1960’s Inspired Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you a 1960’s inspired/cut crease makeup tutorial as another installment of one of my Halloween blog posts. This week I will be showing you some decade-themed makeup and my final blog post of this month will be what I actually ended up wearing for Halloween (which is currently a mystery to us all!). I love the 1960’s whole theme and vibe; the eyeliner, the makeup and the general graphic makeup is right up my alley! I’m actually going to be studying the social side of the 1960’s for one of my History exams – much excitement for that! So yeah, these few things have inspired me with this look today and, honestly, I think this could be toned down slightly to be a bit more wearable if you’re a little bit shyer with makeup and it is quite tricky but hey, you do you because at the end of the day, it’s all coming off. Basically, it’s beautifully bold and I love it! That turned into a ramble – on with the blog post!

As with most of my looks, I will begin by priming and setting my eyes (but with this one, I went all the way up to the brow bone) to help accentuate colours, make blending easier and help this look stay in place all night long. I will then be going into my Sleek Solstice Palette (available from Boots and Superdrug) and taking the shade Subsolar and packing this onto my lid. This is a highlighter palette so this can look a little patchy but it will give that bold, crisp white lid that was oh-so popular back in the 60’s. I also chose a shimmer colour as oppose to a matte one because every look needs a bit of sparkle and it was exactly unheard of to wear a glittery shade on the lid. Expect a review of this palette soon.

I then went into my Makeup Revolution Ultra Flawless Matte’s palette (available from Superdrug) and took the shade Bark on a small, dense blending brush and placed this into my crease. I blended this up quite high to help the transition of the darker colours that will be added later. This actually added a really nice amount of natural definition so this alone could be worn for everyday.

I then took my Lancome Le Crayon Khol in 01 Noir (available from Boots) and drew a thin line just above my crease all the way from inner corner to outer corner (I did this by tilting my head back and placing the pencil just above where I felt my eyeball was. Such a beautiful image I’m painting there!). I then took a small blending brush and blended this out, ensuring there was no fall out by pushing it mainly upwards. If there was any fall out on the lid, I would take Subsolar again and simply pack it over the top (this shade is pigmented af!).

I then took the shade Carbon from the same Makeup Revolution palette and used it to help blend out that pencil. I also dragged the pencil down the side of my lid and along my lash line slightly, blending it out afterwards with the same brush as well. This eye shadow isn’t too black so if there were any mistake they were pretty easy to wipe away/cover up. If there was any fall out at the side, I would take a flat-edged brush and some of the primer I used in the beginning and just clean up that line. This can get quite messy so just prepare yourself because it was all about those harsh lines!

The few final steps for the eyes is simply to line the rest of my lash line with the same pencil (only not blending it out at all, and I’m really impressed with how it went!), lining my lower lash line and adding some inner corner/brow bone highlight with Subsolar. In the pictures I was looking at, a white eyeliner was also used in the waterline but I don’t have one so skipped this step (of course, if you do though, you can do this part as well). With the lower lash line, you want to try and make it fairly thick at the outer edge then gradually decrease the thickness so it’s just one small line by the time it reaches the inner corner. If it looks a tiny bit too harsh, just blend it slightly with a clean blending brush, but not dragging it down if possible.

For lips, in the 60’s they literally wore nude’s to the max., so much so that I had to use the lightest shade I own – my concealer. So to my lips I applied the Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer in 001 Ivory (available from Boots and Superdrug). I love this concealer and I think it kind of proves how much it covers considering how pigmented my lips actually are! This is a cream formula in a stick so I applied it like I would a lipstick but only to the centre and blended it out with my finger so it wasn’t too heavy. The only problem with this is it makes any lines in the lips look bolder and clings to any dry patches (as seen!). You can also expect a review of this sometime soon.

To give my lips a bit of colour and life, I applied the Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in Here To Stay (available from Boots), which is a gorgeous peachy nude. This is my go-to nude and matched the picture I found perfectly! I applied the product onto my finger and patted it onto my lips to not disturb the concealer underneath it and still give it it’s own moment.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this blog post – I loved recreating this look for you and, as I said at the beginning, the 1960’s is my absolute favourite time period, even if it did lack a little bit of eyeliner in this particular blog post! Let me know what you thought of this makeup look and if you try it yourself! Also, don’t forget to tell me what you’d like to see more of!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx


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