Top 3 Favourite Drugstore Makeup Brands

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I will be chatting you through my Favourite Drugstore Makeup Brands just by telling you what I like about them and why. Something that I was scared of when I first started blogging was not owning many or enough high-end makeup products (such as MAC, Urban Decay etc.) and so it would restrict my writing but I have since learnt that the price of makeup and whether it’s high-end or drugstore does not determine the quality of the product in question. I’m very much a drugstore girl and this learning curve has inspired me to write you this here blog post. I will be going from cheapest to most expensive in terms of general price; all of the brands I’m about to show you are on the same wavelength, if you ask me.

Makeup Revolution

This is a very new-found love of mine but I think it will become a firm favourite! I own one palette from Makeup Revolution, which I suppose isn’t enough to make a definite judgment, but I’ve heard good things about their other products so I guess it’s a good enough sample! The eye shadow palettes in particular are stunning and I think they are a good dupe for the huge Morphe ones. They offer a wide range of products of which I can’t wait to get my hands on and it’s so cheap! The particular palette I have may be more expensive than some of the products available from the other two brands I’m about to talk to you about, but you do get a lot more bang for your buck and considering you get 32 eye shadows, it does file down very cheaply. They seem to always be producing new products as well in order to contend with other more expensive brands which I find keeps me on my toes! As I say, this is very new on my radar so I will be delving into more as soon as I can! This brand is available from Superdrug.


Oh hey there, Rimmel! What a surprise, you would never guess this brand would make it in here! As many avid readers will know, I love Rimmel so much and it is my life’s goal to own everything they sell! Their lipsticks are just life-saving and they cover a wide range of needs (most of which I own!). They’re products are only a little bit more expensive than Makeup Revolution but the quality of them are amazing and are highly raved about by many other bloggers and YouTubers. I would say that they are in the lower half of the middle section in class/rank of price. I’ve loved Rimmel for a very long time now and they continue to produce amazing products. I could go on forever and a day about how much I love their makeup items but I think you would get bored; you’ve heard it all before! This is available at Boots and Superdrug.


Finally, another *shocker* I know! I first fell in love with Maybelline when I started trying their 24hr Colour Tattoos (lets just take a moment to appreciate) and I have not looked back. I think this is a brand which sells amazing products for a little bit more but once you’ve used them, you understand why and my God, is it worth it! I’m dying to try so much more from Maybelline and their lipsticks are at the top of my list – lipsticks are always at the top of my list! I highly recommend this brand to anyone who wants amazing quality makeup for a drugstore price. This is loved worldwide and it’s very easy to see why. I think this is the only one out of the three to be sold worldwide, actually, so you guys have no excuses! This is also available from Boots and Superdrug.

And there we have it! I feel like this is the shortest blog post I’ve ever written so if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments! I really do love these types of blog posts but don’t see them very often so if you have any requests, please let me know! Let me know what you’re favourite drugstore brands are so I can get my hands on some more makeup (though, do I really need to?!).

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Tuesday,

Rachel xx



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