What’s In My Bag – Festival Edition 2016

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be showing you what I took in my bag when I went to a festival just over a week ago. I only took a small bag because I didn’t want to lug around a huge one when I knew I wasn’t going to fill it anyway! Also, it would’ve just gotten in the way and increased the likelihood of it being stolen (always look on the bright side of life, eh?!). Anyway, I didn’t take very much but I thought I would show you the essentials of what you may want/need. I also didn’t take everything I’m about to show you, but this is kind of my learning curve as well!

Just a bit more information about bags in general as well: in our group we assigned one member of our group to have a bigger bag than the rest of us, the ‘main bag’, if you will. This was where we put our drinks that we bought there and just bigger stuff in general. This meant that not everyone had a massive bag (or a bag at all) and most of our stuff was in the same place. I just chose to take my own because I felt more comfortable in doing so. Also, if you’re going to be taking a small, shoulder bag like I did, I would hide it under your jacket once you get in there. My friends were telling me to do this but I completely forgot, not that anything happened. This is just a precaution and sometimes precautions need to be taken! We can now move onto the essentials without any worries about the basics of bags!


The night before I went (literally at about midnight) I couldn’t get to sleep for wondering where my ticket was. Luckily I found it, but once you’ve bought it just keep it in a safe place that you will remember. Even better, put it in your designated bag so you just have to double check and you can go! Also, some tickets are scanned using a bar code on them so try to keep it flat and don’t fold it! This is also the most necessary part of the entire blog post and event!

Phone and Camera

I found myself rapidly running out of storage on my phone for pictures and videos (i.e. the biggest stress ever when Diversity are standing about 10 meters away from you!)! If you have a camera, you may want to take it for pictures but I wouldn’t take a huge, prized possession type camera because it could get broken. I think phones, again, are a huge necessity in case you get split up from your group or you can’t get home etc. Also, when watching the acts and everyone’s standing and dancing around you, I suggest keeping you’re phone/camera in your pocket because there’s less chance of it being stamped on.


Like most of these events, everything is over-priced! Luckily there was a McDonalds right opposite the field so we could leave and come back but you will definitely need money! There may also be stalls or rides to go on, so just be aware of this. The music isn’t the only thing going on at the festival and it might not happen again for a long time, so grab every opportunity and spend just a little bit of money! Also, if you’re not taking a purse, make sure to hide it in a little safe pocket in you bag with a zip up so it doesn’t fall out.


Something I realised I needed pretty quickly! My friend (Lord bless her soul!) had a little cardigan with her which I gladly wore during the evening because I forgot about something called ‘the cold’ when dressing myself in a tiny playsuit! I did have a huge denim jacket with me but a lot of people were wearing hoodies or tights with skirts etc. Just bear that one in mind! Let my mistakes guide you!

Makeup Bits & Mirror

I only took the lipstick I was wearing that day and my setting powder and powder brush but only really had to reapply my lipstick (my foundation and powder shocked me!). I also took a little pocket mirror so I could do this as un-awkwardly as possible! I would just say, make sure your brush doesn’t get too damaged or your lipstick melts. Priorities in life!

Backup Glasses/Sunglasses

I’m somebody who wears glasses for distance all the time so sunglasses are a bit of a no-go, so this one doesn’t really apply to me. However, if you wear contacts you may want to take some glasses for the evening (if you feel comfortable with them, that is!) so that you’re eyes don’t get too damaged or dry. Also, taking a backup pair of sunglasses (in a sunglasses case, may I point out) could help in case your ‘main’ pair somehow get broken. You don’t really want to have to whip out you’re PVA glue and start your own arts and crafts stall to fix you’re sunglasses when you could be having fun! I promise you, they will still be broken and fixable tomorrow, so try not to worry about it!

Roll-On Perfume

My final item would be roll-on perfume. You can get these from Primark and maybe some other high street shops but just to touch up throughout the day. You are going to be out all day and chances are you may get a little bit sweaty, so this could just help liven you up a little bit. This should also be allowed into the venue because it’s roll-on but otherwise just hide it in a zip up pocket (not that I endorse such behavior!)! They’re also super cheap from Primark so I just see no reason why not.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! Let me know what you’re necessities for a festival would be or what kind of bag you would go for! Next time, I will definitely be taking all the things from this list! Well, I guess you live and learn!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx



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