All About: W7 Neon Nights Palette

Good Evening Munchkins!

In remembrance of Halloween *sobs quietly*, I thought I would share with you the ins and outs (‘all about’, if you will) of the W7 Neon Nights Palette. This palette basically carried me through October and if I could give a lifetime achievement award to any Halloween-type palette, it would have to be this one! It’s taken me a while to get round to writing this because it is very bright and it’s something I haven’t exactly been able to try out when doing my everyday makeup for school! Even if it is a bit adventurous, I thought I would still tell you everything I have gathered from my many experiences with this palette for those who are interested in buying it for themselves or just want to know a little bit more about what I’ve been putting on my face (I have a way with words, don’t I?!).


The first thing I’m going to speak about is the packaging. This comes in a long, narrow palette and, as you may have noticed from previous blog posts, I tend to take a few pictures for a blog post because you can’t really show every colour very clearly in just one picture. This means it’s not very easy for travelling and it can be quite bulky. To slightly contradict that, it is made of plastic so if you do find space in your suitcase or travel bag, it won’t break (hopefully, don’t take my word for that!). I personally love the typography on this and it’s very different to anything else I own. Something else I also love is that the actual case is transparent so I can quickly look if I need any of those colours at the time without having to open it and check that way. It’s also a *click* shut palette, so you can be very much assured it won’t accidentally open at any point. Like most palettes, this comes with a double-ended brush, one side having more of a sponge-y texture and the other being a typical bristle-y eye shadow brush. I don’t tend to use this because I have my own but they’re a good backup or perfect for beginners!


All of these colours, as I’m sure it has become obvious to you, are neon and really, really bright; those of you who may like neutrals may want to steer clear of this one, but for a bit of excitement, it is right up my alley! This palette contains 12 unnamed, powder eye shadows (something which annoys me greatly when talking about them), with a mixture of matte and shimmer shades, one containing mainly glitter. Most of these are very pigmented but some may involve applying a few layers to reach a fully opaque level (I will point these out to you as we go along, though). I think I’m going to go on and explain each of the colours to you now.


The first colour is this gorgeous canary yellow. This is a colour I’ve only worn once and when swatched it can seem a bit sheer, but I know that over a clear, white base it is much brighter – so don’t let it put you off! I feel like yellow is really difficult to pull off but if you have an idea then this is the perfect, standout, neon yellow for you! Also send those ideas to me so I know how to incorporate it on my eyes, thank you!


This next shade is pure silver glitter and I love it! When applied with a brush, some of the glitter can be lost and so it appears much more sheer, but when swatched it was much more pigmented! I think this would look gorgeous as a dramatic inner corner highlight or highlight in the centre of the lid and I think I’m going to be wearing it a lot in that way over Christmas! I will warn you, the glitter is super chunky so if you don’t like that or your skin disagrees with it, I’d steer clear if I were you.


This shade is definitely more wearable than the previous two! Although still bright, this light, sky blue can be worn in a much more subtle way and even for day-to-day! I have blue eyes so I guess that gives me a bit of an advantage when it comes to blue-anything-else anyway, though it could also look stunning with hazel eyes, I think. This is one of the most pigmented colour in the palette and so this, overall, is the least exclusive out of them all (which is always a positive!).


With this shade, I’m still slightly undecided on what it actually is; in the picture it looks like a slightly dulled red and in real life it looks like an orange-toned red. Either way, it is a very pigmented, slightly shimmery red-ish shade that isn’t wearable for everyday, but I have used this a lot for Halloween so it’s not entirely wasted. I think for a striking eyeliner, this could look stunning!


Again, this colour may not be so easy to wear as it is a matte, hot pink (very Jeffree Star but I’m not complaining!) but I think for a bright smokey eye it could look gorgeous. This is a perfect dupe for nearly every eye shadow  Jeffree Star uses in his makeup tutorials and I think I will have to take inspiration from him very soon because of this!


This shade has a shimmer/metallic sheen effect that I adore in a teal, green tone. I’ve worn this once and I think I will definitely be wearing it some more after swatching and re-finding this gem! Again, this may be difficult to wear for everyday but I think it could really compliment hazel/brown eyes.


This next colour is absolutely stunning and I would definitely force this into an everyday look if I could! This is, again, a shimmery, slightly metallic looking, purple-toned pink which really reminds me of Disney’s original Cheshire Cat. This is gorgeous and is just as pigmented swatched as it is applied with a brush! I cannot rave to you about this enough!


This may be another one that I can get away with because of my blue eyes, but brown eyes may also compliment this beautifully. This traditional cobalt blue is also super pigmented and blue/navy smokey eyes are very on trend this A/W, so watch out for a tutorial on that featuring this soon!


This may seem similar to the Cheshire Cat colour, but I can assure you it looks entirely different when compared side-by-side (cue Ariana Grande)! This is much more warmer toned and contains a little bit more purple. This is also shimmery but not metallic in any way. Again, this is very pigmented when swatched or with a brush alone.


This may be one of those colours where I’m like ‘it’s so wearable, gonna pop this on my lid for school tomorrow’ but everyone else is saying ‘wtf, no thank you’ but I actually really like it! This is really pigmented, with brush or when swatched and I wore it on a night out last weekend (where it looked absolutely stunning, can I point out!). I am so in love with this colour and hopefully it’s going to entice me to play with some more colour!


The penultimate colour is one I would call a Tinkerbell colour (we’re clearly going for a Disney theme!) because it matches her dress perfectly! I’ve never tried this colour before swatching it but it swatches really well; it’s shimmery and again has a slight metallic sheen. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those that swatches really pigmented but with a brush you may have to build it up, which is fine by me (as long as I know that pigmentation’s there). This is definitely more suited to brown eyes but I would try it for a spring-time eyeliner look on top of my usual black for a bit of fun!


The final colour is this true, lime green shade. I think with a clean, white base the colour would show up much better, but it was my last swatch so it may be slightly discoloured from that. Again, I don’t think I’d use this so much on myself but for brown eyes, I would almost definitely gives this a go!

As you may be able to tell through the pictures, some of the eye shadows did stain my hand after swatching and trying to remove them with a face wipe. I can’t remember which ones exactly but I think it was the pinks, red and maybe even purple, as well. However, I have found when removing these with the rest of my makeup with a proper micellar water, they came off really effortlessly, so you don’t need to worry there! I just thought I’d clear that up (see what I did there?) for any of you that were wondering.


Finally, price and availability. The place I think mine was purchased from (it was a birthday present but I still think I can guess!) was Ebay but I know that some clothes shops will sell W7 products. In light that it’s sold on Ebay and other shops (that I don’t want to outline for you in case it’s wrong or has changed) the price does vary but I think it’s definitely under £10. The link I’ve added for you sells it for £4.95. This does make it a little bit harder to find a reliable source, but I believe mine is real and I know that W7 is an affordable brand so it doesn’t scare me that the palette itself was so cheap. It also means it’s an amazing dupe for the neon palette that Urban Decay sell (which I can’t remember the name of and is going to annoy me forever more now!).

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I know I said it last time, but it feels so good to be writing about things other than just Halloween makeup tutorials! I guess this is kind of linked but I honestly have found my love for this palette! If you have this palette or would like any more information on it, please don’t hesitate to let me know below! Also, don’t forget to tell me what you’d like to see more of!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday,

Rachel xx


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