EOTD: Bronze/Gold Smokey Eye

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be talking to you about a new eye makeup look that I have been loving recently – a Bronze/Gold Smokey Eye (who’d have thought it?!)! I was experimenting with certain colours before a night out and I somehow created this beauty and it is definitely one of my new favourites. I’ve worn this on 3 separate occasions now and it hasn’t failed me so far. I’m so excited to show you this look, and it’s made up entirely with drugstore eye shadows so you guys have no excuse to not try it! This is perfect for summer (it is now technically summer but the weather hasn’t got the memo yet!) as it’s shimmery and gold and just looks stunning!

The products I used for this look were:

  • Makeup Revolution’s Flawless Matte Ultra Eye Shadow’s Palette; using Rosewood (left) and Olden (middle) – available from Superdrug
  • Collection’s Little Mix All About The Eye’s Palette; using Golden Sand – available in store from Superdrug and Boots (I told you I would find a use for this eye shadow!)

I think it’s already pretty clear where this look is going to end up! I’ve chosen to use very warm tones to compliment the gold but to also add a clear yet neutral definition in the crease. I just love this look ridiculous amounts and these colours are so unbelievably pigmented!

Sorry for my eyeliner in these pictures!

The first thing I did was mixed Rosewood and Olden on a small, dense blending brush and popped this into my crease. I made sure I used a lot in my crease to make it quite defiant but I did blend it a lot with a fluffier blending brush, bringing it upwards slightly as I did so. These two are my favourite crease colours from this palette – they work so well together to bring you the perfect crease contouring shade and compliment almost any look you wear with it.

Taking a medium sized flat headed eye shadow brush, I coated it entirely with Golden Sand and packed it onto the lid. This eye shadow is extremely shimmery so just be aware of any fallout and pack it on slowly and precisely. You won’t need very much of this either – I think I only apply the eye shadow on the brush itself once fully then not as much the second time round; it’s just so pigmented and so rich a colour.

To create a smokey-eye-effect, I take a smaller flat headed eye shadow brush and re-take Olden. I then apply this to the outer corner of my eye quite heavily and blend it all together seamlessly. I think Olden compliments Golden Sand effortlessly and just generally perfectly – they’re both warm toned and the matte actually hides the shimmer beneath it. I also lightly take this back in the crease with the first brush we used if it is needed (i.e. if the crease colours are lost under the shimmery goodness).

I then apply my usual winged eyeliner using Urban Decay’s Crave from the Naked Basics Palette (available from Feel Unique). I’ve been loving 60’s style eyeliner recently, where the wing is super thick and gets thinner the closer you get to the corner of you’re eye instead of just a sharp flick. I don’t know why, it just ends up that way and I really like it! If you think about the Adele 25 album cover, it’s pretty similar to that and I think that it looks stunning with this look (or any look, really!).

In terms of lip, I’ve been loving wearing a pink lip in general and it does match this eye really nicely. You could also wear a nude and, if you’re really brave, perhaps even a red lip. I think the majority of lip colours would go with this so I will leave that one up to you! Let me know what you go for if you try this look out! Any kind of concoction could look stunning!

And there we have it! As I’m sure you can now agree, this look is beautiful and it actually compliments blue eyes very well (bonus points!)! If you try this, let me know what you think or what you would change for it to suit you! Also, let me know what makeup looks you have been loving recently – I love trying out new things so any kind of inspiration is always welcome!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you Thursday,

Rachel xx


6 thoughts on “EOTD: Bronze/Gold Smokey Eye”

      1. You should be! My best friend has eyes like yours and they’re beautiful! Literally every colour for eyes suits them! I’m jealous. My eyes are green, blue and brown all together so I cover all bases😂

      2. Haha, but that allows you to play with a range of colours! Thank you very much, I guess I’ve never taken much attention to my eyes (probably because I can’t see them myself, haha!). Thank you! Rachel xx

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