A Tour Of My Drawers

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I thought I would give you a little insight to the types of storage I use for my different beauty bits just to perhaps give you some inspiration or if you want to be nosey! If it’s the latter, I really don’t mind; I’m the exact same! This isn’t a full makeup collection blog post because I don’t know how to conquer that one yet or even if you want to see it (let me know what you think) but it does show a little bit of that so your welcome!


Firstly, I bought this set of plastic drawers from Argos a few years ago for around £10. I bought it with my own money for this very purpose and, even if they don’t look the most aesthetically pleasing, they are super handy for when I sit at my dressing table and have everything within arm’s reach. This contains 5 pull-out drawers that are kind of transparent (but not really) that are pretty deep. There’s a lot of stuff that can be stored in these! I think you can buy this from most places now and I highly recommend them for near enough anything and everything; definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made!

In this top drawer is where I store all my palettes. If I had room, they would go into my makeup bag but, as it’s at the top, it’s still really easy access. I don’t have any dividers so I kind of did it myself; on the right I have my longer palettes like my Urban Decay Naked ones and a W7 one, on the left I have my drugstore/shorter ones with eye shadows, highlighters and concealers and towards the front are the little quads I’ve collected from magazines over the years. This is quite easily my favourite drawer and I kind of like how I’ve segregated it. I’ve got some Sleek in there, a little bit of Collection, a Makeup Revolution palette, just all my palettes, basically! It’s the perfect size and only makes me want to fill it even more!


In the second drawer down is where I store all my hair bits. I’m not a ‘hair person’ – I normally just brush it and go – but I do have a small collection of things in here (much less organised, I do apologise). I have normal things like grips and bands and elastics but I also have a tangle teezer (which I don’t use very often or it would be on my dressing table) and some hair kits I have, again, collected from magazines. It is very much an organised mess and I do have everything I need in there (contrary to belief!).


The third drawer down is what I like to consider the ‘communal drawer’. This is the only drawer that I will share with other people in my house and this is literally an unwritten rule that everyone knows! This includes things I don’t mind letting other people use like old hairbrushes, mirrors, wipes, nail files, a nail kit – just bits like that! I know it might sound really bad but when you’re from a family of 6, the things that are yours are like shiny Pokemon’s; very rare and treasured immensely!


The fourth drawer is very much my drawer and is completely full to the brim! This is the drawer that contains everything that I specifically use and am not letting any other little hands get to! As I’m sure you can tell, it contains things like moisturisers, face masks, body butter and when the seasons change, I swap foundations in this drawer. It also includes skincare products I want to try and haven’t yet used so that I can report back to you guys as well as soaps or bubble baths. This is the ultimate ‘Rachel drawer’, I think it’s fair to say, fit with mess and all!


And finally, this last drawer is kind of boring but yanno, it says a lot about me! I use this final drawer to store old packaging I like or to save up Lush tubs because if you keep a certain number and return them, I think you can get a free face mask. That has my name written all over it, so this is where those things are kept! Basically, I’m a massive hoarder, I don’t need any of these – but they’re just so pretty! Please tell me I’m sane and that at least one of you out there has one of these drawers, too! I also store makeup bags I don’t currently use everyday in here too, which is what’s taking up all the camera room!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I’ve really enjoyed writing it, much more than I expected, actually! Let me know if you would like a makeup collection blog post or anything similar to that and I will get to it for you!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx



3 thoughts on “A Tour Of My Drawers”

  1. This was really interesting, rachel! I need to get myself some more storage for my makeup – the malm dressing table from ikea has one skinnny drawer and that is not really cutting it. Im dying to get the Alex drawers from Ikea!

    1. Awww, thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I personally love these drawers and I might convert them one day to hold my entire makeup collection but right now I’m loving it for all these different bits. I think it does depend on the individual and what they prefer in an easy-access-yet-aesthetically-pleasing drawer, so you get those Alex Drawers and you love them! Haha. Rachel xx

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