All About: Sleek i-Divine Palette in ‘Oh So Special’

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I will be telling you all about the Sleek i-Divine Palette in ‘Oh So Special’. I received this for my birthday last year so I’ve definitely had time to use it, work with it and gain something to tell you guys! It’s been a long time coming! I would write a review but I feel like I would just be writing the same thing over and over so I thought I’d  put a bit of a twist on the usual review and write this ‘All About’ for you! I will be mainly telling you all about the individual colours but I will include other important elements to the palette also.


This palette consists of 12 mineral based powder eye shadows; 7 matte and 5 shimmer with there being 2 rows of 6. The eye shadows aren’t put into sections in any way that I can tell though there are some that match each other. The palette comes with a basic, double-ended sponge-type brush, a very wide mirror and a clear piece of plastic with each of the names on which lays on top of the colours. I’ve kept this so that when I include any of the eye shadows in a blog post I know exactly which ones I’m talking about and can refer directly to their name. I have nearly lost it a few times where it’s slipped out but it’s been super helpful for this purpose! I love the mirror in this and it’s the biggest I own (I think) and makes applying winged eyeliner really easy to get on my face without looking like an American Horror Story character. The palette itself is super minimalist which I know is a huge trend at the moment and is something I love as well. The writing of ‘Sleek’ is black and glossed over whereas the rest of the palette is a matte black. This is really keeping up with the trends but if you had a number of Sleek palettes, it could become confusing as the actual names are on the back/bottom of the shadows.


All the eye shadows are pigmented and considering it’s drugstore, do last a long time. They won’t last you all day (it starts wearing around 7 or 8 hours) but for the money, it’s worth it. I do wear this palette for school as the colours I choose to use are pretty natural and I’m not scared to use it all up as I know I can afford to get another one once it runs out. They also blend super nicely and apply really well. Also, if you want shimmer, the shimmer/foiled eye shadows will give you that! It does not hold back on the glitter which I obviously love very much! When explaining each colour, I will be going from top row to bottom row, from left to right.



The first colour (top left) is Bow. This looks like literally nothing on my hand and I’m also really sorry I forgot to take a close up of the individual eye shadow. It does look like there is nothing there but I think that proves my paleness over everything else! This is a matte, cream/white that is perfect for a simple day-to-day base. It doesn’t seem that pigmented but if it was shown on a different skin tone, it would be much more visible. I used this a lot when I first received the palette but I don’t as much anymore (I really should, though!) just because I’ve been trying out new things for my eyes.


The colour next to Bow is Organza. I love this colour and it applies a lot better when I swatched it with my finger onto my hand, actually! This can be very neutral (I get away with it for school!) or can be worn over other eye shadows to be built up but you can see how pigmented this is! This is a light pink with shell tones within it and a shiz load of glitter. It’s not a true pink as it does have purple undertones, but its a lot more pink than purple! I have no idea what I’m saying anymore…ahhh!


This third colour is Ribbon and is a very bright, Barbie pink. I haven’t worn this too much as I just haven’t found a decent occasion or haven’t got round to wearing it. It is a very vibrant pink, though, so would be suited for the brave! This could be applied quite naturally but it will still have the bright undertones. When I get round to wearing it or including it in a look, I will let you know and tell you how I did it.

Gift Basket

The fourth eye shadow on the top row is Gift Basket (the top colour in the first picture). I loved this colour around the festive period as it is a shimmery brown with bronze undertones. This looks stunning on and I would even go as far to say it’s my favourite colour in the palette. I tend to wear this on it’s own because the shimmer and the colour itself is strong enough to carry itself and the look on it’s own. I feel like because of the copper/bronze undertones, it really compliments and brings out my blue eyes. I also think it’s a really good dupe for Smog in the Urban Decay Naked palette.


Oh-me-oh-my how beautiful is Glitz? I’ve hardly used this colour but I will from now on! The other day I actually tried to create coloured eyeliner (all about that pop of colour!) with this and it looked stunning! This is so beautiful, I will definitely be wearing it a lot this spring and I will of course report back to you when I do! This is an aqua blue shimmery shade but is also quite dark (I’m think grey undertones?) and I will find a way to wear this, I promise you! The glitter particles in this are also a matching blue to the powder eye shadow which I love as you don’t find that very often in most shimmery eye shadows.


The last colour on the top row is Celebrate which, in the pan, looks like a shimmer-y Ribena colour, but it’s actually not. As you can tell by the swatch, this is actually much more of a dark brown with purple tones within it. I’ve only worn this once and was quite shocked to find how dark it was! This is definitely one for evening and lovers of smokey eyes, which I haven’t really fallen into yet. I would use it on others for this purpose, but I feel it looks quite harsh on me. For a purple (very!) smokey eye this could look stunning but I can’t say it’s something I’m going to whip out for day to day use.


