way feminism personally affects me is in terms of sexuality. I think this is a point that you wouldn’t necessarily put in the same box as feminism but once you start thinking about it, it really does start to make sense. If you’ve read my blog for a while now, you will know that I don’t really like my body and if I can show off a little piece of body I like, I will. I like certain things like my hips so if I have the opportunity to show these off,  I will, but for me and no one else. I don’t have a boyfriend, so it is primarily for me. If I’ve decided to gain the courage to wear a crop top that shows off my boobs or my hips in anyway, I shouldn’t have to be stared at like a piece of meat by men of any age as I walk down the street. This is my body – it’s not going to stay this way for ever. As I grow older, I will have children and reach certain milestones in a woman’s life that will ultimately change my body and it’s physical appearance. Don’t look at my body and immediately judge me for it because I can promise you that in 40 years it won’t look the same as this! If I ended up with a guy who fell for my body instead of me, he would get a massive shock as we got older! Some people say that this is the reason why more women are subjected to rape or sexual assault – no, that’s your excuse. There could be a woman walking down the street who was plus size, wearing glasses, no makeup, hair greasy wearing a  particularly ‘revealing’ outfit and most probably won’t go for her. But roll on a size 6 woman wearing an old jumper and jeans with her makeup done perfectly, you are more likely to target her because she fits your ideologies as a shallow, arrogant male. Children get sexually abused; are you seriously suggesting that this is because of the ‘revealing’ little dresses and playsuits they’re wearing? This is a particular scenario I’m very hot-headed on!

Another thing that primarily affects me and my future is equal pay. This recently surfaced in the past few years when it was released a particular supermarket paid men more than women for doing the exact same job. I personally thought this was absolutely ridiculous and could understand no reason for this whatsoever. If I’m doing a job that deserves minimum wage, I will take that; I’m not someone who will only ask for more because I do know what I deserve. But if there is a male who is working alongside me and is getting paid more, I will say something and to think that the only difference between us is what’s between our legs actually horrifies me. I actually feel degraded as a woman and feel less worthy of the money I’m working so hard for. Most Mum’s now a-days are single for a whole host of reasons and tend to have the majority of the custody of their children, so I have no idea why they receive less – surely they can’t survive on their child benefits alone. I realise that has just got onto very dodgy territory but I would rather be in and out of jobs instead of working for someone who pays me less than the bloke next to me. As I did mention earlier, this is just about being equal and being viewed in that way. I just think it’s logical for two people who are doing the same job to be paid the same.

My final argument is getting all girls into school or full-time education. Luckily, this doesn’t directly affect me in this country but it is a huge, widespread issue in third world countries. I kind of live with the ideology that everyone should be educated because you could be preventing someone from becoming a life-saving brain surgeon or the scientist who discovers the cure to cancer. I feel very strongly about this, as well as the more obvious things like women are being refused education to go be married and become a mother at a ridiculously young age. The idea that there are girls my age or younger married and with at least one child right now never fails to bewilder me. Kind of like my previous point, everyone should be given the same opportunities because you never know what will come with it. This also links to my first point of women being seen as sexual objects or simply birthing machines, which we’re not. As women, we have the same amount of intellect as a male, the same amount of potential and the same amount of passions we would like to endeavour in. The fact that these young girls are being prevented from this simple exposure to some education actually angers me and I feel like sometimes in this country we do take advantage of our education system. Yes, it’s difficult but it allows me to progress as an individual and complete the things I really want to do, not what someone tells me to do.

I feel like I haven’t written enough to suffice on such a subject but I feel like I should draw this to a close before it gets too political and dangerous on my part! I hope you have been able to take something from this blog post and don’t forget to let me know what you’re opinion is! And please keep it nice. I’m actually nervous to upload this now!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,

Rachel xx


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