All About: Urban Decay Naked Palette

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be telling you All About the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I have been the proud owner of this palette for nearly a year now and I finally have everything I need to tell you all about it. As I always say when I include this palette, I’m not sure if this is the real deal or not but I will simply be reviewing the version I own so please do not be alarmed if yours looks or appears different to mine and the swatches I will be showing you. I love writing these blog posts so I will now start it for you!


First of all, the packaging. I feel as if the Naked packaging is so statement and bold and I actually really like it! It’s the only one I own with this type of faux fur effect on it which makes it really easy to grab if I’m just reaching around for it without really looking and it also looks really cool. After a lot of use, however, it can become quite rough and not feel as nice as it used to but that obviously depends on you – for some people it will mean everything to others it will mean nothing. The title of the palette is in gold foil which I really like against the brown; I also feel like it’s a nice introduction to the colours inside as they are mainly brown and golds (which I am loving right now). It also has a magnetic shut which I really like as it assures me it is closed and I don’t have to worry about it when travelling. Due to the size, it’s not ideal for travelling but I do feel like it has every colour you could possibly need in it. I don’t really know what material the packaging is but it feels sturdy so I know it won’t break easily. It also has a little mirror in the lid and comes with a full-sized Urban Decay brush. When I first received this palette, it came in a box/unicarton as well.


Within this palette, there are 12 colours; 9 shimmer and 3 matte. All of these are super buttery and creamy and so easy to work with. The shades that are shimmery are packed to the brim with glitter (much excitement!) and they all appear so pigmented. I do always use a primer so this does help the colour stand out but there are also some that seem bolder when the brush is damp (I will let you know of these as we go along). I think I’m going to get on with each individual colour for you now.

The first colour is Virgin. This is a pale, ice/shell-toned, shimmery pink that looks stunning for everyday. I personally love a pink as an everyday look as it’s just something a little bit different to a typical white. I personally find this pigmented enough just with a normal brush and primer. This also looks stunning as a brow bone/inner corner highlight if you want a little bit of colour there.

This next shade is Sin. This is another shimmery shade but is a much cooler-toned brown with silver shimmers in it. It looks slightly warmer when swatched but it is also quite neutral and sheer so if you want to test some form of shimmery colour, this could be the one for you! It’s not that noticeable on my hand but on top of a primer it does look beautiful for a daytime look.

The third shade is Naked and is this matte, yellow-toned nude colour. It looks much more white in the picture and then when swatched it looks quite brown, but it’s somewhere in the middle on the yellow scale. This is just a typical base colour that can come in handy literally with any makeup look.

This next colour is Sidecar. Yet another shimmer, this is a slightly darker, warmer-toned brown that for some reason looks really dark in the pan. This is one that you can just use as a wash of colour for day-to-day with a little bit of eyeliner and be good to go. I  would also say this is a slight level up from Sin for when you have a bit more confidence.

This colour, Buck, is one of my all-time favourites. This is a simple, warm-toned, matte brown that I live for. This is, usually, my go-to crease shade as it creates a gorgeous, natural shadow (as you can tell!). I feel like I own hundreds of these shades but this blends out so nicely; it’s 100% my favourite!

The middle colour is Half-Baked, which I actually included in a blog post the other day! This is another shimmery shade that I have previously described as ‘blonde Labrador’ – but do you see what I mean?? It looks really white in the pan but when swatched and applied it has a much more gold-y/champagne-y undertone to it which I also love for everyday!

I’ve only just realised that the next half of the palette is significantly darker that the first half, so these are the ones I probably use less on a day-to-day basis! I do wear this one, however (I can just about get away with it!). This is Smog and is a gorgeous bronze-y/brown shade that really makes blue eyes stand out because of that bronze undertone. This is also shimmery and is pigmented enough with just a brush, which I love when I’m just chucking it on for a wash of colour!

This is one of the shades I haven’t yet tried due to it’s darkness but I would love to next time I go on a night out! This is Darkhorse which is an earth-y toned brown/black with some cool undertones. This has some shimmer in it but not too much to overpower the colour of it. I will definitely be wearing this in a smokey eye soon as I have a fair few parties coming up!

This next colour is one I have recently fallen in love with! This is Toasted and in the pan it looks quite intimidating with the red and the pinky undertones but when swatched it just has this gorgeous pale bronze/rose gold kind of vibe which is very on trend right now. I also love this as a wash of colour but I do find this applies better either with a damp brush or with a dry brush then a finger to go over top. I will show you how to wear this without it looking too scary soon, I promise!

Hustle, fun fact, was one of the first colours I used from this palette! Although this is shimmer-y, I have used this on the outer third of my crease to darken up a look before and it has looked beautiful! This is a slightly warmer-toned, dark brown shade that I actually live for in a smokey eye! This does apply as strongly with a brush, as well.

This penultimate colour is another I haven’t yet tried but will do for a navy smokey eye, I’m thinking! This is an almost black shade with some slight blue undertones and very little (if any) shimmer. I will be testing all the colours I haven’t before soon, by the way, and let you know how I get on! This could be worn really beautifully, though, I’m thinking!

Gunmetal is the final colour in this palette and is actually stunning. Again, I don’t think I could wear this to school so haven’t actually trialed it on my face yet, but when swatched it is beautiful. This is a mid-blue shade with darker undertones and a shiz-ton of shimmer that also reflexes in different lights. I have been hinting at a navy smokey eye tutorial and that will be coming soon, I promise you, and this colour is definitely my inspiration for it! I feel like this will be worn a lot over Christmas.

Finally, price and availability. As I think everyone and their mother knows, Urban Decay is a high-end brand and is not cheap! This palette retails for £38.50 on Feel Unique. I feel like that is a bit extortionate but you do get what you pay for and, as a complete makeup addict, I feel like I had to have it in my collection. It does include some stunning neutral shades but I feel like if you’re only going to wear those shades, you’re much better off looking around for a dupe instead because there is no point spending that amount of money for half the palette. Personally, I do love this palette and I would pay that much but that’s because I know that I would need it in my kit and I will use all of these shades at some point.

Would I recommend it to you? Yes, but only if you can afford it! Maybe save some money up or ask for it for your birthday or Christmas because it is very expensive for some powders. Obviously money means different things to different people but this is something I would have to work for for at least 14 years in order for my parents to buy it! I’m joking but it did take a lot to convince my Mum to buy it for me last Christmas!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I do love writing All About’s so let me know what other palette’s you would like me to write about! Also, don’t forget to let me know what you think of this palette if you own it for yourself or what you would like to see more of!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday,

Rachel xx

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