Basic School Makeup Routine

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today is my first day back at school after the summer holidays *sighs* and so to commemorate this, I thought I would share with you my School Makeup Routine. This is the routine I used last year but as it’s my final year this year, I thought I would change it up a bit (which I’m planning on sharing with you next year if it works). I wore this makeup everyday, it lasted throughout the day, survived P.E. (more so than I did, anyway!) and was really quick and easy to do, so is perfect for school! I’ve decided to name this a Basic School Makeup Routine because the one I’m planning for this year is a bit more advanced, if you will. I think this would take me 15-20 minutes, depending on the day and whether my makeup actually wanted to agree with me or not!



To start the face, I would begin by applying a thin layer of the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser (purchase HERE or HERE, or read my review HERE) to prep my face and ensure my makeup on top applied just as smoothly. I also found that this would perk me up a little bit as it can be quite cold after a night in storage! This contains glycerin so made sure that the makeup I put on top after would really stick to my face. I also think it goes without saying but I apply a thin layer because I don’t have the time in the morning to wait for my face to dry after a full hydration session!


I then apply a concealer; the one I chose is the Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer either in Natural Beige or Ivory (depending on my tan and whether it’s to highlight or cover blemishes). I’ve been using this stick concealer for years and it’s never failed me! This is a product that actually lasts throughout the day, as well. Bonus points! This concealer is available HERE and HERE.


To finish the face, I would go all over with the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent (because I’m that pale!). I did this to set my concealer and because it gave my face a little bit of coverage I felt I needed some days! I also found in the summer months that my tan would come through a little bit so I didn’t really need to bronze up. This is surprisingly pigmented if your as pale as I am! This powder is available HERE and HERE and you can read my review HERE.



In terms of eyebrows, all I would do it set them because filling them in with minimal makeup elsewhere can look a bit odd! To set them I would use the Gosh Defining Brow Gel in Transparent (available HERE) as it keeps the hairs in some kind of order but doesn’t add too much colour (the only colour being from where I’ve set it before after filling them in). I naturally have quite bold eyebrows so I don’t want to add too much to them as it is.


In terms of eye makeup, it can vary from day to day. One product I do love using to help keep my makeup where it should be, though, is the MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer (available HERE; read my review HERE) which I apply a thin layer of directly onto my eyelid then blend out with my finger from my lid up to my brow bone (if necessary). This helps to enhance the colours I apply on top and their longevity. If I do want to blend my eye shadows on top of it for any particular reason, though, I will apply a little bit of powder with my finger from crease to brow bone as it will help disperse the colours a little bit more. In terms of eye shadow, I will keep it as neutral as possible but a little shimmer here and there has never hurt anyone! If you would like to see a blog post dedicated to school eye makeup looks, just let me know and I would love to do that for you!

Now for eyeliner. I don’t go a day without applying eyeliner in some shape or form on my face so you think I’d be an expert by now *laughs weakly*. To create my eyeliner last year I would create the template (if you will) with Crave from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (available HERE) and then fill in for any more pigmentation using Noir from the Sleek i-Divine Palette in Oh So Special (available HERE and HERE). I would *try* and create a small, sophisticated wing to see me through the day but because I have bold framed glasses, I could sometimes get away with a bit of a drag queen effect! And low and behold, no ones asked me to remove it yet! As it was eye shadow, it would create quite a subtle wing, though, so I guess that’s why! This years going to be the year of gel eyeliner, however, so the tables could turn a little bit!


For mascara I would use my trusty Maybelline Lash Sensational in Waterproof just because it’s so easy to use and makes my lashes look amazing and doesn’t smudge throughout the day! Even if it is a bit difficult to get off, the fact it’s waterproof does benefit me throughout the day itself! This is available HERE and HERE and you can read my review HERE.



After all of that, I’m kind of getting my shoes on and counting my money as I’m trying to put something on my lips, so I love to just apply a thin layer of clear lip gloss or tinted lip balm. The lip gloss I lean towards is the Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Crystal Clear (available HERE). This does last a surprisingly long time but throughout the day I would rather apply a lip balm instead of constantly reapplying. That’s my personal choice but I just can’t go anywhere without a lip balm on hand at all times!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – as I say, if there is anything more you would like to see in terms of beauty and school, just let me know and I can do that for you. Good luck to everyone going back to school this week and I hope you have a very good academic year!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx



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