The World’s Biggest Birthday (& Easter) Money Haul 2016

Good Evening Munchkins!

I would just like to point out that this blog post is being written over time as my birthday was in February and this is not being uploaded in February (as you may have guessed). If the tense or whatever seems a bit wrong or odd in places, it’s because I’ve literally written around the time I purchased the items in this haul. Basically, just expect a load of reviews once this has been uploaded that I’ve saved up for months on end! Also, by the time I had spent the majority of my birthday money, it was Easter and I got very lucky by receiving money from that as well so I decided to write a huge collective haul for you. Enjoy the blog post!

Today I will be sharing with you what I bought with my birthday money. I feel like I do this a lot with Christmas money or whatever, and this is collective so please don’t hate me! Also, don’t think I’m showing off or anything, I’m genuinely not, I’ve just been very lucky this year with the amount of money I’ve received. I’m also one of those people that has to make sure they totally love something until they buy it. Yep, I’m super annoying to shop with! Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling, I’ve been to many a place for shopping and sorry this took so long to upload! This is going to be a super long haul as well, so I do recommend a hot beverage of your choice as we go through with this!

One thing I received for my birthday was a £10 voucher for Primark from my Mum. I love Primark and it’s kind of a running joke between us that I thought Primark vouchers were fake or didn’t exist as Primark is so cheap anyway. That’s basically the reasoning for this present! I spent this I think a week after my birthday and let’s just say, I got my money’s worth!


The first thing I picked up was this top and yes, it was from the £1 section. What can I say, it’s a guilty pleasure! Don’t knock it ’til you try it, as they say! This is my second top from the £1 section and they have both been in such good quality, I have no idea why it was only a pound. I fell in love with this top because of the colour (I feel like rusty reds really compliment my hair colour) and I love tops with words on, I have no idea why. I also have an addiction to day tops and literally live in them. They also have slightly rolled sleeves which I think looks nice on my big old bingo wings! This goes with leggings and blue jeans (as I’m wearing in the picture) and I just love it. It hangs nicely, it’s so comfy, there isn’t a bad word I could say about it!


The second thing was this Alice in Wonderland coin purse. I love Alice in Wonderland. Literally, love as in could-in-no-way-compare-to-my-unborn-children-love. They must’ve had an Alice in Wonderland collection in stock as there were also bags and tablet cases and all sorts. This was £3 which is pretty cheap for a purse and I would pay any amount for an Alice in Wonderland purse. It’s like a fake leather type material with the little metal clasp at the top and I’ve now decided to use it for school lunch money as it can hold all my coins and it’s also compact enough to fit in my blazer pocket. It’s also black and white, which I love (monochrome is my thing) and I love it way too much! I will literally use this until it breaks, then I will keep it just because it’s Alice in Wonderland.


The last couple of things are pretty *personal*, but I’m going to go for it. I trust you guys. I bought a sports bra. I know. I’m sorry. One thing I received for my birthday was the Charlotte Crosby 3 Minute Bum Blitz after I’d nagged for it for ages but I have boobs that are slightly on the larger side, so unless indescribable pain was my choice whilst working out, I needed a sports bra. I decided to get one from Primark because if I decided to stop working out for any reason, it wouldn’t be a lot of money wasted (they’re so expensive!). This one was £4 and they all value for around that, which I think is good if you are in a similar position to me. This one is orange, so of course I had to have it! It also has little air holes for your sweat to escape (I really just want to leave you with that thought! Ewww!) and it has like a bra clasp at the back but it doesn’t really do anything, I can slip the entire thing over me and it’s on. It also has a racer back, I think it’s called, for that extra support. If you want, I will do a little fitness blog post with my progress, providing there has been some!


The last thing I bought from Primark  was these pair of knickers and they were Reese’s. I’m going to be honest now, I wouldn’t have included a really raunchy pair of knickers on my blog, but I had to include these and they’re not on me, so I guess it’s OK! Basically, I love Reese’s, the American chocolate with peanut butter in. It’s amazing, I’m telling you! So, what better way to establish my love than by wearing it on my bum. Yep, I went there. They’re really comfy and I feel like I will be wearing them a lot, considering no ones going to see them or anything! Also, they’re mainly orange! Taking a picture of this and the sports bra was so difficult, will not be doing it again soon! This was £2.50, so I did go over by 50p but I’m fine with that.

