Getting Ready For A Night Out Routine

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I will be bringing you how I get ready for a night out. I love going out – I think I’m in the middle of society where I love staying in and being cosy but I also love leaving my house and getting all dressed up and everything like that. I don’t go on nights out very often, which I think is the main prospect of it and why I enjoy it so much because it’s just something a little bit different that I can have fun with. I hope you can take some of these tips or use them for inspiration for when you get ready for a night out yourselves!

Choosing The Outfit

I’m one of those people that will really drag everything out if I want to enjoy it – and this is just the beginning! Before actually getting ready, I will prepare myself, including setting out my outfit that I’m planning on wearing. I will tend to plan my outfit in my head weeks before (I’m that type of person!) so it’s just a case of taking it out of my wardrobe and matching anything with it (like shoes, they’re my biggest enemy!). Although I plan my outfit in my head beforehand because I do genuinely love that, it also helps me because it means I can reserve anything else I need to wear with it, such as strapless bras. I only own one strapless bra so it will be locked in a safe if I need to wear it for a night out, just to make sure I have it ready and waiting!

Having a Bath

I love taking baths, fact. At the moment I actually have no choice because my shower’s  broken but still, baths are my first choice (I’m so good to the environment!). I find that these help me relax (which I tend to do throughout the day anyway just to ensure I’m not too tired by the time the evening comes along) and also gives me an opportunity to shave if needed right up to the last minute. I may also wash my hair if it’s necessary, but I hardly ever just because then I have to dry it and it’s so much effort! I will also take a bubble bath or use a bath bomb or something along those lines to nourish my skin. Personally, I think the best bath bombs to moisturise the skin are the ones available from Bomb Cosmetics (they may not be as visually appealing as others, but they make your skin feel so good afterwards!). I feel this helps with the shaving aspect and the relaxation I tend to need before leaving my house. It also gives me time to plan my makeup and hair if I haven’t already and just to generally plan life and upcoming events.

Taking Time To Do My Hair and Makeup

This is something I tend to do anyway because I just really love makeup (have I ever told you that??) and I do genuinely adore every aspect. In terms of hair, I am less confident and less skilled so it’s either down and natural or half up/half down, depending on how good it looks or whether it matches my outfit or not. I won’t tend to have it in the latter style if I’m planning on wearing a flower crown or something though, because I think it just accentuates how big my forehead is! My makeup, again, is something I tend to plan a little while before the day because I just can’t help but let my mind wander! I will try and create different looks each time depending on the outfit but if I’m loving a particular look, I can’t help but go back to it!

Packing My Bag

Again, taking time with everything! I will be writing another blog post on essentials for a night out soon, so I won’t go into this too much but yes, packing my bag is it’s own step! I tend to use the same bag (or have been at the moment) which is just a small, dark purple shoulder bag which hangs at the hip and is spacious enough to clutter but isn’t too big in crowds. It goes with anything and everything! I tend to take my lipstick/gloss I’m wearing, a lip balm, my phone, any money (if necessary) and small things like that, so only a small bag is required. I think time should be taken to do this step (though not too much, don’t go overboard!) because you don’t want to be stuck somewhere and remembering you’ve forgotten something vital to a night out! This may just be a lipstick but let’s be honest, lipstick is oh-so important!

Choosing My Fragrance

And for my final step, I choose my fragrance. At the moment, I’ve been loving the One Direction Our Moment perfume because it’s light and very summer-y if you ask me. This is available from The Fragrance Shop and Boots. I don’t own a setting spray for my makeup so I kind of feel like using a spray from a perfume is my version to entirely complete a look (though please don’t use it on your face!). I just feel like adding a fragrance is the perfect finish to getting ready for a night out. My favourite doesn’t change very often (it’s usually based on season), I tend to get obsessed and that’s it, it’s mine forever! I also don’t tend to spray it in particular places, I normally just do a little bit all over and I can’t really go wrong!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post – I love writing these ones in particular! Let me know what you’re routine is for getting ready for a night out or if you are going to take any of these tips or use them for inspiration! My life kind of runs on routine so they only make me happier!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Tuesday,

Rachel xx


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