Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) Makeup Tutorial

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today, to start the new week of Superheroes (I’ve been so excited for this week!), I thought I would show you how to recreate a pretty accurate Harley Quinn-style makeup, inspired by Margot Robbie. I couldn’t not create this look after the Suicide Squad film came out earlier this year and everyone and their Mother’s seems to dressing as Harley Quinn this year, so here it is for you! This is so simple but so much fun as well as effective and statement!

As with near enough every look, I’m going to begin by priming my lids and also down the side of my eye until around my cheekbone area. You can alter this to how far down you are going to apply the smudged part of the makeup. I then set this with powder to help blending later on. On my right eye, I took my W7 Neon Nights Palette (available from Ebay) and took this cobalt blue colour and packed it directly onto the lid. I then blended the edges out with a fluffy blending brush.

On my left eye, I took the same palette but instead mixed the hot pink and orange-y/red on my brush and packed it on, also. I applied both of these colour right up to the crease and blended this out as well with the same fluffy blending brush.

I then found these little heart quads from Claires in pink and blue (how convenient) and took the bottom, matte shade from the blue one and applied this in my right crease. I think this was around the same colour but I wanted a little bit of a gradient effect as well as definition.

I then took the pink one and used the colour on the top left of the heart and applied this in my crease, also. This complemented the little concoction I’d previously made beautifully and added the same gradient and definition I wanted on the other side, as well.


Next I took the same first blue shade and applied this under my eye and down from the corner of my eye. I wanted it to look like smudged makeup from a viewpoint that was as realistic as possible (considering it’s bright blue!) and I think I did this quite well! I wanted it to be quite random but it did form some kind of unintentional shape, though it doesn’t really matter with this look! It can be as messy or un-messy as you want! I did blend out the edges a tiny bit with the same fluffy blending brush as before, just to soften it a bit and make it look a little less harsh.


I did the same with the pink and orange-y/red but somehow this ended up a little bit further down my face and a bit more untidy (this is where I tried to convince myself it was ‘okay’ to be a bit messy!). I think this did kind of add to her slightly deranged mind so do this as it suits you as far down your face as you would like.

I then almost traced around the edges of both sides of my face with the crease shades I used for each respective colour to make it a bit more definitive on the skin and to also blend it out a bit more (if that makes any sense!). I just did this with a small, rounded, dense brush and did this, also, quite messily.

In terms of eyes/face, that’s it (though I would recommend a very high coverage foundation and concealer to wear under it!)! For the lips, I decided to keep it quite traditional so most of the attention goes to the face but I also wanted to keep it faithful to the original image I had. The lipstick I used for this was Crimson from Natural Collections (available from Boots) and I simply applied this and I was ready to go!

I know this can look a little bit crazy, but I really like it and I think it is quite simple to do! Perhaps for glasses-wearers, like myself, you wouldn’t be able to get the full effect of it because the frames would get in the way, but that doesn’t stop me from playing around! If you have enjoyed or tried this look, let me know in the comments below and also what else you would like to see!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx


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