How To: Coloured Eyeliner

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be writing something a little different (or at least haven’t written in while) and provide you with a beauty-related ‘How To’. This is a huge Spring trend and one that I have actually tried and tested myself (with very positive results!). I’m going to be talking you through how I do it and any little tips and tricks along the way so do keep reading.

The first thing I do when going to complete my winged eyeliner is actually draw on my usual black eyeliner, almost a base/first layer (if you will). I wrote an entire blog post on this which you can view HERE. For this I tend to use Noir from my Sleek i-Divine Palette in ‘Oh So Special’ (available from Boots and Superdrug) because it’s the most pigmented and creamy black eye shadow I own so will really stand out against the colour.

I will then trace the upper line of my wing with whatever colour I have chosen. I tend to choose a shimmer eye shadow because the look I would’ve already created would be quite neutral in preparation for the colour so just gives that ‘pop’ I need. Also, I have an unhealthy addiction to shimmer/glitter. The colour I love to use most is again from the same Sleek palette and is the colour Glitz. This is a true blue shimmer shade that looks stunning with a coral lip and matches my blue eyes very nicely. It also doesn’t look ridiculous (because I will only create another thin line of it) but up-close looks stunning. It also helps my confidence with makeup! This will need a steady hand because I actually find it trickier to trace than actually create the wing but once you’ve nailed it, it’s done! Also, because it’s not so much of a stand-out colour as black is, it can be easier to hide or remove. And that is literally it!

My first tip/trick would be to go for a colour and brand you trust will actually stay on your face. It’s all well and good experimenting with the bright colours but if it’s halfway down you’re face by mid-afternoon it can just look like a disaster. Another tip would be to make sure it matches your outfit or just compliments you/something about you in order for it, again, to not look ridiculous. I also wouldn’t go for a pressed eye shadow that is pure glitter because I did that once and it hardly showed up in the way I desired (this colour was silver, by the way). My penultimate tip (because I like words) is to make sure you are creating you’re ‘base’ eyeliner fairly thick and noticeable but also quite straight (so winged but not like a fairy wing, think Amy Winehouse then subtract some of the drama). This just makes it easier for you whilst adding the colour and helps the eyeliner to stay on a lot longer in general because it encourages it in a pretty simple ‘pattern’.¬†Finally, if you don’t feel confident enough to complete basic eyeliner, this one may not be for you, so just try to conquer the first stage and then the world of eyeliner is your oyster!

And there we have it! That was a very quick one, wasn’t it? I feel like I haven’t written enough so if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Let me know what makeup trends you have been loving this season or whether you’ve tried out coloured eyeliner for yourself!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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