Primark & Select Haul | Summer 2016

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I will be showing you the few bits and pieces I picked up earlier in the week whilst out shopping in Primark and just a little bit in Select. I know I uploaded a blog post on Tuesday saying how I don’t write hauls enough so just to contradict myself, I thought I would end the week with one! I did go with a purpose as oppose to just mooching around and (as I’m sure you’ll agree) I actually spent my money pretty well considering I’m a teenage girl with an addiction to Primark shopping!


The first thing I picked up in Primark (and was my main intention) was this little pyjama set for the grand total of £6. I’m going on holiday in the next couple of weeks and something I quite like to do is buy even just one new item of clothing for it so that I can look forward to the holiday instead of feeling anxious so new pyjamas were obviously a must – especially as their Alice and Wonderland themed! I did want to buy a set with leggings and a top but I didn’t have enough money for that and everything else I bought and they didn’t have any Alice ones so shorts and a vest it was! Anyone who owns a pair of summer Primark pyjamas will know that their shorts are ridiculously short so I bought it in XL which I think is 18-20 and I’m normally a 12-14, so these will definitely be hanging off me! I did try on a size L and didn’t like how it fit on me so obviously the bigger the better. This just has a basic striped vest top (which is quite baggy now I’ve bought it so big!) with a little Disney cartoon Alice and in gold glitter above her it says ‘Off To Wonderland’. The little shorts have a white background and little black items that are relevant such as a pack of playing cards or the little symbols you get on playing cards and things like that. They were just too cute and as soon as my friend pointed them out to me I was nearly crying. I am that obsessed with Alice and Wonderland! And for £6, you can’t go wrong, really! I’m also loving the monochrome theme – it’s me in a set of pyjamas!


I then had to buy myself a new pair of little basic black pumps because the ones I already owned were starting to get old and scuffed and all horrible things like that. I basically repurchased the exact same pair I already own and for £4, I was not turning them down! These are so cheap but my previous ones lasted around 18 months and I wear them all the time, all year round – they just go with everything! These are just a pair of black pumps with no heels at all with a fabric-y type material covering it. I love these shoes and I think they are a must for every girl who needs a pair of ‘chuck on’ shoes!


The next thing I purchased was this really cute pair of vintage style sunglasses for £2 (which I’m modelling in the sun for you now – sorry for the tiny picture!). I’m short-sighted, meaning I wear glasses all the time anyway and had put off buying sunglasses for a long time because I just thought ‘whats the point?’. I then learnt that without wearing sunglasses, the skin around your eyes can age quicker and I know I’m only 15, but wrinkles already scare me! Hence these beauties appearing in my life! I love these – they fit my head perfectly (I have a pretty small head) and despite having quite a large frame (which I’ve been told I suit, anyway!), they still suit me pretty well. They are in a matte, shell-nude type colour that I think will go with everything and the frame is kind of cat-eyed and reminds me a bit of Audrey Hepburn (I have no idea why). I think these might just be a timeless pair of sunnies that will work next summer as well as the rest of this one. The actual lenses have a kind of gradient type of effect as they get lighter towards the bottom of them which is good for when you’re looking down and reading or just generally doing something that doesn’t involve your retinas being burnt. I just really really like them!


Right, last time I did a Primark haul I shared a piece of underwear with you and I think I spoke about how much I love novelty things and Primark is clearly the place for that! So, again, I decided to pick up a pair of knickers with a grey/charcoal background and little white cat faces on. There is also a really cute turquoise, glittery button on the front but it’s just for show instead of anything actually practical. Once more, there is a story. We were just wandering around the pyjama and underwear section (for obvious reasons) and my friend saw these and was like ‘They look like Dan and Phil!’. That’s enough for me to buy them and wear them on places Dan and Phil probably shouldn’t be. But yes, I love new underwear and I love Dan and Phil and £1.70, I couldn’t turn them down! I always love the way Primark underwear fits, as well; it’s just so comfy!


The final thing I bought from Primark was a little present for my Mum because she’s lovely and deserves a little something from us (whether that’s ‘us kids’ or ‘us adopted daughters’ i.e. my friends!). I did buy her a Pina Colada lip balm because why not? She loves Pina Colada (something no one could ever blame her for) and she loves lip balm! Myself and my grandparents had also bought her some Prosecco flavoured lip balm recently so it added to her alcoholic lip balm collection (such a common hobby!). This was from the P.S. Love… collection (Primark’s own beauty range) and smells so strongly of Pina Colada that I’m tempted to use it myself! It’s a bit of a Barbie pink colour in the tin but is applied very sheer. This was only 80p.


The last place I went to and the very last thing I bought was from Select and is this little cami peplum top. I obviously had to buy it in black (why would I even look at the other colours?) but I’ve wanted a top like this all summer and now I finally have one to my name! This was in the sale for £1.99 and so there weren’t many sizes available but I managed to find it in a 14 which makes it even flowier and therefore comfortable to wear. I think with blue jeans this could look effortlessly beautiful and it just looks so pretty on but it’s so comfy. I’d been in Select before but never actually bought anything so I’ll let you know how this wears but this is so soft and I really can’t wait to put it on my body! This is cami meaning it has quite thin straps but for my bigger-chested Munchkins I have found the answer – wear a bra of the same colour with it! I think this works better with black clothes because black bra straps can blend in a bit better and even look a bit trendy but it keeps your modesty in tact and doesn’t make it obvious. I just thought for £1.99 it doesn’t matter if I only wear it a few times and it’s just so lovely! Much excite for this one! I also feel like when I wear it I look like a sophisticated, well-put-together young woman when in fact I’d just bought this for a couple of quid in a sale.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I love writing hauls! Let me know what you’ve been buying recently or what you liked from this little selection that I picked up. Also, let me know what you think of Select clothing if you have any yourself! My friends are trying to reassure me but I still have that first time buyer anxiety!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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