The next place I went was Claire’s. I only bought one thing from there but I really really really liked it, so I thought I’d share it with you. And, of course, there’s a story. I’ve been wanting to get my cartilage pierced (the top of the ear) for ages, but I hate pain, it’s a lot of money, my ears tend to react badly with most earrings and I won’t be allowed it in school so I have been looking for a pair of fake ones that I like for ages. Thought I’d pop into Claire’s, have a look, see if they had anything I liked and then I found these. How beautiful?! This is a set of 3 blue/turquoise toned rose earrings (plastic) with a silver chain. Yeah, buddy. It also has the matching stud so I won’t have one lonely ear. I have my lobes pierced and you will need that for these earrings, but it’s just a cuff for the top bit and I really like how it looks. This was £5.50 for the set of the 3 and I think that’s really good value, if you ask me. It is worth hunting around in Claire’s as they do have some nice jewelry in there for a very small price. Most of my everyday jewelry is silver as well so the chain will match that perfectly. There was also the same set but with white and pink roses instead of the blues if you would prefer that. I did briefly talk about this in a blog post a little while ago about my Makeup, Fashion and Hair Staples, so 12 points if you remembered and checked this blog post for the pictures or you just remembered in general.


On a general day, I popped into Tesco with my friends (can I also point out this was the most beautiful spring day ever and walking by the sea was actually a treat!) and saw that they had a sale on Simple skincare. Note: always look in supermarkets or ‘unorthodox’ places to find really good deals on decent brands. I hadn’t used much Simple before so thought I would take they’re offer (3 for £5, yes you read it right!) seeing as I probably won’t find it anywhere else. Can I also point out each of these at RRP are £3.99 and I got them all for a fiver. Yep! Loving it! The first thing I picked up was the Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Water. I thought that I could try this out to remove my makeup and compare it with my Garnier one (expect that blog post soon!) and if it doesn’t do anything good to my skin, I still have my Garnier one. Life is about leaving your comfort zone though, so this should be a good step for me!


I also bought the Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser (which Shani Grimmond uses, can I just point out?!) and the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser. Yes, I bought two moisturisers. I don’t actually use (or before this anyway) a moisturiser, I would just use a body lotion or something before putting on my makeup that ‘would do’. Now, I’m all moisturised up (out of context, that could sound really dodgy!). I also thought I could compare these two and as it’s going into summer I may prefer the light one but on colder days the rich one will be my best friend. I wish I could say I was sorry but I’m actually not! I’m really chuffed! I also feel like I’m doing something for my age group as Simple’s main demographic is younger people (thought I did see some anti-ageing products for more mature skin though!) whereas before I haven’t really and haven’t been concerned about the welfare of my skin. I will be reviewing and comparing these also.


On yet another shopping trip (on a particular day where I had gone shopping with my friend and on the way back my Step-Mum’s car broke down so we went to shop in the town there!) I went into H&M. I think I mentioned this sometime last year how I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with H&M; I can go in there and find everything I’ve ever looked for or I can go in and hate everything. This time, it was a bit of a mixture but I did find this top which I love. For once (in my life, name that Stevie Wonder song) I didn’t buy an item in the sale section! I found this top and thought ‘this is literally my top’ and for only £6.99 I couldn’t turn it down! This is a basic, grey, everyday top that in black writing (typewriter writing, to be precise) says ‘living for the weekend’. Umm, yes, hello, I’m over here! One of my best purchases, if you ask me. I’m sorry for the picture quality but this is going to be worn non-stop. It’s also really soft and grey just seems to be my colour at the moment, anything grey is immediately mine! It’s kind of cropped but you know what, I’m fine with that!


The second thing I bought from H&M was this flower crown, only it’s not a crown, it’s more of a headband. I think this summer I’m going to try and wear these as I received an orange one for my birthday (in hairband form) and the colours of the flowers on this one are so gorgeous and look stunning with my hair colour. They’re a simple magenta colour and it goes with a lot of things (you’d be surprised) and I feel like this would be a really simple but nice way to accessorize an otherwise boring outfit. I like the leaves on it as well as it makes it look a little more realistic, not that I’d want an actual plant in my hair but yanno. The actual band on it is nude as well so if it isn’t hidden by my hair it should blend into my neck (in theory). I found this in the sale section and it was only £2. Yes, I know, the bargain genius over here! I adore it and even if I wear it only a few times I would’ve gotten my moneys worth. I don’t understand why it’s in the sale section though if I bought it in the months leading up to summer.


