Favourite Winter Candles 2016 | Blogmas

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I thought I would share with you some of my Favourite Winter Candles. I have been an avid candle queen for the past couple of years now and in that time, I think I have collated enough candles for an entire year of blackouts! It also means I have some favourites for this time of year, in particular, that I think you would also love! I feel like candles are much more suited to this time of year, but I still burn them all the time, no matter what season it is!

Yankee Candle – Salted Caramel


This has got to be my all-time favourite candle! I received a massive jar of this for my birthday and half of it is already gone! This isn’t Christmas specific but it smells warm and cosy (if that’s possible!). This literally smells of caramel and looks like caramel and it honestly amazes me how I haven’t tried to eat it yet! I burn this near enough every night and it creates such a gorgeous smell all around the rest of the house. And yes, the jar is broken due to a little accident that may have occurred a few months ago! This is available from Ebay.

Yankee Candle – Christmas Memories


This is the most Christmas-y candle my nose has ever encountered! You can really notice the cinnamon and ginger within it, which really reminds me of home baking! I’m sure there are other spices in there but I just don’t know the names of them all! This isn’t too overpowering but it’s definitely noticeable and I just think it smells gorgeous at this time of year! I actually bought this to burn on Christmas day in memory of my Granddad who passed in October and so it has a special place in my heart for that reason. This is also available from Yankee Candle.

Jelly Belly – Toasted Marshmallow


I’ve had this tin for what feels like forever now, but I always go back to it at this time of year! This is a very sweet-smelling candle that can be overpowering, but I don’t mind it so much because I love sweet smells! Again, this creates a really warm smell in the room it’s burning in and I just love it. It’s very different to Christmas-y scents so it’s nice to switch up every now and then. I love this candle and if you don’t mind very strong scents, you will as well! This is available from Ebay.

Yankee Candle – Icicle

Finally, a candle of Christmas past! I received this in a sample (like Christmas Memories) one year and burnt it straight away, which I really regret because I love it so much! I need to get a massive jar of it, don’t let me forget! This, unlike the other Christmas candles I own, has a much fresher scent and isn’t as strong in terms of spices. I can’t remember it too well but it had a hint of Christmas without being the full ‘Father-Christmas-with-his-reindeer’s-and-elves’ kind of scent, which I do really love in the rundown after Christmas. It’s basically a Boxing Day candle, when you want to drag Christmas on a little bit but don’t want to push it too much! This is perfect for those who want a subtle and light Christmas candle! This is available from Ebay.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I’m thinking of doing a spring/summer version if you would like that! Let me know what you’re favourite winter/Christmas candles are or what ones I’ve now convinced you to go and try!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,

Rachel xx


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