Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick Review (in 320, Berry in Love)

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

As I haven’t really touched on the glory that is the Body Shop before, I thought I would by writing a review on one of their Colour Crush Lipstick’s for you today. You are going to be surprised when I say this, but I got this way back in January and it’s just been waiting in my makeup bag to be reviewed. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I apologise! Anyway, in these 4 months I have managed to try and test this lipstick enough times to right a fair review on it for you now.

The first thing I want to tell you about is the packaging. The packaging of this is unlike anything I’ve ever owned before with it’s silver bullet and coloured lid. I’m trying to think back to those many months as to whether each different lipstick colour had a corresponding lid or not. It would seem logical, wouldn’t it? Anyway, the lid seems to match the lipstick colour I own so it makes it easily recognisable in my collection as oppose to the others I own. It also means I don’t have to constantly check the names/numbers of each of my lipsticks when looking for this particular one. The lid is also nearly transparent so if the lid-logic isn’t actually true it would still be easy to check what kind of colour it is. The number is stated on the bottom also (the name is something I had to research). Other than this, it just has the standard wind-up mechanism that is on every other lipstick I’ve ever seen/owned.


The next thing is the actual colour. I bought this when with my grandparents when my Granny was trying to convince me I didn’t need to always wear dark lips (to be fair this was in the winter) so wanted me to get something *slightly* more neutral. I found this colour which is a deep, red-toned pink that over time I’ve grown to love. This adds just a little something to your lips on those more *neutral* days (because I clearly have loads!) but does actually look stunning and I’ve grown to appreciate it the more I wear it. At first I wasn’t too keen but now I do love it and will find any excuse to wear it (particularly during the remainder of January and February where I was like ‘dark or pink?’). This has no visible shimmer and doesn’t ‘dry’ matte or anything, it is just very neutral and I think on the right skin tone could even be worn for school; I think I’m a little too pale for that. The only thing that’s a disadvantage to applying this lipstick is the scent; those that have been here for the long-run will know I love me my scents but this one hasn’t got one added so smells a bit chemical-y or factory-ish. I don’t know why but that’s just what it reminds me of. Other than this, I do love it!

Onto the actual product. This glides on ridiculously easily; it’s so creamy yet so long-lasting it’s almost as if my prayers have been answered. It also doesn’t feel too drying and my lips don’t get damaged from it after any amount of time with it on. It can come off slightly after eating/drinking but will leave a tint so reapplying isn’t a hassle. The tip of the lipstick hasn’t been affected that much despite my regular application so actually putting it on is super easy. It’s actually a lot pointier than other lipsticks I own so another bonus there! It’s also very pigmented so one layer will see you through unless you need to touch up or anything. It also doesn’t apply/turn patchy. This isn’t my absolute favourite formula but it’s definitely in my top 3. I also expected it to be quite balmy (which I guess in comparison to other lipsticks I own it is) because it’s from the Body Shop and they’re all about skincare and things like that but it’s not a major concern of mine.


Next the availability and price. Obviously, this is only retailed at the Body Shop so if you don’t have one near you it could be difficult to get hold of. However, they do sell them online (HERE) which makes life a bit easier for everyone! Each lipstick costs £10 which is a little out of my budget and is a bit more expensive than the other lip products I own but at the same time it’s not extortionate. Just something to save a few pennies up for! The Body Shop I bought this in, actually, was the one right in the city where I live so was an outlet where they tend to have like ‘buy 2 to get 30% off’ which can be really good deals. Just look for these where possible because some things in the Body Shop can be slightly more expensive compared to similar products elsewhere.

Finally, would I recommend this to anyone? Yes, definitely! I’ve loved using this product every time I have and they do offer a wide range of colours, more than I think most would expect. Because they are so (kinda) budget friendly, I do think everyone should give at least one a go but I love them and I will definitely be purchasing more.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! If you’ve tried any makeup from the Body Shop or one of these lipsticks let me know! Also, what other makeup bits do I need to try out? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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