Favourite Colours in Urban Decay Naked Palette | Blogmas

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you my favourite colours in the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I have been hinting at this for a while so I thought ‘why not upload it on the first day of Blogmas to really get it going?’. Smooth transition there – today I will beginning Blogmas in which I upload a blog post every single day in December in the run up to Christmas so make sure to check back each day for a whole range of blog posts from yours truly! I can’t believe it’s now the official beginning of Christmas! Anyway, back to Urban Decay! If you would like to read my All About on this, you can click HERE and to purchase the palette from Feel Unique, you can click HERE.


The first colour I love from this palette has got to be Sin. This is a colour I didn’t initially go for when I first received the palette but, for an everyday little bit of shimmer, I now adore it! It is a very pale brown with silver glitters in and with a gold/bronze undertone – but it looks so much better than how I just described it! This is a perfect wash of colour for everyday if you’re kind of in between wanting to wear something really simple and subtle or full on glitter particles on your face!


The next colour will be no surprise to long term viewers but it’s Buck. I am having a full on love affair with this transition shade; it’s just so perfect for everyday but can also build a really gorgeous, seamless gradient for a darker look. This is a simple, milk chocolate-toned, matte brown that suits near enough every eye shadow ever! If you want a new crease colour to become obsessed with, this is the one! I’m even wearing it now as I type!


Another colour I have been loving is Half Baked. This is a shimmery, champagne/gold colour that is much more safe to wear than I just insinuated! When I say shimmery, I mean it! It is literally packed to the brim with fine particles of glitter! I have included this in a number of blog posts already so I don’t think this is a surprise to most of you, but it still needed a little bit of limelight! It is perfect for everyday but I will find a way to dress it up for an evening look and report back to you!


The penultimate shade is Smog. This was one of the colours I was most excited to try when I first received this palette because it has received so many good reviews and I just wanted to get my hands on it! It is a stunning bronze shade with, again, a shiz ton of shimmer! I think I’ve said it enough times to drill it into your brains but bronze, due to it’s orange-y undertones, helps make blue eyes stand out so anything that is this kind of colour is automatically my favourite! I also think it looks stunning around this time of year with a little bit of eyeliner and a red lip gloss!


The final colour I adore from the Naked palette has to be Toasted. This is one of those colours that I initially wanted to love, but just couldn’t, until I changed my utensils (is that the right word for what I mean??). Instead of using a brush, I found using my finger straight onto my eyelid made it appear much more pigmented and allowed all the different colours in it to have their little moment on my face! This looks like a red-ish kind of shimmer colour but when applied is a shell/pink/slightly red shade that is really difficult to describe, clearly! This is also shimmery (there’s a theme here!) and doesn’t sound as scary as I may have made it sound. I will find a wearable way to wear this, though, and share it with you once I have.

And that’s it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I feel like I haven’t written enough so if you would like anymore information on any of the colours or the palette as a whole, just let me know in the comments below! Let me know what colours are your favourite from the palette or what you think of the colours that I’ve decided to describe and share with you!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,

Rachel xx


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