Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Water VS. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Good Evening Munchkins,

Today I will be writing another ‘VS.’ blog post (I feel like I haven’t written one of these in ages!) and this time it will be to compare the Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Water and the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Already very similar, as I’m sure you can tell by their names but trust me, there are a fair few differences I am about to share with you. If you would like to read my individual reviews on each of these products, you can find the Simple one HERE and the Garnier one HERE.



As I’m sure you can tell by the pictures, each product comes in a different sized bottle. The Simple water comes in one size only (200ml) whereas the Garnier one comes in two different sizes (125ml, pictured, and 400ml ) which I actually prefer. The smaller one is perfect for travelling as it barely takes up any room and feels almost weightless but the bigger one will last you through a century! The Simple bottle is also quite small, but is still slightly bigger so could be a bit too big to fit in a small wash/cosmetics bag, whereas the Garnier one fits perfectly. It isn’t by much and you do get more product but that’s also where the bigger Garnier one, again, takes the upper hand. Basically, in terms of size, Garnier has it in the bag – they have covered you for all situations. I wouldn’t travel with the huge Garnier one (obviously) but the smaller one is just so compact, it’s almost cute in it’s size.


Another factor I’ve found quite significant between these two products: the amount I actually use. I find that I do need to use more of the Simple water to get off an entire face of makeup completely in comparison to the Garnier one. When using the Garnier Micellar Water, I found I needed a couple of drops on a cotton pad and I was good to go, but I find myself trying to almost soak my cotton pad with the Simple water in order to try and get the same standard of makeup removal. This does become evident by the amount of the Simple Micellar Water I’ve used already in these first 6-7 weeks (at time of writing) than I did with the Garnier one. That small bottle of the Garnier water lasted me from September through to April, but I don’t think the Simple one will last that long. Again, the Garnier one has the upper hand in this aspect – you do get a lot more bang for your buck with this one.



If you look on each of the bottles, they both state the benefits it should have to your skin. Simple is a very well-known skincare brand which I am the perfect demographic for (that sounded really arrogant, I just meant they suit younger skin!) so I think I expected to see more benefits from it. It also promises a lot more, stating what ingredients are in there and what they’re positives are. The Garnier one, on the other hand, doesn’t state this information, it just tells you exactly what it does. I don’t have particularly problem skin, I feel like both of them cleanse my skin as thoroughly as the other and I guess I’m the wrong person to test the skincare benefits. I think in this category, Simple would have to win just because it assures me there are some benefits other than the typical taking-my-face-off with it kind of thing.


Both of these products are drugstore so are obviously going to be affordable and mainstream. The Simple Micellar Water retails at £4.49 (there’s an offer at Superdrug in which it now retails for £2.19) and the Garnier Micellar Water is sold at £1.99 (125ml) or £4.99 (400ml, there is currently an offer at Boots where it cost only £3.33, go grab it whilst you can!). It’s quite clear the difference in price and what you can get most product for. I do find the Simple products to be a bit pricier than other drugstore skincare brands aimed at my age group so I guess this price can be expected. As someone who doesn’t tend to have a lot of money to spare, the Garnier one immediately catches my eye and the product you get for it is amazing – it is worth the money and more. I would have to, once again, say that Garnier has won in this category.

Onto the final verdict. I think if I was going to recommend either of them, it would be the Garnier Micellar Water. I do like both and don’t have any problems with either of them, I am just nitpicking. It is up to you which one you actually end up going for (please let me know!) but I think that is the one I will be re-buying for a long time. To purchase the Garnier Micellar Water, you can find it in Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets. To purchase the Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Water, you can also find it in Boots, Superdrug and a range of supermarkets. I will quickly point out that Simple’s demographic, as I briefly mentioned, is teenage skin and younger people so if you have slightly older skin, this may also not be suited to you. Also, not everyone has the same experiences with skincare because everyone’s skin is different and special in it’s own way, so these are based on my personal findings, it may be different for you. Please don’t hold it against me!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! As I said, let me know which one you prefer or are going to go out and try! I love using  Micellar Waters as cleansers; they remove you’re makeup so easily and quickly but you don’t feel as bad as when using a face wipe! Let me know what other skincare blog posts you would like to see in the future!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx

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