EOTD: Spring, Everyday, Pink & Shimmery

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you an eye makeup look that is very shimmery, very beautiful and very appropriate for spring. For me personally, spring is all about pastel or pale-ish colours and experimenting a lot more with colours within makeup. This can be very neutral or can be the main event of your face, depending on how you apply it, so this could be one for the brave! I love this everyday, pink smokey eye (with very little smokiness!) and feel like it perfectly sums up spring for me. On we go!

The products I used for this look were:

  • Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold: available from Boots and Superdrug
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette, using the colours Buck and Virgin: available from Feel Unique

As you can tell, a lot of shimmer and pink involved already! When I first created this I did think there were aspects I could change (which I will explain as we go along) but I went through my day wearing this very proudly. Also, my eyeliner was very much on fleek that day!

The first thing I did was applied an eye primer. I did this just to make sure all my powder eye shadows stayed in place and it wasn’t just my cream one still on my eyelid at the end of the day (these Maybelline ones are seriously industrial strength!). I didn’t really have to worry about the colour pay off with it being Urban Decay and all! Unsurprisingly, it’s very difficult to just use a tiny bit of eye primer; my intention was my crease and inner half of my eye but it ended up all over my lid because it just wasn’t worth the hassle!

I then applied a little bit of Pink Gold onto the outer half of my eye using my finger. I hadn’t used this colour in months and seeing as it was cream, I was kind of scared that it would’ve dried up but it worked and I’m so happy as it was one of my absolute fave eye shadows last spring/summer! I have very small fingers (I’m a very small person!) so it didn’t really matter which finger I used (I also have quite big eyes) though I would recommend the index finger as that’s the smallest finger with most control (very good luck with using your baby finger!).

I then applied Buck directly into my crease, blending out the edges of Pink Gold at the same time. I just used a small, dense blending brush for this. I didn’t use too much as I wanted the pink to be the main attraction and definition wasn’t my main focus, but I wanted a little something just to make it look like I had crevices. Wait…

Taking a very small, flat-headed eye shadow brush, I applied Virgin on the inner half of my eye. Weird order, I know! This is so pigmented and in the pan it looks like a shimmery white with pink reflexes but it’s a lot lighter than I could have every imagined! This does look pretty shocking at first but trust me, after blending and all the other final touches, it doesn’t look too in-your-face. I also wear glasses so yay for thick, black frames!

I then of course applied my usual eyeliner with a black eye shadow and angled brush. On this particular day of taking pictures, it was very small and thin, a huge change for me! I did really like it though and toned down the pink a little bit but not too much so it was still evident. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I feel like eyeliner helps to draw everything on the eye together and this definitely did that! When I first applied it all, I was a little worried but my savior came to the rescue!

And there we have it! Let me know what you think of this look, what you have been wearing a lot of this spring, how you choose to wear your makeup now it is that time of year or what you would like to see more of. If you try this look out, send me pictures and tell me what you think of it! Also, if you have any other questions surrounding this look or anything you have seen on my blog, you are more than welcome to ask me in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


6 thoughts on “EOTD: Spring, Everyday, Pink & Shimmery”

  1. This looks so pretty. Im super scared to try out eyeshadows. I have bought tons but when it comes down to actually applying it i havent got a clue where to start. Haha. Nice post 🙂

    1. Thank you! I think my best advice there would be to just practice on a day off where you’re not going to see anyone and won’t normally wear makeup anyway; this will let you try new colours/styles without worrying about everyone staring at you! Also, find colours that will compliment you’re eye colour/skin tone/hair colour. For this just think back to a basic colour wheel or look for one on Google Images (don’t worry, I have to too!) and then the opposite colour to your eye colour will be the complimentary one. Once you’ve established what you want or what you like but you’re still a bit nervous to try wear it outside of the house, wear something easy and neutral. Less room for mistakes and you’re not throwing yourself directly into the deep end! But the most important thing is to have fun and just enjoy being creative! I love makeup for the creative side not the ‘ooh, look at me!’ side, haha. I hope you end up loving makeup just as much as myself and I hope these tips help! Let me know how you get on! Rachel xx

      1. Wow. Thank you so much for the detailed reply. I have given it another go and this time round it seems much better. I guess its just practice I need. 🙂

      2. Haha, you’re very welcome. Practice plays a huge role in nearly every hobby so just try and keep it up and hopefully over time it will end up just as better as the time before. Rachel xx

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