1980’s Neon Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today as my penultimate Halloween makeup tutorial (this month’s gone by so fast!), I will be recreating a stereotypical, neon 1980’s inspired look. For this I really wanted to play around with colour and almost fight against today’s norms and trends to just have a bit of fun. For me, the 80’s was such a pivotal decade in terms of makeup; icons like David Bowie and Boy George were introducing makeup as something men could also be involved in and has hence inspired many people to this day. The amount of colour and lack of care also proves what I consider the real purpose behind makeup; to play around and have fun. Honestly, makeup is just some products you put on your face and even if it doesn’t look amazing, it doesn’t matter, it will all be off in a number of hours. That turned into a little inspirational speech, sorry about that! Onto the actual blog post!

As with most of my other tutorials, I will be starting by priming my eyes and setting them with powder. With this look, I took the primer right up to the brow bone because a lot of the colours need to be brought really high up and we also want all the colours to be bold but blend out seamlessly. There’s a lot of bold colours and blending with this look, let me assure you! The first colour I will then be going in with is from the Makeup Revolution Ultra Flawless Matte’s palette (available from Superdrug) and is the shade Carbon. I’m simply packing this onto the lid and keeping it below the crease; I tried to keep this line quite sharp to emphasise the bold colours I will later apply.

I will then be taking this deep purple-y toned pink (which has accidentally been cropped out, but you can kind of see it!) from the W7 Neon Nights Palette (available from Ebay) and applying this above Carbon but only on the inner half of my eye. I brought this right up to just below the brow bone so that when I looked up it was still evident. This doesn’t have to particularly neat by this point. I also packed this on *a lot* to get the full pigmentation and brightness I could.

From that same palette, I took the rich purple shade and applied this to the outer half of my eye above carbon. I tried to keep it to the same height of the pink but it looked lower simply because of the arch in my eyebrow. It was only at this point I blended all the colours together; this did dull the colours slightly so obviously if you want a really bold, statement look, you will have to re-apply and re-blend until you get the desired look.

I then took this light blue and teal/green shade from the W7 palette on a little detailing brush and outlined the shape I had just created. I tried to make it really harsh and sharp as they did in the 80’s and I think I did it pretty well. This step was surprisingly easy – I just traced the line of the eye shadow I’d already created and drew it slightly into the crease to give that super defined triangular look. You can choose any colour to go with this but I thought this looked really pretty.

For the final couple of steps on the eyes I just ran the deep purple shade in my lower lash line to open the eyes a little bit more. This can be brought down more than normal as it is supposed to be really dramatic but make sure to fully colour correct your under eyes circles if they are particularly bad (like mine) as the purple will only accentuate it. I also dragged it up slightly so it met with the lid colours at the outer edge. I then took this little loose eye shadow called Sugar Plum and used it as an inner corner and brow bone highlight. I thought it complimented the eyes really nicely if I do say so myself! I also ran a little bit of black eye pencil in the waterline to make it that little bit darker and smokier.

Finally, on the lips I applied the Rimmel 3D Stay Glossy lip gloss in Candyfloss, which is a bright pink shade that doesn’t look too bad with the eyes, actually. In the 80’s, there was no question about bold eyes and bold lips, so the brighter the better! This is actually a stunning colour that I think I will be reaching for a lot more! This lip gloss is available from Boots.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I have loved recreating this for you! The next blog post will be showing you what I actually decided to wear to a Halloween party, which I’m very excited for! If you try this look out, let me know or just tell me what else you would like to see!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday,

Rachel xx


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