Holiday With The Fam-A-Lam / Camber Sands August 2016

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Earlier this week I went on holiday with my family (there were 7 other people there – my ‘I hate society’ radar was put to the test!) to Camber Sands in East Sussex from Monday to Friday. I was going to make this a lookbook but I completely forgot to take photos of my outfits so I have a couple of photos but will mainly be talking you through the holiday itself. This is purely for my memories but if you would like to read along you are more than welcome to.



After 3hrs in the car, we eventually made it! Considering we had no maps or SatNav and lost M almost immediately, I think we did pretty well! I also got the surprise of Donkey turning up; after our last meeting I wasn’t overly pleased by this but after our hour-long journey to Asda, we soon got over it! We went to the entertainment to get a bit of a feel for the place after finding our vans and having something to eat in which myself, K and Donkey started to form our little group. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I did now like Donkey, and my anxiety around seeing K once more left pretty quickly as well. I then had to share a room with W – I did not know he breathed so heavily and moved so much! Though I couldn’t really complain because Donkey had Sprig and Sprog, so no 6am start for me!


In the morning, everyone apart from myself, W and Donkey went to test the swimming pool onsite. I chose to tidy up (which I did enjoy, thank you for asking) and watch Jeremy Kyle instead. After lunch we went to the beach for a few hours which I entirely fell in love with. It was pebbly and sandy, but the sea was actually blue and a nice temperature. Donkey told me the biggest revelation of them all which left a massive grin on my face. I did get very badly burnt (which I’m still recovering from) but my face is actually tanned, now! It was honestly the nicest day I could’ve had. In the evening we went to the entertainment (I started glowing!) but Donkey sent me and K to have deep chats in which I learnt a lot more about him and where I stood. I needed it. When I got back in I found Mum crying about her Mum which then set me off. We then had to cope with Donkey’s psychotic ex. Not the best end but still, the beach made up for it.


Today we decided to go explore Hastings, which was about a 45min drive. The high street was so pretty (it looked very Victorian which I very like!) and the pier was gorgeous as well. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as nice as the day before – though it didn’t rain, so I’m not entirely moaning! It just meant I had to hold my skirt for modesty reasons! I’ve decided I quite like Hastings. When we got back, Donkey hired a go-cart type thing to go round the park in.We took Sprig and Sprog on it but when it came to him and K driving, I had to fall off! Seems some corners are just a bit too sharp! And remember that skirt I was on about? That came up! The entire resort got a right good old look! My knees are now entirely grazed but I kept a smile on my face, so I guess that’s all that mattered! That evening we had a BBQ and I was allowed to do Donkey and K’s makeup to turn them into Lucy and Karen. They borrowed a couple of M’s dresses and people ended up asking them for selfies all night. They even used crumpets and burger buns to fill our bras (they’re still kinda crumby!)! An amazing night to end a slightly cooler, bloodier day!


Today was by far my most favourite day! It started with one of Donkey’s amazing cup of teas (that really are amazing!) and me ending up sharing K’s duvet (it was freezing!), which is always a good start! Mum’s cousin came over for a bit with her little doggies (who are honestly the cutest things) and she ended up taking all 8 of us out to lunch. I  did feel quite bad, but she did offer! After lunch, Mum, Maria and the little ones went to the beach whilst K and I went exploring. One of the nearest corner shops (very appropriately named BJ’s On The Beach!) was soon passed before we decided to go to the beach ourselves. To get to the beach, however, we had to climb this 40 foot sand mountain which took K about 30 seconds. Give me 10 minutes and I was finally up there! This was where I admitted I loved him in broad daylight. We walked along the beach until we finally found somewhere decent to sit and continued our deep chats. These mainly involved his girlfriend (who no one, not even he, liked) and regrets (deep chats!). Eventually we made our way back and was very shocked to find it was nearly 5pm. As we were walking back to our van, a 12/13 year old boy started trying to ‘chat me up’ thought I think I very easily batted him away (oooh, I’m such a player! Haha,not really!). He wasn’t who I wanted at all! K and I went to the arcades for a bit where our conversation continued and when we got back to the van again, Donkey was asleep. We were both tired too so we tried to nap but I think we spent most of the time looking at each other. In the evening (after the entire week of nagging from myself and Donkey), K broke it off with his girlfriend. The smile on my face just grew but I never got to say goodnight to him. It just shocks me how we spoke for hours that day, but even a simple goodnight was too much for either of us.



The day we left, and probably the saddest day. I had no idea of the fun I would have with my own little group that I discovered upon arrival. We explored the village of Rye by going into the little shops, but nothing could stop the fact that we had to leave. I would repeat that holiday in a heartbeat; it was the most fun I’ve ever had. I think I felt older as well, for some reason, probably because I was being allowed to just leave and walk wherever I wanted to. Camber is beautiful and I would highly recommend it to everyone, even if it is in the middle of no where!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I love sharing or at least noting down my memories so that when I’m old I can be like ‘yeah, I remember that!’. Let me know where you went on holiday this year if you did and what you got up to!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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