The first colour on the bottom row is Pamper. I love this colour for everyday wear as it can be really neutral but also a change from the usual brown shades and therefore look stunning. This isn’t too pigmented in the swatch but it can be built up and, especially over a primer, can be brought to life. This is a beautiful light pink that is toned down slightly compared to Ribbon, one of the reasons why I feel I compare them so much! I also love how this can be worn without looking or feeling ridiculous because it is slightly more sheer than the other colours in this palette.


The second colour on the bottom row is Gateau. Much like Pamper and Ribbon, I tend to compare this one to Organza, which I know I shouldn’t but I just can’t help it! I don’t wear this one as much as I do tend to go for a more neutral option day-to-day (i.e Organza) but I will start trying it out. This is very similar to Organza but is slightly darker, has more purple-y tones and I feel is a bit warmer.This is also highly packed with shimmer and is super pigmented. I promise I will start using this! I think I may also start applying these couple of colours with my finger to get all the pigmentation and shimmer I can out of it!

The Mail

You guys know how much I love this next colour; I’ve raved about it so much! This next colour is The Mail and is a gorgeous brown transition shade with orange undertones. I love to put this in the crease for day-to-day looks (ad pairing them with other colours in this palette) as I know it will look neutral but also stay where I put it. Also, the orange undertones compliment the blue in my eyes (they’re both complimentary colours) so I know that I can’t go wrong with this one. This is matte (also perfect for transition shades) and I also use it for smokier looks as the first crease colour which I tend to blow out as well. If you have blue eyes, you need this colour in your life!


The next colour is Boxed. This is a matte, muddy, dark brown and I tend to use it for smokey eyes as I know that I can apply it, blend it out nicely but also give the smokiness and definition that I want. You can’t go wrong with a colour like this, though I would not recommend it for an everyday look! This isn’t one of those colours that you can just chuck on with a bit of liner and that’s your eyes are done; it’s a colour that helps to perk up a look instead of just being a look in itself.

Wrapped Up

The penultimate colour in this palette is very similar to the previous one and is Wrapped Up. This eye shadow, however, contains a much richer brown shade that reminds me a lot more of chocolate (it’s just been Easter, I’m allowed that one!). I also use this one for smokey eyes and sometimes mix the two together to get a completely new colour that adds something a bit extra to a smokey eye. If you want a bit more life in a smokey eye, I would recommend Wrapped Up but if you would like something a bit more muted, Boxed is your best friend.


And finally, Noir! I have spoken about this before so 23 points if your remember those blog posts! This is definitely the most pigmented black I own though if I use it for winged eyeliner it can drop down which I don’t want to have to worry about (nor does anyone, I think!). If I’m not doing too much or I’m wearing a really dark look (like a smokey eye) then I will use it so it stands out (I love my eyeliner so much, I really can’t go without it!). If this is the case and there is drop down, I don’t really care because not many people will see me and it will just add to the smokey look! If I had a lot of time on my hands, I would use this for parts of my eyeliner but not enough so that there’s enough product there to fall halfway down my face. Let’s just say, this one doesn’t last a school day! I don’t really wear black on the actual lid in any look so I can’t comment on that one, sorry.

Finally, the last little bits I want to clear up. This product is available in Boots and Superdrug (as are all of the Sleek products) so is drugstore and retails for £7.99. I think this is a really good price for 12 eye shadows and the pricing makes it sit in the middle of the drug store brand list (if there was one!). I do think that with some eye shadows you get a lot more than what the price allows you but for others they’re not so good. It is a bit hit and miss but I’m one of those people that will find a use for any product! I think for those starting out (as in really wanting to take up makeup professionally, not just playing around with it), Sleek is a really good brand to try out as their products are budget friendly, are (mostly) good quality and the packaging reminds me a bit of Nars packaging so makes it feel that little bit more special. Sleek also offers a range of palettes, not just the ones in the i-Divine collection, that I will eventually get my hands on and you can also try out alongside me! I haven’t tried any other Sleek products but am willing to do so after using this palette.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post; it’s very different for me but I’ve really enjoyed writing it! A lot of work went into this one and I think it’s one of my longest blog posts, so sorry for taking up so much of your time! I did try not to ramble, but that clearly didn’t happen! If you have this palette or any of the other Sleek products, let me know which ones and what you think of them as well as the ones I need to try out! I will probably include this palette a lot more now I’ve given you the basics of it. I have included it in a lot of EOTD’s and MOTD’s so you can go back and look for them and I’ve also spoken about my favourite colours in this blog post HERE.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S.  When I say ‘day-to-day’ or something like that, I mean because I now wear makeup to school, I can’t just tun up with a bright blue eye so this is probably one of the reasons I haven’t been able to try out all the colours. I’m sorry, during weekends and holidays I am trying to try out more so I can report back to you!


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