How To Survive A Festival

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you my tips on how to survive a festival. As you may know by now (because I clearly haven’t gone on about it enough!) a couple of weeks ago I went to a festival. Yes, I went to a legit festival! As you may also know, I was pretty unprepared and so have learnt a fair bit about the etiquette (because I’m British and I have to live up to the stereotype!). I did have an amazing time but my awkwardness and shame on the family has brought you this here blog post. Your welcome. Enjoy!

Assign an ‘Alpha’

When I attended said festival, I went with two other friends, one of which we call ‘Alpha’. She’s been my best friend for 4 years now and she’s somebody I trust very much so this title was only fitting for her. An ‘Alpha’ is basically somebody who takes charge (though everyone should play a role in some form throughout the day) and makes sure you and any other friend/s survives. In our friendship group, she was the natural ‘Alpha’ so obviously don’t force anyone to do it because that could result in more negative impacts than the positives. This is basically somebody who will carry all the important things (such as tickets, and probably to carry the ‘main bag’), calm you down and have the game plan for the day/s. If you’re small or have anxiety or any other reason to panic, this will be the best thing for you! They will also make sure you don’t drink too much and get in the correct car as well as get you out of the huge crowds that form. These are people you need in your life!

Be Prepared For All Types of Weather

This probably isn’t appropriate for festivals in hot countries but I live in England and the weather changes more than my mood. I made the decision to wear a playsuit and denim jacket which, unsurprisingly, didn’t keep me warm when it got to around 8-9pm. I kept myself thinking ‘the atmosphere will keep me warm’. Once you get out of that crowd, you will feel the cold, trust me! Just pack some extra jackets (I ended up with Alpha’s cardigan under my denim jacket and my other friends coat wrapped around my legs!) and be prepared so wear tights or actual trousers! I genuinely don’t know how I didn’t get hypothermia after that! Also, check the weather forecast as unreliable as it may be and take umbrellas or ponchos if it’s needed. You may think that it should be fashion over comfort but you will very quickly re-think that!

Waiting Around Is Worth It

I waited for a grand total of 5 hours in the same spot. I know, I’m crazy! However, it was totally, 100% worth it because it meant we were front row for the massive acts like Diversity! We also made some friends who helped us fight our case in the fact that little kids shouldn’t be pushed in front of us if we’d already been stood there for however many hours. It was amazing being front row and once all the acts come on, the time does go very quickly. It also meant that they saw us, which I’m a bit oblivious to but hey, Perrie from Diversity now knows of my existence; my life is complete! You could also get snacks and take them into the crowd so you don’t have to lose your spot or die of hunger. Always think ahead!

Don’t Pay For Overpriced Things!

At these types of places, all the food and drinks are so ridiculously overpriced you would have to take out a mortgage! Now, I don’t want to be that person who endorses such behaviour, but there is nothing wrong with sneaking a bottle of water in (but you didn’t hear it from me!). They tend to check bags so try under your bra-strap or somewhere in your clothes because they don’t do body checks (generally). But I don’t endorse this kind of behaviour! Also, we were quite lucky that there was a McDonalds right opposite the field and all you needed was a stamped hand to get back in so popping in and out wasn’t a problem. I know this may not always be possible, but it helps!

Care About You’re Feet

Again, I’m an idiot – I had a last minute ‘I don’t know what shoes to wear!’ so slipped on a small pair of black pumps. Ha, bye then feet! I also wore a little pair of black ankle socks so my feet were frozen and numb and they ached so bad from the standing that was really worth it(!). Just wear appropriate footwear (no high heels) and make sure you’re feet are warm because I genuinely got scared when I found it difficult to walk! You will be standing for the majority of the time so just take care of yourself!

Make Sure You’re Phone Is Fully Charged

My final point is just for everyday really, but in a field there is no plug socket and you are screwed if you’re phone dies! On this day, myself and Alpha arrived with less than 50% battery (and little storage for that matter!) so had to share what we filmed/took pictures of as well as phoning other friends that were there and my other friend, literally as we were walking in, had her phone run over by a car. It would only happen to us! She left to go get it fixed but between us, we had very little contact with the outside world. Luckily we had saved enough battery life to phone one of our Mum’s at the end of the night but please don’t get caught in the situation we were in! Fully charge you’re phone the night before so that you have every opportunity (in terms of contact and recording stuff) open to you.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! Let me know how you would go about surviving a festival and whether or not my tips have actually helped you or not! I will be making sure these things are taken care of next time, though a lot of these I did through intuition instead of learning from mistakes!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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