The Power of Makeup

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I have a very different blog post for you which revolves around The Power of Makeup. As I’m sure the majority of you are aware, this video has been floating around YouTube for a while now and I thought I would convert it into a blog post so that I could share my personal views on my platform. I don’t want you to completely change your minds about makeup after reading this blog post, I would instead love for you to take this and build your own argument against mine further and then leave it in the comments below. I would love to hear other viewpoints other than the obvious!

As  a little bit of background, I am 15 and am planning on taking a couple of makeup courses in college (a year in September) to hopefully become a makeup artist of some kind, eventually. I have been in love with makeup since I was 10 but started actually applying it and wearing it since I was 12. As I’ve grown, my makeup has too and I’m now at the stage where I’m really happy with how my makeup looks and the effect each product gives. When I was 10, I think I wanted to look really cool and grown up and so decided I would just try and force myself to get into makeup. I think magazines and things like that also played a huge role in my decision. Inevitably, I couldn’t force myself to love it and I found it too frustrating that I couldn’t do anything I wanted to so gave up. When I was 12 I started wearing makeup because I wanted to look grown up as I started ‘hanging out’ (because I was that cool) with a lot of older people and thought I should do so to try and fit in. Again, not my proudest moment but this has stemmed where I am now with my makeup and, as I say, why I’m so happy with it. I now wear makeup for the fun, creative aspect (which I think should be paramount to makeup). My vanity has evolved into creativity and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

Makeup shouldn’t just be seen as products you put on your face and wear for an amount of time to only take off. Makeup is as creative as drawing or painting (it is basically painting your face) and so should be seen in this way. Makeup is a way to highlight the features you love about yourself and so is just playing around with different things to suit you. Makeup started out being used for the royal or for plays and even then, it was very basic. Some of these products were also very dangerous for the skin, so we have come a long way from that! My point is, it was there to be played around with (especially in Shakespearean plays) but our minds are now being clouded and polluted with social media and magazines and what people are wearing to remember this. Makeup wasn’t created to be a serious thing – it was there to signify or show something. Before makeup, masks were used; just be glad we’ve moved on from that! As I’m sure you can tell, I really want to go into theatrical makeup and I guess that’s why I’m so biased. Five hundred years ago, no one cared about what technique they used to apply makeup – it was on and that was that.

I am of course going to contradict myself now – I do think that makeup can be used to build confidence but it shouldn’t be used as the immediate treatment for this. I know people who have had acne and have, as a result of it, received really bad scarring and they wear makeup to just build their confidence a little bit more. I think using makeup for this reason as a stepping stone is perfectly fine, but using it everyday because no one wants to see ‘the horror’ just doesn’t justify in my mind. You’re not the Phantom of the Opera – you are you and you are beautiful no matter how much you want to argue with me! If it’s all about ‘no one will love me’, trust me, they will, and they’ll do so for the person underneath 23 layers of eyeliner.

In conclusion, I feel that in 2016 we are now abusing makeup and it’s powers. Social media, once more, is damaging our society and one of the things it’s conceived is the idea that makeup will fix you. To be really blunt about it, makeup will not fix you. Makeup is a distraction and a fun hour or so in the morning; it’s not going to do anything significantly in your life. That is down to you. You can wear all the makeup you want, but if you’re not confident, it won’t shine through and that is the major turning point in teenagers lives that should be documented so much more.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and that it hasn’t just been a complete ramble. If you have any opinions on this (which I’m sure you have!) then please leave them in the comments below to enlighten myself and everyone else what else should be considered about makeup. I have really enjoyed writing this but I think that’s because I like having an argument all set up and then using it! I might write a follow-up to this if you want or if there are any questions you want to ask about it. I don’t feel like I’ve written enough but I know if I write anymore then it would just be repeating everything I’ve already said so I will just leave it!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Tuesday,

Rachel xx

P.S. Happy Father’s Day!



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