Eyebrows For Beginners

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be giving you a few tips and tricks to creating a perfect eyebrow to complete any makeup look. I will be telling you guys what I love and look for in a brow and how you can do this for yourselves. To see my full eyebrow routine you can click HERE for a slightly older blog post explaining it in a bit more depth. If you would also like to see another page for reference on the desire for gorgeous eyebrows you can click HERE for the post I found on the website Into The Gloss (which was also my inspiration for this here blog post).


As any beauty guru will tell you, don’t pluck your eyebrows! I don’t get my mine professionally threaded or anything like that due to financial reasons and my particularly low pain threshold but I do know that if you do, you can’t pluck in between appointments. I only ever pluck if there are a few stray hairs in the middle that are quite obvious and are therefore annoying me, otherwise I just don’t do it at all. There is also the fear of over-plucking or plucking the wrong hairs which could then affect how you fill them in and/or any other treatments you use for them. I will say on a realistic level, though, that it is just hair and they will grow back, but it is annoying for the few days/weeks those few hairs won’t be there!

The Right Brush

In my time of filling in eyebrows, I’ve only ever used two brushes and both of which did create quite different looks. The first brush I used came from the brand Model’s Own and was the Angled Brush (purchase HERE) which was quite a thin brush and, because of this, made filling in my brows take a bit longer but made them look quite thick and full. I also started using that brush for eyeliner, so that may have had something to do with the latter point. I then began using the Real Techniques Brow Brush (I actually used a brush for it’s intended purpose! Purchase HERE and HERE) which is much thicker but has shorter bristles. I personally prefer this brush because some of the bristles are a bit more sparse so doesn’t pick up too much product but as it’s bigger, makes filling them in a bit quicker than what it was before. I also think this fits my thick brow needs (I do love a thick brow!). Both of these brushes were angled and I really liked this feature on both of them as it helped creating them even easier and made them seem a bit more realistic.

The Right Products and Colours For You

I’ve been filling in my eyebrows for over a year now but it does still scare me slightly and so I use powder eye shadows to do so. I know this is quite a popular choice because it is easier, there is an infinite amount of eye shadow colours out there and if they do fade, they do so in quite an unnoticeable way. I also feel like eye shadows are much easier to get hold of (and decent ones, for that matter) compared to other products you can use. The eye shadows I use are from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (purchase HERE) and I mix together Naked 2 and Faint, the first being an ashy colour and the second being a much truer, warmer brown. My natural eyebrow colour is dark brown so I mix the two to try and make them as natural as possible in my own customized way. This doesn’t match my hair colour but I prefer to match my eyebrow colour as it does look as if it’s your eyebrows and they haven’t actually been painted on. I also use a clear setting gel from Gosh (purchase HERE) to set and keep my brows in place. I chose the clear one just because it’s in an opaque tube so I couldn’t see the colour of the product before buying it and I knew I would smear it on my face without thinking and my eyebrows would have looked like slugs (not a good look, may I add!). Also, I can use this when I do and don’t fill in my brows just to keep the hairs in place and it will still look natural. This is applied with a spoolie so it also helps to distribute the eye shadow I would’ve already applied if it is uneven anywhere and I just feel like it’s locking it all in.

Short Strokes

This is something I can’t stress enough! Like with many artistic hobbies (makeup included), it is much better to apply a little bit and build it up, because you can always add more but it’s so much harder to take away. I also feel like short strokes helps to mimic the hairs and so, again, makes the brows look more realistic. Also, take your time – you shouldn’t have to rush your eyebrows. They’re more of an art in 2016 as oppose to a facial feature.


Finally, my favourite bit! I love a good ol’ highlight and this is the same for my eyebrows. Some beauty gurus choose to use their lighter/highlighting concealer to clean up any fallout or make the brow even sharper but I don’t actually have a concealer light enough for me to do this! I choose to use a highlighter with little/finely milled glitter in it to do this and I do feel like it brings my eyebrows and eye makeup together. Sometimes I feel like my eye makeup can be quite dark alongside my brows so this does help lighten my face a little bit. I like using the highlighter that comes in the Maybelline Master Sculpt compact in Light/Medium (purchase HERE and HERE) or the eye shadow Feather in the Little Mix All About The Eye’s Palette from Collection (which seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth!). These both have finely milled glitter (Master Sculpt more so than Feather) but highlight my brow bone effortlessly and beautifully. The only reason I pick and choose is because Feather is much more of a stark white whereas the Master Sculpt one is slightly more vanilla-y toned so it depends which one goes with my makeup look best that day. To do this I use the Real Techniques Accent Brush (available HERE and HERE).

And there we have it! I feel like that blog post was very long – much longer than I intended! Don’t forget to check out the Into The Gloss webpage linked at the beginning and let me know what you love to do to your brows or what products you can’t live without!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday,

Rachel xx


One thought on “Eyebrows For Beginners”

  1. A really good and informative post! Loved reading it 🙂 o recently purchased an eyebrow kit with all essential parts: eyebrow powders, wax and highlighter, I love it!
    Would be great if you’d check out my blog and if you like it maybe also give me a follow 😉
    xoxo Larissa

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