What’s In My Bag? Little Brother Edition

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you some of the bare necessities I find come in handy when looking after my little brothers (who are 7 and 5) or if we’re out and about or if they’re just in my presence, basically. I quite enjoy parting wisdom on the subject of children because it’s going to happen to us at some point and if I ever find myself in a ‘mare, I know where to look because I honestly forget everything! Anyway, here are the things I take around with me!

First of all, the bag I tend to use. You’ll soon see why, but a fairly big bag that is easy to carry around is the best thing and even if it doesn’t look as glamorous as a small clutch bag, it will soon become clear that practicality is all that matters in this situation. I think one of those tote bags with a little bit of structure would be perfect, especially with a shoulder strap (hands free!) and has a number of pockets so that I can put some of my important bits in that I cannot lose. This style bag would just be perfect for chucking stuff in which I find I end up doing a lot of the time. I really like this style of bag and I might even look into getting one for this purpose.

Food and Drink

Something I have learnt whilst taking care of my brothers is that they are literal human hoovers – they eat anything at anytime of day. And if there isn’t food, just prepare yourself for the meltdown that will inevitably follow! I tend to provide them with a piece of fruit because they do really enjoy being healthy (a massive surprise to us all!) and if I take something like an orange or banana, it comes in it’s own packaging so I don’t really need to worry about it being entirely clean for them. It also means that little lunchboxes or tupperware boxes won’t be taking up any room in my bag and end up weighing me down! If possible I also try and take a small carton of juice with me but I keep the straws somewhere safe like in a pocket because we all know how un-sticky they suddenly become in a situation just like this. They’ve never complained about this, so I think it’s a goodun and it also saves money!

Plasters and Tissues

My youngest brother has a habit of tripping over air, so of course plasters are 100% needed. Also, they’re two little boys – plasters are always needed! Boys will be boys and I can’t change that but if I can change and hopefully stop eternal bleeding, I will. Also, tissues are needed for everything, so a lot of these are just needed. I suppose these things are a given but I thought I would mention them still. My life has become so glamorous, as you can tell!

A Distraction

Quite a lot of the time, my brothers can become easily bored if not stimulated so taking something like a small game or (what we tend to take) a D.S. (throwback!) really helps kill those little moments of boredom. This is quite specific to my two, but I’m sure it can be made applicable to most children. Even a small reading or activity book can come in handy; just anything to stimulate their brain and/or keep their hands busy. They’ve also grown up in a world full of technology so they understand the games that were actually mine originally!

Spare Piece of Clothing

This can be made applicable to the day and what you’re doing but they do say that you need like 8 t-shirts a week for little boys, and it’s something I agree with wholeheartedly! They’re fully toilet trained so it’s not a case of having accidents but if they fall over in mud or somehow get wet feet, a spare pair of socks or top is always handy! Obviously we don’t want the aforementioned examples to happen but if they do, you are fully prepared!

Mental List of Things To Do

This is a skill I have developed over time and it’s a good one to have! As I mentioned before, they can get bored easily so always having another game or activity to play on hand at all times is vital! One day I was looking after them and they were doing some drawing (I know, the bravery it took!) and I got them to draw their favourite Pokemon and then create their own and quite a few came through. They’re now stuck on the wall and it makes me quite proud to think I got them to do that, but it is just a case of watching loads of kids shows to get ideas (anyone remember Art Attack? I wish that would come back!) and knowing what they would actually enjoy doing.

Mum on Speed Dial

Finally, the most important thing on the list – having Mum on speed dial! On days like these I will be giving my Mum and Step-Mum constant updates on things throughout the day just to keep them informed and reassure them I’m still alive. Of course this is more for safety reasons in case anything happened to either of them during the day and I seriously needed to contact them, but they do genuinely want to know what they’ve been doing throughout the day. I guess that’s a perk of getting a sibling to take care of them because I can send them pictures and videos on Facebook to let them know what’s going on as it happens.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and found some use in it! I honestly wish I’d read blog posts like this when my brothers first came into my life but they are things that I’ve just found in my experience – it could be completely different for you (in which case, good luck!). Hopefully now you can appreciate why I want such a big bag!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday,

Rachel xx


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