Meet Dexter! | Blogmas

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I would like to introduce you to a new little friend of mine who was a complete surprise for all of us! Meet Dexter! That sounds really bad as if I had an unexpected pregnancy! Well any pregnancy I have at this age would be unexpected. Anyway, I digress!


This is Dexter. He is 8 weeks old and is a little baby Shih Tzu. My Mum bought him as a little surprise for me and my brother after we’d had such a horrible year and I’ve, of course, taken on the motherly role. Apparently he was the runt of the litter but he’s grown so much since we first got him (a week last Wednesday). He is so adorable and has the most gorgeous little brown eyes. I can’t believe he’s actually mine! Obviously it’s not all plain sailing because he’s a puppy and he’s teething (I just happen to be his favourite chew toy!) and needs training to do certain stuff, but he’s already developing so quickly. Shih Tzu’s are supposed to double in size every two weeks so hopefully by Christmas he’ll be able to fit into his Christmas jumper!


Other than the teething side of things, I love everything about him! The way he walks, his little baby bark and when he’s sleepy he is just so floppy and cute! He has his little hyper moments which are expected then just randomly passes out for half an hour – it’s crazy! He’s definitely changed our lives for the better! I’ve had Year 11 Mocks on for the latter half of this week and he’s helped relieve so much stress, even if he has delayed my work a little bit! He has a few favourite toys that he momentarily chews before seeing my arms once again! We have another dog, Pippa, and she *very delicately* tells him when she doesn’t want to play as she is quite elderly now but he’s a poppy, so he’ll eventually learn. I just love him so much!

In the New Year I will finally be able to take him out and about for walks, which I’m so excited for! This is shocking to literally everyone in my household; I haven’t willingly left the house in about 7 years! He just needs to have one more jab and be off with it! Everyone he meets falls in love with him – well, how can you not with a face like that! He’s even famous on the vets Facebook page, now! He gets so restless indoors, I just think taking him out and about will be so new and exciting for him! And yes, I do treat him like a baby, but he is after all!


Anyway, the main premise of this blog post was to obviously inform you of my little man and ask if you would like to see any further blog posts on him or puppies or anything surrounding him/raising doggies! This is my first time raising one from a pup so I think it’s going to be a learning curve for all of us, but we have got a lot of educated, supportive people surrounding us who have had their fair share of dogs! That’s only if you’re interested, if not then don’t worry – you still got some cute puppy photos!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – this is what I said I was excited for yesterday! Let me know if you have any particular questions on Dexter or other puppies and I will try my best to answer, though I feel like a first time mother so it may not be 100% factual or correct; it’s just what I’ve found most effective and useful for our little one in his first week!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,

Rachel xx


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