The next place I went was Paperchase. This was the shopping trip that popped my Paperchase cherry (sorry for that disgusting image!). I know, I can’t believe I hadn’t been in one either! Obviously I’d heard of it and the little writer in me had wanted to go in there for ages but for some reason I just didn’t. Until this shopping trip. And I found this notebook. This is an A6 (I think, it is tiny!) notebook with the Eiffel Tower on it but it’s been edited to look like a Polaroid and there’s a thin piece of film over the entire notebook so it feels like when you flip old Polaroid pictures. I love vintage and at some point in the summer my grandparents are taking me for a short break to Paris so I thought this would be perfect to take with me and write little things in there about my time there or use it as a scrapbook and put things in there from Paris. It also has ‘je’taime’ written on it which (I think) means ‘I like’. You’d think after studying French from the ages of 4-13 I’d remember something! I’m just really looking forward to using it. It’s quite thick so it may have to run over more than one trip to Paris (I’m imagining it being my second home once I get there!). I’m so excited! I’ve only ever been to France once in my life and that was Disneyland Paris. I don’t think that really counts. Obviously I will blog about it as well, don’t you worry! This tiny little notebook cost me £3.50 which normally I would think twice about as it is so tiny but I know it’s good quality and I’m going to fill it with memories I can enjoy for the rest of my life. How cheesy!


Once my Step-Mum’s car had broken down (which I’m kind of blaming myself for, but that’s a story for another time), I found a Superdrug and at this point in time, Superdrug had an offer on Maybelline products (buy one item, get the second half price). You know what I’m like when it comes to a deal, I just can’t turn it down! The first product I bought was the Maybelline Lash Sensational but I chose the Waterproof one because, as my friend pointed out, this is England. It rains, it’s windy and sometimes we stay up way too late! In all fairness, my current mascara is starting to get clumpy so I will need a new one anyway and everyone’s been raving about this one so I thought ‘why not?’. This was £7.99 which I personally think is a bit expensive for a mascara, but if it’s as good as everyone says then maybe it is worth it (the waterproof and non-waterproof one are the same price). I will report back and probably write a review once I’ve tried it out because we all know how much I love my reviews! I very nearly bought this in the first shopping centre we were in but it wasn’t sealed so it could’ve dried out before I got to try it, which is literally my worst nightmare. Yes, I did go to different shops to find the right mascara that was sealed! Better safe than sorry!


The second product I bought (the one that was half price) was the Maybelline Colour Show 60 Second Nail Polish in 677 Blackout. I needed a new black nail polish as my current one was starting to go a bit ming-mong and as there was a deal I was not turning it down. The RRP of this is £2.99 so I only had to pay like £1.50 which for a Maybelline product is really good (£2.99 is as well actually). I just picked this up because I needed a new one and this was there. I did want to get a Barry M one because I love those nail polishes, but next time I will. There’s always a next time!


On yet another separate occasion, I had another quick look around my local Primark and picked up a couple more bits (I feel like it’s still fair though as new collections had come in, including Batman VS. Superman, my life is complete! I even scared the cashier by demanding a huge bag for these two items as it had the logo on. I’m sorry now-socially-anxious-Primark-cashier). The first one was this F.R.I.E.N.D.S logo top and I’ve been wanting one of these for literally ages now but they haven’t suited me or didn’t have my size or I didn’t have the money so I just bought it. This one is grey and has the black trimming on the neckline and arm…holes? This is another trend I really like. I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S so much and used to be able to recite the episodes word for word. This is just memorabilia from that stage of my life I think. I did have to buy this in a 16 though (my usual size range is 12-14) because I hate having tight sleeves and I knew that would be the case with a top like this. Also it’s super baggy now, another fave of mine! This was £6 and probably my favourite £6 spent! They seemed to have a whole F.R.I.E.N.D.S collection there with a range of t-shirts, so it may be worth checking it out. I chose the grey one because everything in my life is grey at the moment. I have no idea why.


The second thing I picked up was this gorgeous little playsuit. I bought a playsuit last summer (I didn’t mention it because it was around the time I had a break from blogging) and ever since have been searching for another, and I found it. At the moment Primark have a lot in so, as I said before, it’s worth checking out. This one was only £5 and some were £10 so obviously I went for the cheaper, more prettier option! This is very different to the one I already own (I’ll probably include it in a blog post at some point) with the dark colours and the kind of Aztec-y pattern. It also has spaghetti straps so strapless bras from here on in! I’m really into dark colours at the moment and livening the look up with bright makeup or accessories (see hairband above) so this was a no brainer. You know when you see something on a manikin and immediately go on like a Sherlock Holmes type mission to try and find it. Yup, that’s what happened here! This also sinches in at the waist (which I like very much) and has drawstrings around the  middle to tighten to your desire. That sounds very odd out of context. I did buy this in a 14 so it would be slightly baggier because, as you can probably tell, I hate things being too tight, especially in summer. This is also really lightweight material and you could get away with on holiday or just on a very hot day here in England. I also felt very fat when I bought this, otherwise I would’ve got the 12. I’m so excited to wear this!!


