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Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be talking to you about and slightly reviewing my current dressing table. I still have no idea how I’m going to structure this blog post for you but I know what I want to say and I’ve been wanting to write this for ages, so obviously the best time was during Blogmas! I have owned this dressing table for around 3 or 4 years now and was passed down from my grandparents, so I don’t actually know it’s origin or price but it is beautiful and I’m sure there are similar ones out there (I feel an IKEA trip coming on!). I think that’s all the background I needed to let you know of so on we go!


Just to set the scene a little bit, I use this dressing table for near enough everything! It looks really messy but I wanted it to look as realistic as possible for you and show you it in it’s true light! It’s an organised mess, I promise! It’s not something I chuck just anything on, however; I do tend to place things on there that I will need when getting ready or to hand for everyday. You can’t really see, but my chest of plastic drawers storing some of my makeup and skincare is right next to it so it’s also really easy to grab in the morning whilst getting ready. The most noticeable thing about this dressing table has got to be the mirror. Other than the chair, which I’ll show you later, everything came as one, so all the mirrors and all the drawers came with the main table of the piece. I love this mirror so much and I find it so handy (even if 11 year old me did think it a good idea to decorate it in star stickers!) for everyday! I’m short-sighted so I have to take my glasses off when doing my makeup meaning some mirrors can be too small or too far away for me to properly see, but I can see this well enough to do the larger parts of my face (the more intricate things I will do with a smaller mirror). I have also placed a lot of things on the bit right in front of my mirror that I want to remember (so a picture of my Dad and little cousin, when I went to go see One Direction or when I went to go see Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and just perks me up in the morning, as well as some little toys I’ve won in the arcades over the years. I should really tidy this up at some point! I also store some everyday earrings on this shelf bit in some little jam jars I took from a hotel a few years ago (although I do not condone thieving!). This does look really effective, though! I also love the elegance and simplicity the white of it has. Near enough the rest of my room is white so it blends in really nicely but, obviously, the things on it bring a bit of life to it. It does show the stains a bit but nothing some soapy water can’t get off!


You can kind of see those little details I meant before a bit better now. As you can see, I have two smaller mirrors either side of the big mirror and as this has a flat edge, I tend to use it for storing hairbands or some other kind of hair arrangement! This is a headband I received when I helped open a craft shop a couple of years ago and I actually wore it with my Mad Hatter outfit this year for Halloween! You can also see where I store things like my perfumes/body sprays/deodorant – I just keep this on the side so it doesn’t get in my way and I can quickly grab it without any fumbling when I’m running out the house but don’t yet smell like the tropics! I also have one little pot which has a slight crocheted effect in which I store my makeup brushes. I love this pot so much and I’m so happy with the colour match it has with the table! It’s a bit more creamy but it doesn’t look too bad. Just in front of that I have a pack of post-it notes which I find handy for just scribbling something down (I literally forget everything!) which I put my everyday nail polishes on and a pot of lip balm. Next to this I have a little orange reading light for night time and the biggest bottle of hand cream ever that I received last Christmas and I’m still trying to use up! I like this hand cream a lot but I only use it once a day because that’s all the time I have to do it! I then have my bulging makeup bag which is from the original Zoella range and I have been using for years now – I highly recommend these sorts of bags because they fit so much in but have a patent finish to make any spillages easy to wipe up. The orange things behind it are some bows that my friend gifted me on each of my presents for my birthday in February and I’ve been trying to find something to do with them for nearly a year! If you have any ideas, let me know! In the bottom, wider drawer, I have all my *lady* things which is quite handy because most people wouldn’t expect them to be in there so don’t look! There are a couple of mini drawers where my earrings are and I used to store my hair clips in there when I was younger, though I haven’t opened it in years so it probably contains things I don’t even want to think about!


This side is much blander in comparison – you can actually see the top of it! That’s just due to me usually putting my glasses there before I go to bed and putting my cup of tea there in the morning. I have another pot of the same design on this side of the table, but this one’s for my pens and pencils. Just above that on the mini shelf bit there is a Simple Micellar Water which I use every day to remove my makeup. I then have my usual paddle hairbrush that helps to kind of sort out the mess on my head! I’ve had this for years, I should probably get a new one to be honest! On the top of the side mirror on the right are more headbands and flower crowns and a mini sombrero that somehow appeared in my belonging! Just behind that I have a jewelry stand that I’m absolutely obsessed with – I bought this from a little independent shop whilst staying with my grandparents one year and it’s white (what a surprise! This is literally all the colour I can handle in my life!) with a little glass-effect bird on top. It has four hooks, all of which I use and reminds me every time I look at it to sort it out! I do love this and it has a stunning vintage effect that I live for! You can’t really see but there is another smaller mirror rested on some notebooks at the very side of the picture. I tend to use this to check the colour match from my neck and face (as you do!) and to see how things look from an able-sighted perspective! The notebooks I have under this mirror are simply miscellaneous and include many lists or diary entries or whatever else I happen to be writing over the years! The orange one has a lot more blog stuff in than any other notebook I have so I guess this is my ‘work-y’ one. I then have some other random bits like a little glass jar with an orange bow tied around it and some presents from friends who went on holiday in the summer (yes, I know, it’s terrible!). And that’s everything on this side! Do you think I own enough orange things??

When I first received this dressing table, it came with the stool on the right though I recently switched it up for this chair. Both of them match the dressing table perfectly, I just fancied a bit of a change. I now use the stool for putting tomorrow’s clothes on and the chair for when doing my hair/makeup. I love them both, they are both as comfortable as each other and I haven’t found any significant difference in them other than being able to lean back on the chair which can ease any back pain. I sound like such an old woman but I seriously get such bad back pain! The chair’s also surprisingly lightweight whereas the stools much heavier, if that means anything to you!

Overall, I love my dressing table and feel it’s going to be one I keep for a long time! I would recommend one to everyone because it’s a great use of storage (or to collect clutter, in my case!) but also really practical when it comes to doing things like skincare/makeup/hair routines, especially if it comes with a little stool/chair! Prices do vary but a good quality one isn’t going to be cheap, I can assure you of that! I do feel really lucky to have been given such a beautiful one – I just hope there isn’t any need to replace it anytime soon.

And that’s it! I think it’s obvious that this had no structure to it judging by it’s length! I’m sorry, I had no idea how long it would go on for! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I would love to do an updated one for you in a few years times once I’ve actually sorted it out! Let me know if you have a dressing table or if I’ve now convinced you to get one for yourself!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,

Rachel xx


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