Four Everyday Makeup Looks Using Urban Decay

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be showing you four different looks you can create using Urban Decay. I own the Naked Basics Palette, Naked 1, Naked 2 and Naked 3 so I think it only made sense to create 1 look from each and then report back to you guys. Just a little disclaimer, it hasn’t been confirmed nor denied whether my Naked 1/2/3 are real or fake so if it doesn’t entirely match up, just bare with me! Nonetheless, I love Urban Decay eye shadows; they’re so pigmented, ridiculously creamy, have the longevity of a saint and if they’re shimmer, they do not hold back! I highly rate Urban Decay eye shadows so this is going to be kind of biased but hey, I’m sure you guys will agree! Each of these palettes are available from Feel Unique.

Naked Basics

For this first look, all I do is take Naked 2 on a flat-headed, medium-sized eye shadow brush and apply it all over my lid then create definition using Faint on a dense blending brush in my crease and on the outer third of my eye. I love these colours together – they’re very neutral but don’t look dull in the slightest. Naked 2 is the perfect base colour as it evens out my skin tone on my eyelid really well and also mattifies it. I find that Faint goes with it hand in hand to create the amount of definition I want without making it look too smokey and dark for daytime. I think these two colours also help to bring out my blue eyes. If this doesn’t look seamless enough or it looks too harsh, I just take a fluffy blending brush and blend to my hearts content.

Naked 1

Taking a dense blending brush for this second look, I dip it into Buck and apply this in my crease to create a perfect contour. I love this shade – it looks stunning with blue eyes. I then blend this out if it looks too harsh using a less dense blending brush. I next take Half Baked which is a beautiful sandy colour with fine glitter particles within it and apply this all over my lid with a flat-headed, medium-sized eye shadow brush. This looks ah-mazing with the previously placed Buck and is one of my absolute favourite looks for school! Sometimes Buck can become lost in the glittery madness so I will reapply and blend out if necessary.

Naked 2

For the last two palettes, I found it quite difficult looking for an actual makeup look that showed off some kind of technique as neither of them had a matte contour shade, but I did my best! From Naked 2, I love to wear the colour Chopper on it’s own, only blending out the edges to soften the look. I love this colour so much, it’s literally my go-to on days where I just want shimmery goodness in one quick easy step. This is a pink/shell kind of colour and is full to the brim with glitter! It’s me in an eye shadow, basically! I apply this with a flat-headed, medium-sized eye shadow brush (as you can tell, I go through a lot of these!).

Naked 3

Another pink-y look, this time using Factory in my crease and Burnout all over my lid from this last palette. Factory is yet another shimmer and I don’t tend to like this in the crease but because Burnout is also super glittery itself, I figured that it would only end up there anyway. Despite all the shimmer, I do think it would be neutral enough to get away with during the day and it wouldn’t end up halfway down your face because it’s Urban Decay and Urban Decay loves each and every one of us as individuals!

And there we have it! Just as a little side note, I do always wear black winged eyeliner, I just didn’t include it in any of these because the eye shadow I use isn’t in any of these palettes and I wanted to stay as faithful as I could to my main idea. I hope you enjoyed each of these looks and try some of them out (let me know if you do!). Also, don’t forget to tell me what you’re favourite looks are from any of the Naked palettes – I would love to try some new combinations!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx


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