Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser Review

Good Evening Munchkins,

As you would’ve seen in my ‘World’s Biggest Haul’ (find HERE), I bought a range of Simple skincare products and so thought that today I would share with you the first review from them. From the day after buying my little selection, I have been using the Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser. This is the first product that caught my eye as I have quite dry skin so thought this would be perfect. Although these are my views and opinions and that is the reason for reviews, I just want you to remember that everyone’s skin is different and this is just how it reacted on my skin, it doesn’t guarantee that the same reaction will occur with you and your face.


The first thing that should be mentioned is the packaging. This and most of the other products on sale were packaged in boxed, which I quite like as it makes it feel more expensive. I’ve never had a product like that so when it happened I was like ‘ohmygod I feel so important’. Easily pleased, I know. The actual bottle is plastic (I think) but feels kind of rough so it would slip out of your hand easily (I have no idea how to say it!). Both the box and the bottle share the same amount of information about the product on the back which I like as in the shop you can see what it’s all about without having to open it but once you dispose of the box you haven’t entirely missed out. They both follow the same, simple (not intended) colour scheme of white and green which I also like as the connotations make me feel like I’m doing good to my skin! The cap is a little flip up one which I think I struggled with opening at first, but that’s just me being me! It has become easier over time. The product actually comes out of a very small, almost pin-prick sized hole which I find very helpful in terms of finding out when to stop squeezing etc. I don’t know whether the actual bottle it white or whether that’s the product inside, though I suspect it’s the actual bottle (otherwise I’ve used very little so far!). Despite my love for the box, I did have to get rid of it as it took up quite a lot of room in my drawer full of my personal things that I don’t share with anyone else (how to live in a family of 6!).


This moisturiser claims it isn’t perfumed, which I would like to believe, and it does have a very unique smell. I am terrible at describing but I fell like it smells quite clean and organic as it’s all the ingredients, basically. It could also be seen as a typical moisturiser/body lotion smell. I liked most smells but because I apply this in the morning, it does help to perk me up a little bit as it does smell so pure. The actual cream is white, which is pretty standard for a moisturiser of any kind so I don’t think I could really talk about and justify that. It does help to keep with the pure theme though!

This product claims to include a lot of health benefiting ingredients. This includes two vitamins (pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E) and 3 ‘skin loving’ ingredients (glycerin, bisabolol and allantoin). Before researching, I had only heard of vitamin E (but knew hardly anything about it) and glycerin (which I knew more, but still very little on). Glycerin is a product that becomes tacky once applied to applying further products (such as makeup) makes it stick to it, which I found it has done when I’ve had powder and concealer day. It also claims to work for 12 hours, which I don’t really know how to test, so that one can remain a bit of a mystery for us all (‘and the award for best blogger goes to…’). I have done my research though and found out that pro-vitamin B5  basically gives more moisture to the skin, making it gain more elasticity and therefore making the skin look and feel younger. Now, I am only 15 so testing this would have to be a long-term mission of mine, but if I still have this blog in my 40’s, I will definitely update you! Vitamin E apparently has the same purpose but by blocking free radicals from the body (in English that means cells that are unequal/odd number of electrons that have the capability to damage your skin being stopped in their tracks. Don’t be scared though! This is why you’re body produces antioxidants!). Bisabolol is a known ingredient for having anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties and having a slightly floral scent (probably that smell, then!). And the final ingredient, allantoin, is used to protect and heal the skin. This is actually interesting science, never thought that would happen!

WP_20160312_08_17_38_Pro I’ve chosen to use this one first instead of the lighter moisturiser from Simple because it’s still early days in terms of heat here in England and (as I previously mentioned) I have dry, itchy skin so felt this would be most fitting. I have found that this has improved the condition of my skin and the application of my simpler makeup, but I haven’t so much noticed anything with my foundation application. I realise it can take a while and I appreciate that, but I thought if I saw some improvement in certain areas, I should notice it in all areas. I only use a tiny bit of this as it is so thick and so goes a long way, even down my neck.

 This product is available in Superdrug, Boots and most supermarkets (I found this and the other Simple products I picked up and then inevitably payed for in Tesco) and I think it’s also available in America if you’re reading from all the way over there! This is only £ which I think is really good considering what you get for it and that, amongst everything else, proves that the specified demographic for this product/brand is teenagers and young people. I think that for the price, I would go out and buy this again. I really like the formula and how it reacts to my skin and I love how budget friendly it is! However, if I wasn’t to moisturise my skin every time I went to put makeup on, I don’t think I would care as much. Makeup application is a huge part of my life!

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! It got a lot more science-y than I expected but I guess that’s skincare. If you would like me to try out more skincare products or talk about skincare more, just let me know. If you have this product or anything from the Simple brand let me know what it is and what you think of it! I’m very open to trying new things!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

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