Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Review

Good Evening Munchkins!

Firstly, I am so so sorry about missing an upload yesterday. This is the blog post I was planning on writing for it, though, so I thought I would upload it today instead and I really hope you don’t mind. Things just got a little busy and I should have planned ahead, I know, I’m sorry. Anyway, onto this little blog post that caused me way too much stress yesterday! Today I will be writing for you a review on the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I’ve loved this powder for months and months now (I think it even appeared in lasts years November Favourites – that long ago!) so it kind of surprises me that I haven’t actually written a review of it yet (that I can remember, I don’t think I have). This powder is super-duper popular so I thought I should just write a blog post for those who haven’t yet tried it but are thinking about doing so. Obviously, if you have used this powder already you can also read it, there is nothing stopping you! I need to stop rambling and actually get on now!

The first thing I would like to write to you about is the packaging. The packaging of this is nothing major to write home about but nonetheless, I love it! As much as I adore really fancy packaging with fireworks included and all the rest of it, I do like a little bit of compactness, reliability and accessibility. This pressed powder is presented to us in a rounded, plastic case, the lid of which being transparent. I personally like this because it makes me very quickly realise which colour powder I’m using and so ensures I am the correct colour that day! It also has the brand and name of the product printed onto this which can chip but this is quite unique packaging (surprisingly – that wasn’t as sarcastic as it may have sounded!) so I do tend to spot it amongst my other products in my makeup bag. On the bottom, the ingredients and specific colour/number are listed for those it may affect (such as if you have allergies). Despite it being plastic and seemingly flimsy, it is sturdy and I do trust this a lot when I’m travelling. The lid stays on no matter what but is super easy to take off when needed (which is a must when you have hands as small and weak as mine!).


Onto the colour. The colour I own is Transparent, because I’m still ridiculously white (and I’m getting the feeling that my excuse of ‘being British’ no longer suffices in July!). This actually matches my foundation colour perfectly and makes me look as natural as possible. It does lighten my complexion slightly but it is pretty sheer (being a pressed powder and all) so if you were wearing a darker foundation, it wouldn’t affect it much if at all; it would just set it. I really do love this colour match (though I’m in that awkward phase where my face doesn’t match my shoulders) and it offers a good variety of colours that will match someone in someway.

The actual product itself! I really do love this powder, for use on it’s own with concealer or for setting a full face. When used on it’s own, it doesn’t look patchy, cling to dry patches and does remain in the area where my concealer is (though not necessarily all over the face as it wears throughout the day). In saying this, I don’t think I can complain too much because it is a pressed powder and they’re main purpose is to set foundation so I won’t mind too much. I do sometimes get dry areas and this powder can accentuate them but I think that might just be how my skin can get anyway (i.e. flakey). When setting my face, this is literally a life saver! If I’m out all day and it isn’t that easy to pop home, then I will take this if I’m in need of a touch up, say on my nose, but I don’t really need it (it’s mainly precautionary). I’m one of those people that leans their face on their hands and rubs their nose a lot (hay fever is not my best friend) so this is probably the reasoning, but it doesn’t take long and I’m back to normal. When used over foundation, it doesn’t make me look cakey at all and gives me a nice matte-ish finish (depending on how much I use). If you still want a sort-of dewy complexion, that is still able with this powder but only a little can be used in this instance. Also, when I apply cream or powder products on top of it, they still blend so nicely and don’t go patchy at all. In these circumstances, the Stay Matte won’t budge either. There isn’t much I can say to fault this, in all honesty!


Penultimate-ly (ooh, I do love that word), the price and availability. This retails for the grand total of £3.99. Hardly breaks the bank, does it? This is something I can repurchase without even leaving a dent in my allowance and I think that is one of the prime reasons I keep coming back to it. Rimmel is a drugstore brand and is very affordable, but even so, for a pressed powder of this quality you would expect it to be so much more. This is available from Boots and Superdrug and also worldwide, so you have no excuses to not go and get this! If your still not sure, it is only £3.99 so you wouldn’t have wasted tons of money on a powder you end up not liking so much.

Finally, would I recommend it? Yes, I have and I will continue to do so. I love this powder so much and considering I wear it at least 5 times a weak in quite heavy amounts, I’ve been using my current one since around January-February time and it’s still going! It just surprises me considering how small the pan seems to be. This is one I will repurchase until it’s discontinued (though hopefully it never will be – Rimmel, you can’t do that to me!) and it has made completing my foundation routine so much easier and actually nicer to do.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! Again, I am so sorry it’s a day late, I will be back on my game though, I promise! Let me know what you think of this powder if you’ve used it yourself or any other products I need to try out.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Sunday (I promise!),

Rachel xx

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