Top 3 Cheshire Cat Makeup Looks

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I would like to share with you 3 different Cheshire Cat Makeup Ideas (because I was indecisive and loved them all!). This is going to be quite a long one so I’d go make a cup of tea and grab a biscuit but I have created 2 different eye looks, one based on the Disney film and the other based on the Tim Burton film and a full face/mouth that I think a lot of people do, mainly inspired from the Tim Burton film, also. This mammoth blog post marks the end of the little Alice in Wonderland series but I’m so happy with all the looks I’ve created this past week and I hope you have enjoyed reading and recreating them too! Anyway, I’m going to get on because this is going to go on for a while!

Disney’s Cheshire Cat

As with many a makeup look, I’m firstly going to apply a primer and a setting powder in the crease to help blending later. I’m then going to go into my beloved W7 Neon Nights palette (available from Ebay) and take the medium pink shade and apply this all over my lid. As soon as I applied this, I knew it was the perfect Cheshire Cat shade!

I’m then going into the darkest pink/mauve in the palette and apply this on my outer third and in my crease, just for a little definition. These two together are just perfection! I then blended the two together with a fluffy blending brush at this stage.

Going into my Collection Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette (which seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth!), I’m going to take the shade Blackbird on a small, dense blending brush and pop this into my crease. I chose this one because it blends out the best out of all my black eye shadows and has a strong grey undertone so makes itself known but not so much so I look as if I’ve been punched in the face. This does have a lot of fallout, though, so be wary of this and apply this very directly in the crease, almost tucking it in there.

I then tried something with this and the next eye makeup look which didn’t really go to plan but I tried to do a curly, cat-tail-like eyeliner. Instead, it looks like dodgems you’d find at the funfair. For this I created my usual winged eyeliner and lined my lash line but then curled it at the top and brought it round. This will need a lot of practice but I have faith in you! I used an angle brush for this which was probably too big and Noir from the Sleek i-Divine Palette in Oh So Special (available from Boots and Superdrug). I’m sorry but I tried! And that’s how simple that eye makeup look was!

Tim Burton’s Cheshire Cat

I didn’t use a primer first of all for this one, instead I did something very new for me but I very liked it. I took this 2 in 1 eye pencil from Essence and using the lighter shade (I’vy) and simply applied it all over my lid. This is a stunning turquoise shade with shimmer and matches the Cheshire Cat’s stripes perfectly. I then blended the edges with a fluffy blending brush.

I next took this Technic Sultry Eye Shadow Palette and took the khaki colour to apply on my outer third and a little bit in my crease (kind of following the same sort of pattern as the previous eye but hey ho!). I wasn’t sure if this would work well but it did so really well and added just the amount of definition I required. I then blended it together with the same fluffy blending brush.


Taking Blackbird from the Little Mix Palette on the same brush as before, I also applied this into my crease. I think that both these films are quite similar in their darkness and it’s Halloween, so drama is more!


I then attempted the same type of eyeliner with the same Sleek eye shadow in Noir. And it again looked like dodgems at a funfair on my face.

I didn’t create these eye makeup looks to wear together; I think they could both be worn beautifully but on separate occasions! However, they could both be worn with or without this final feature to add the full effect. Warning: this took longer than both of the eye looks put together so try this if you have time – if you are in a rush, just apply a bit of lipstick and you’re good to go!

So to first create the mouth (already I’m wondering why I signed up for this!), I primed basically the entire lower third of my face. I’m using a lot of different products for this look and, with the amount of effort I’m putting in, I want it all to stay in place! It also helped to dull the colour of my lips slightly. The primer I used for this and the first makeup look was the MUA Pro Base Eye Primer (available from Superdrug) and I then set this with the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (available from Boots and Superdrug). If I were to do this for a Halloween party, though, I would cover my mouth with foundation to really conceal the colour.

I then drew little dots of where I wanted the smile to end on each cheek and just above my cupids bow and on my chin to signify how wide it was going to be. I used the Technic Eye Pencil in Black for this (please make sure it’s sharpened enough to make pretty small dots) and joined it up fairly roughly, but not too messy.


I set this with Sleek’s Noir on an angled brush, just tracing the lines and neatening it up slightly. This is where the mistakes become evident and you have possibly the only chance to wipe them away or clean it up with concealer if you already have foundation on.


With the same brush and eye shadow (I just find this one the most pigmented and easiest to work with when it comes to things like this) I created the teeth. I first did this by creating triangular shapes from the roof of the mouth but found a new, much quicker method which made the experience easier and less tedious which was to draw a diagonal line all throughout the mouth shape in one direction then do it in the opposite direction and it created fairly equal triangle/teeth shape. You don’t need to thank me.

I then took the white highlighter shade from the Lorac Beginners Concealer Palette and filled the teeth in with this to make them stand out. Every look I do has to include a little bit of shimmer and this look definitely needed this! I applied this with my little finger which wasn’t the most precise but I didn’t know which brush to use as this is one of those products that applies best straight from the finger (cheeky!). I really loved how this looked!


To create the darkness, I again took Noir and simply filled in the gaps. I don’t know if you can tell but I kinda screwed it up a bit by filling the teeth in by mistake on one side instead of the mouth bit, but at least the one half looks really good!


I finally took the same Essence eye pencil from the very beginning and applied a little bit onto the teeth just to make it all tie in with the eye makeup look I would choose to wear it with. It also added a little bit more shimmer which I obviously needed! If you were to do the Disney eye instead, you could always take one of the pink eye shadows and dust it in the teeth as well, or just around the edge of the mouth.

And that’s all of the different makeup looks I created in my little noggin for you guys! I hope you liked them – let me know which one/s your favourite and what one/s you are going to recreate (if you are, don’t let me force it upon you, please only do it if you want to!). I have loved writing this blog post so let me know what others you would love to see!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx




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