I then went into New Look, somewhere I had surprisingly not touched yet; I had been into several but not found anything until this trip where I found the most gorgeous dress. I realise I say that a lot but it seriously is! This was also in the £5 off section though more than that was taken off the original price. It was this gorgeous black and white midi dress *exhales deeply*. I’ve been wanting to try midi dresses and skirts for a little while now but considering I’m the same size as a hobbit, it’s very difficult to find something that will flatter and not drown me. This one was £10 (just hold me!) and the actual price of it was £20, I think, both of which are very good prices for this dress. This has spaghetti straps and one of those necklines that is kind of in a V-shape but not and makes your boobs look amazing! The bottom of the dress (between the white stripes) is kind of a mesh material which I really like and it comes to my knees or just past them. I’m planning on taking this dress to Paris when I go with my grandparents for the evening and I know that it will look stunning! I can’t tell you the material because I don’t know it but it feels like a decent sort of material that will last me a long time! The straps are also adjustable if you need them longer or shorter. The material is quite heavy, especially around the skirt, but this is definatley a summer dress, I can assure you! I just need to find the perfect shoes to go with it! This was from the Cameo Rose collection.


The final thing I bought with my birthday money was a new can of Batiste. Through this time, I had run out and Superdrug had an offer on the day I went in to buy some more so of course I had to take it up! I think it was all half price but some were still more expensive than others. I decided to choose a different scent from last time (which was Tropical and I loved because it smelt like Pina Colada) and so I bought the one in Fresh. Also, the can looked so cute; they have fairly recently changed the packaging and some do look a bit too garish for me so this was perfect. I haven’t smelt or used it yet but I will report back when I have! As this was half price, this only cost me £1.48 for a huge can (200ml). Look for them deals, that’s all I’m saying!


The final (!) place I went, which will be unsurprising for most of you, was Primark. I’m sorry, I did not anticipate how often I was going to go spend money there! Anyway, this was where I spent my Easter money and I’m really happy about it! I did go there (or into town in general) on a mission and I came away victorious (now have Panic at the Disco stuck in my head, brilliant. Though that song always reminds me of the Saturday’s song Notorious, just because they rhyme. The logic is in there somewhere). The reason for my trip was to find a pair of heels to go with my new dress (see above) as the only heels I own are boot-like and therefore winter-y whereas this dress is quite clearly for the summer. I found these beauties for £10 and I’m very happy with them. I was at first disheartened on this trip as I found the perfect pair of heels in New Look within my price range but they were a size 6 and I’m not. Sad times. Anyway, I found these black heels which are made of a black fabric type material (you’d think after being obsessed with Gok Wan for the past 10 years I’d know what I was talking about by now!) and has a buckle up band around the ankle which can be tightened or loosened as you wish. These are very basic but I feel like I will get a lot of wear out of them. Also, I wasn’t and am still not sure what Paris is like to walk on so went for a slightly smaller heel than my eye first caught. I’d say these are around 3 inches and I can actually walk in them! The toe part of the shoe is rounded and gives a very cute finish to a look. I can’t wait to wear them with so many outfits! I’ve only just noticed they’re in the wide fit section of Primark so that should also help in terms of comfort. *cheeky One Direction poster in the background*


The final thing to this haul (I feel like I’ve been on a journey with this blog post!) is this gorgeous, deep green midi skirt. As I think I’ve already mentioned, I’ve been wanting to try midi-length for a while and when I saw this I knew I needed it! I’m planning on wearing it at the end of the month and I think it will still go with the time of year. It’s quite a Christmas-y green but is also very lightweight so I think it would suit the occasion. This was in the sale and on the tag said £5 but when I went to the cashier she told me it was £3. Even better! The black band at the top is elasticated which helps with comfort and I actually chose to buy a size 14 (I tried a 12 and 14) because my friend told me it looked more flowy which, in my opinion, this type of skirt should be. This has an opaque green underskirt and then a sheerer layer of green over top which helps to create this flowy effect. If I lose weight (which was a worry for me) I do know someone who could adjust it for me as breathing in now makes it hang off me. I don’t know why I told you that! I think this would look stunning with the heels as well. I can’t wait to wear this and if you would like to know, I can show you how I wear it for my night out. Sorry for the bluriness of this picture; in order to get the full skirt in I had to go on tip toes and I have the same amount of balance as a walrus so I was shaking a lot!

And there we have it! Oh-me-oh-my this has been a very long haul! Just for the record, I starting writing this around the 20th of February and as I type these words it’s the 5th of April. I can now breath a little bit more! If you’ve read until the end, 39 points! Also, a massive congratulations! Let me know what you’re favourite things from this haul have been, what you’ve bought recently or what you would like to see more of. That was a lot of money spent, but I think we can all agree it was spent wisely! Will definitely have to wait a long time for the next haul! I think from this we’ve all learnt that I love Primark and a good ol’ sale! I’m kind of in denial that this over, really; I’ve loved writing this blog post. Anyway, as least I can move on to other aspects of my blog!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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