April Favourites 2016

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

I’m gonna say it: where has April gone?? I literally blinked and it waved me ‘goodbye’! This is insane and we’re nearly halfway through the year. Is it wrong to be having a mini-existential crisis whilst writing this? As I’ve mentioned before though, I do feel like planning and writing Favourites makes the month go faster. Not that that’s always a bad thing though! This month I’ve been super stressed and all those good things surrounding GCSE’s and Controlled Assessments. Mmmm, lovely! Despite this, I have managed to collect some Favourites during the month of April for you! I’ve noticed that within a Favourites, other beauty bloggers will say something like ‘I haven’t been trying a lot this month so it’s just been about rediscovering’ and I realised I never say that. For me it’s a bit of a mixture and it will get to the later half of the month and it will be a realisation of ‘oh, I like you’ (yes, I do talk to my products!). I don’t know, I guess I don’t put too much thought into the origin of my Favourites. Anyway, let’s proceed!


My first favourite is one I shared with you in my Cheek Routine (smooth transition there, see HERE) and is the Hey Cheeky! Lip and Cheek Tint in Pink. This is one of those makeup products I received in a magazine so doesn’t have a specified brand or place to re-buy meaning I can’t re-buy myself and I can’t tell you where to get it *sad face*. I’m sure there’s a similar one out there (let me know if you find one and I’ll do the same!)but, yanno, slight sadness. I love this so much for my cheeks way more than my lips; I’m normally very reluctant to use a lot of products on my cheeks because I have naturally very ‘rosy’ cheeks (or the look of a middle-aged woman with high blood pressure, but each to their own amongst describing) so hiding it with foundation to only apply further colour makes me want to swan dive out the window. It did make me quite hesitant to use this product but let me tell you, when used lightly, it can create a gorgeous, natural finish you do kind of need after applying a shade of ‘snow caps’ foundation! It is pink and as it’s a cream product, when applied can look really dewy (which I love for Spring/Summer). It also blends really nicely and lasts all day.


Another Favourite of mine beauty-wise has been the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara (my reasoning for picking up the waterproof one is in this blog post HERE – I’m on a roll!) which I picked up a little while ago but only started using last week. As it’s waterproof it can prove tricky to remove and end up lingering on my face for a little while, but I’m planning on looking into a cleanser to solve that. Despite this flaw, I really can’t fault it. It can make lashes look clumpy so if you don’t like that I’d steer clear but it still manages to make them look so much thicker and longer, and my eyelashes are already fairly thick and long! I was scared in case it made my eyelashes look like spiders for this reason but it really doesn’t (I do only use it on my upper lashes though, in saying that!). This is also one of those amazing mascaras that looks the exact same last thing at night to when you applied it first thing in the morning. Also, for those that really don’t want to read said blog post, I chose it because it’s England so if it rains my eyelashes won’t show it and if I sweat (I have a pretty busy few weeks coming up!) it will still stay on my face. I will be writing a review on this sometime soon as well. This is available from Boots and Superdrug.


Going on to more body (ooh, how enticing!), I have been loving the Jelly Belly Body Wash in Cherry. I was given this for my birthday and me being me forgot I had it so found it fairly recently and have been using it ever since. Oh-me-oh-my this smells like all-round amazing-ness! It’s quite clearly artificial cherry (sorry for crushing all your hopes and dreams!) but it’s not too over-powering and sickening. I don’t what’s happened, either; when I was a kid, even the smell of a cherry made me heave, I hated it so much, but I really do love this. I’m so happy because a lot of things are cherry scented and I hate being limited! I’m too stubborn for that! This bottle is also very unique but can slip out of your hands quite easily if you’re showering (the priorities!) but it is worth it for the product inside. The smell also lingers for a while which I like because sometimes I just really can’t be bothered to full-body moisturise. I need this in my life all year round. I will find out where my dearest friend bought this but for now it will have to remain a mystery (I’m so sorry!). I don’t know whether I’m imagining it or not, but I think I can actually smell it. It’s so delicious!

Onto my randoms now! I’ve had a fair few random Favourites this month so let’s not digress. The first of which is a song by Jess Glynne called Take Me Home. You may have heard of it if you’re in the UK, it’s been out a while. Why had I never heard of this song before??? I only heard it because my Step-Mum was playing it and I am literally obsessed. I’m going through that phase at the moment where I care a lot about lyrics and the meaning behind them and I can connect with the lyrics in this song a lot. I just love it so so much! It is a slower one but that’s okay; you need a healthy balance of slow and fast, I think. That could be misinterpreted out of context! I think I hadn’t heard it before because I have this really weird thing where I don’t like to listen to new music in case I don’t like it and I’ve wasted an amount of time for another song. It’s really weird, it’s one of those things I think stems from my childhood. I was an odd one. To listen to the song, you can click HERE. I’ve actually been loving a lot of Jess’ stuff this month so maybe just her in general (though this song did kick start it). I’ve been liking quite a lot of new music as well, but this one has been the standout. I need to move on!


