My Favourite High-Street Shops

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you my favourite high-street (clothing) shops. Being the typical teenager I am, I do love to go shopping but I also live on a budget so I do spend my money wisely as oppose to going all out all of the time so I think I have found a few shops I can share with you that fit this criteria. In saying that, some are more expensive than others, but that’s why we have sales! I’ve bought at least one item from each of these shops so I should (hopefully) know what I’m going on about!


I don’t think you would expect anything different from me! I’ve converted my entire family to Primark (including my Granny!) because it is so bloody affordable, has decent quality products and a variety of stock! I don’t think I’ve ever gone into Primark without buying at least one thing; my obsession is terrible! Everything I’ve every bought from there has been a good price for what you get, has never done me wrong and nobody has even guessed that it probably cost me under £10. I even have a couple of tops from the £1 section and they’re still treating me well! The only thing I could pick out would be the sizing which can vary from each individual piece of clothing but that’s why we have changing rooms to try before we buy! There is literally nothing that could turn me away from Primark; if there is a specific trend out you can buy that trend without breaking the bank and it doesn’t matter if it only lasts one season because it is so cheap!

New Look

As you could probably tell from my last blog post, I’m a huge New Look fan as well! New Look has been there for me for years and I’ve never had a bad experience from them! They are a bit pricier than Primark (but in all fairness, everything is!) so I don’t necessarily buy something every time I go in there, but I definitely lust after something! If I’m ever given money for my birthday or Christmas or anything, I go straight to New Look; I know I will get affordable, good quality clothing that will last for a long time! I feel like New Look watches trends or creates their own a lot more than other high-street shops so the clothes you buy could only be worn a few times but I just tend to go for the very versatile stuff I know I will wear a lot. Their sizing is also pretty accurate and they do fit very nicely.


A new found love of mine that I kind of have a love/hate relationship with, but I had to mention! H&M has treated me well over the years with some of the items I’ve bought from there – they last really well and most of the pieces are quite versatile so are always alright to wear! The prices can vary in this shop but most of the basic dresses or everyday tops aren’t too overpriced and fit in my budget very nicely! I have one top from there that I bought a few months ago and wear a lot but it’s still so soft – it’s almost as if it’s brand new! I also want to get my hands on some of their winter jumpers this year because they always look so cosy! I’ve heard that the shoes from there are also really nice so I may have to invest in a pair of those sometime soon, as well!


Finally, Topshop. This is the most expensive shop I’ve listed for you but it is one I love (and is therefore the one my bank disagrees with the most!)! I think I only have one top from there but I love it a lot and I wear it so much so even if it did cost a painful £20-ish, I have got my worth out of it! I feel like Topshop clothes are amazing quality so it does kind of explain the pricing and they do also last quite a long time! They do tend to have offers on, however, for basic things like crop tops so I tend to focus my money that way! I think that they follow trends quite a lot and do maybe have more clothes for quite slim girls (which I’m really not!) but I still manage to wade my way in and make it known that if they can wear it, so can I! Their ‘Petite’ section is also gorgeous! I’ve also heard amazing things about their makeup line which I really need to start getting my hands on, I think!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – don’t forget to let me know what your favourite high-street shop is and what you think of the small list I have offered to you! Also, let me know your opinions of each of these shops – do you agree that Topshop follows trends whereas H&M makes itself quite individual?

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday,

Rachel xx



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