Things I’d Like To Do This Summer

Good Evening Munchkins!

As I am currently in the first full week of my summer holidays, I thought I would share with you the things I really want to do in these next few weeks that I’ve been planning for a while now. I really hope that these things do actually happen because sometimes plans can fall through but I have high hopes these will be completed. I may also have some more that I’ve just forgotten to write down (I have a little list in my phone to ensure this wouldn’t happen!) and other spontaneous things may happen but these are the main things I want to do.

Sandy Beach Day With My Family

There is a particular sandy beach about a half hour drive from where I live and it is literally the only sandy beach in the UK, I swear! I’ve been there once and that was only for a couple of hours one evening last year so I’m very excited to spend a whole day there. There’s something about huge sandy beaches that makes me super chilled and super happy, even if I do have a massive fear of the sea. But yeah, long story short I would love a chilled day at the beach with an ice cream in one hand and just relaxing away from the internet and everything else that may be going on. I also think taking my little brothers to the beach would be really cute!

Pebble Beach Day With My Friends

On a closer-to-home level, there is a pebble beach a short train journey away that I would also love to spend the day at with my friends. Unlike the other beach, however, this one has a funfair right next to it and little food stalls so it’s suited to us younger people! I’ve just looked forward to the idea of this for a while now! Basically, I live by the sea and it’s only at this point of my life I’m deciding to embrace that by spending so much time at the beach! And I love my friends, of course. I’m just planning on spending a lot of time with the people I love *voms in mouth*!

Go Shopping With Chummy

Something I also love doing in my spare time is spending the little money my family has! I’m going on holiday with my family at the end of August and I just really fancy a new pair of pyjamas that don’t make me look pregnant or disgusting or anything so I decided I would go shopping (but I also love new clothes!)! Maybe I won’t even buy pyjamas, I just want a nice day out shopping with my Chummy because we haven’t done it so long. She’s literally my favourite person to go shopping with; we can spend so long just chatting and buying it makes the time fly.

Play Badminton With My Friends

This is something I’ve also been planning for a while. As someone who isn’t particularly healthy, when I find something sport-like enjoyable, everyone around me pounces on it and we do it until I get bored of it entirely. This year, it’s badminton! I love badminton and have done for a while now but I’m not good at keeping things up so I don’t exactly play it religiously. My friends and I have been planning hiring a court for like an hour or something just for a chilled game and I am genuinely very excited. Life tip: if you want to exercise, make sure it’s something you love. In fact, scrap that – life tip:do the things you love in general. That took a turn, better move on!

Look After My Little Brothers More

This could be the thing I regret adding to the list the most. As a young independent woman *weak thumbs up* I’ve decided to take it upon myself to care for my little brothers (who are 5 and 7) a lot more. Why? I don’t know. Why am I inflicting this upon myself? I’ve already said to my Mum and Step-Mum I will look after them Tuesday and Friday next week whilst they’re working and I think on the Friday I’m getting some friends over to help me because they are pretty difficult. I think the Tuesday I will just lock them in the house for a movie day so there’s no stress. Meh…I will keep you posted on the little success I’m expecting from this!

More Lesbians and The Loner Days

Finally, more days with my Chummy and her girlfriend. For those that are actually interested in this sub-title, our group chat on Facebook is The Lesbians and The Loner because they’ve been together for 7 months now and I’m still single (I’m so alone!). I actually spent the day with Chummy’s girlfriend yesterday as Chummy’s on holiday and it was literally one of my favourite days, but us 3 together – we can take over the world! I just love chill days with them, they’re so cool and so funny and are both my best friends! Yay! We were actually talking yesterday about how crazy it is that we would’ve never spoken to each other if it wasn’t for Chummy and now we’re ridiculously close. Isn’t life crazy?!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I genuinely love just sitting down and chatting with you guys so if you would like to see more of these don’t forget to let me know! Also, let me know what you are planning for this summer, it might be able to give me some more ideas!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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