Another random Favourite of mine this month has been a book. A what? Yes, a book! Before my parents split up last summer, I was one of those recluses that just spent time in their room reading but since everything kind of kicked off and realisation hit me, I’ve never felt a strong connection with a book or story since. I think it was also because I’ve received my exam texts for my English GCSE and I’ve learnt that Mary Shelley can seriously go do one. Anyway, the book I have been loving (and actually finished!) this month was The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time by Mark Haddon. I was gifted this for either my 14th or 13th birthday so it has been waiting to be read for a while and I’m so glad I have done so now. I think my grandparents gave it to me because I love reading (I still do despite the intro to this section!) and there’s also a play of it (or was, probably isn’t running anymore) and these are two of my absolute fave things. As I type, I’m actually starting to plan things for a theatre trip tonight. More information soon! This book is written in the first person from the perspective of a 15 year old boy called Christopher who has Autism/Asperger’s and I find this quite an interesting narrative; not the most common! I just wanted to include this for the plot twists; a few weeks ago I read 50 pages in about an hour (haven’t done that in about 5 years) just because I couldn’t get it out of my hands. This is quite an easy read and it’s very insightful but, as I say, a lot of plot twists to keep you going. I wasn’t expecting the ending but it wasn’t the best. Probably the only downside really! It has, though, now re-introduced my love for reading and for that I am very grateful! You can purchase this book at Waterstones, WHSmith, Amazon or Ebay.

My penultimate Favourite for this month is a TV/Netflix show. Damn Rachel, back at it with the TV show obsessions. Why, yes I am (don’t worry, I vommed in my mouth as well!)! In school at the moment we’re learning about Capital Punishment (as well as the usual rainbows and unicorns!) and in conversation came up the Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer. I know you wouldn’t think it after reading this blog post or any of my other blog posts, but I love stuff like this! I love being given the information and arguing a case about it. If only I didn’t want to go to University, maybe I could become a lawyer… No, that would be way too dangerous! Anyway, I do love things surrounding crime and the history surrounding it and what actually happened. I’m going to tell you what I got told so you can go in the exact same as I did (I can tell you’re buzzing already, but trust me, this little synopsis got me hooked!): it’s about a guy who was wrongly accused of raping and beating up a woman (watching this made me extremely annoyed!) and ended up in prison for 18 years before DNA became more advanced and they realised it wasn’t him so he was released and there was then a woman’s body found in his garden. And there’s the first 3 episodes ruined for you! I’m sorry, I had to get it out! I’m only a few episodes in because they’re an hour long and you do need a lot of concentration to understand it all but it is amazing and I can’t believe it’s real life. It’s just insane! I would start a debate but we would be here all day! This is available on Netflix (obviously).

My final Favourite for the month of April could come across as quite cheesy, but just bear with me. The thing I’ve loved most this month has been hanging out with friends and socializing. This makes me sound like I was a complete loner in March and before! I don’t mean that, I just mean I now have something planned for nearly all the upcoming weekends whether that’s going out with friends or family and I’ve just really been enjoying it. I wouldn’t say I’m confident because after spending the majority of my life with social anxiety that’s just a step too far, but I do love socializing and having fun. I kind of feel like since my parents split up (here we go again!) and my mental health’s been a bit ‘screw you!’ I have lost, damaged or put strain on some of my relationships but I do now feel a lot closer to a lot more people which makes me really happy. Sometimes I do still get stressed or feel low, but now I actually have something to look forward to whereas 6 months ago I didn’t have that. I’ll probably talk about each individual thing in their own blog posts but yeah. Meh, I hate being cheesy! I’m sorry, you may now continue your lives! Haha.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! I feel like I haven’t written in ages so sorry it’s so long! Let me know what you’ve been loving this month or what I need to try and talk about for you guys! Also, let me know what other TV shows I need to watch or books I need to read; even though I’m mid way through my current ways I can still plan ahead! I need to start upping my game! Let me know what you think about any of the things I’ve mentioned in this blog post and we can bond over it in a Chummy R-Munchkin kinda way!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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