March Favourites 2016

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

It’s that time of the month again where I share with you what I have been loving. How has it got to the end of March already? Easter’s over as well, now we only have summer to look forward to! Expect this from 30 other bloggers, but this month has gone way to fast and I feel like I’ve just blinked and it’s gone. I feel like I got about midway into the month and had no favourites until I actually sat down and thought about it and now I have a fair few! I have a lot of randoms this month but there are some beauty/fashion ones thrown in there also.


My first favourite of the month was this pink lip gloss. I have no idea where you can get it as I don’t know myself but it is so pretty and if you know of any alternatives that I can actually buy once this ones finishes, let me know. This is a deep pink gloss that has blue undertones and when it’s in different lights it kind of shows of these undertones. I wear this lip gloss for school and it does last quite a long time. If I’m having a dry lip day it can exacerbate this, but in general it doesn’t really do anything to harm my lips. I think it’s from the brand So…? which are mainly a fragrance brand so if you can find this, well done!

My second beauty favourite of this month has been the Laroc Beginner’s Collection Concealer Palette. I haven’t heard of this brand before and received it as a stocking filler at Christmas so, again, I don’t know where you can buy this, and I’m really sorry about it! When I was typing that it sounded sarcastic, I promise it wasn’t supposed to! There are loads of these around, though, so I’m sure you little Munchkins out there will find an even better version. I do want to play with this more but I can create bruises with the darker colours that look quite realistic (convinced the step-mother and created World War 3) and I do use the concealer in my colour for covering dark circles and even the redness cheeks. Oh yes, now we all know why this mysterious Concealer Palette is in my March Favourites 2016! This is the concealer I use on ‘medium’ makeup days; it’s not a school day so bare minimum isn’t required but I’m not modelling for Victoria’s Secret so full face isn’t required either, this is just for days where I may be going out with friends who have seen me in a worse state or if I’m just having a chilled shopping trip with my Mum. Can’t say I’m not specific!


My final makeup favourite of this month has been the eye shadow Buck from the Urban Decay Naked palette. Finally, something you can actually purchase for yourselves from Feel Unique which is for everyone because it ships internationally! I hope my first two unavailable products have been made up for now! This is a brown eye shadow with slight orange-y undertones (not at much as my beloved The Mail from the Sleek i-Divine Palette in Oh So Special) that I have been using at my go-to crease colour. This month has been the month of Buck, I’m telling you. It’s perfect for everyday makeup because it adds that extra something without going full on drag queen. I will also admit now that yes, I have this palette and yes, this is the colour I decide to rave about from it! I’m sure there’s loads of amazing crease colours out there, but this month, Buck has floated my boat.


The first fashion favourite I’ve had this month (might be the first in general, I can’t apply myself that far back!) are ear cuffs. You will find out further in an upcoming blog post (that I’ve been working on for weeks!) about the history of these ear cuffs, but basically I love them. These ones are from Claires and it’s basically a fake cartilage piercing (the cuff part just slides over the ear) but the rose in-bedded in my lobe is actually in a previously pierced hole. As some of you may know, I have wanted to get my cartilage pierced for ages and this is the cheapest, easiest, less painful way to get it done. I’ve now moved onto the obsession of getting my tongue pierced as well. No idea why, literally no idea. These are super easy to put in and look effortlessly cool (like Dan and Phil, only these are locked onto my body) and I’ve now run out of things to say about it!


And another fashion favourite of mine this month has been my denim jacket (near the end of the month and as I’m typing now!). In the winter, I just chucked big jumpers over everything, and I’ve found my spring equivalent: the denim jacket! This is one that my Mum handed down to me from the 1990’s so you won’t be able to get this exact one, but most places sell them these days. I’ve just loved throwing this over everything, especially grey tops and as the weather gets a bit warmer, crop tops (she went there!)! This is just a much lighter colour though it is quite thick, being a denim jacket and all, so will keep me warm as England’s weather changes constantly. Yesterday it was amazing blue skies but today there is a risk of hypothermia. Someone please explain it to me! I think this really suits me as well as it matches my eyes and looks really nice with my hair colour. It’s quite long so looks quite boho-y and I also like to roll the sleeves up to about halfway up the lower end of my arm (I literally have no idea what it’s called, but below the elbow). This just looks so cool and I can’t wait to wear it more!


Onto my random favourites! Towards the beginning of the month, I started listening to some more of the CD’s I owned (had to leave my Adele and Amy Winehouse alone from a while), one of which being Oasis: What’s The Story (Morning Glory). I had obviously heard Wonder Wall before but I hadn’t gone much further than that (I have a fear or listening to new music, I have no idea why!) so this kind of popped my Oasis cherry, if you will. These actually relaxed me, and at the moments I am ridiculously stressed. I found it so calming and easy to listen to and love. I did really enjoy listening to this and have found my favourite song on the album She’s Electric from it. Fun fact for you, my Mum’s closest friend knows one of the Gallagher’s (everyone gets Noel and Liam mixed up, right?) and when he split up from his wife, the chosen Gallagher brother slept on his sofa. Little fun fact for you there. I will wait for my court summons now! I recommend at least giving it a go, you will be surprised at what you find!


My penultimate favourite is Orange Matchmakers. I’m not sure if this is available worldwide, but it definitely is in the UK so if you’re over here, try them! You will not go back! I’d tried the mint ones before and it was a bit too minty but oh-me-oh-my are these amazing. They’re called ‘tangy’ orange and they definitely are, they are really strong orange chocolate that have a very strong kick. I was given these for my birthday because I love the colour orange and orange chocolate is my life and more and this may be a contender for the best birthday present ever (too over exaggerated?). If you like orange chocolate, you need these in your life! For those that don’t know, matchmakers are chocolate sticks and they come in a variety of very strong flavours so yeah. Taste them for yourself and we can join a cult of Orange Matchmakers. I think you can just find them in usual supermarkets, but I didn’t buy them myself so I can’t tell you for sure.

My final favourite of the month are makeup YouTube videos. I have phases of liking really long videos, daily vlogs, D.I.Y’s and this month, I had gone back to my roots for binge watching makeup videos. I’d never hated them but I felt such a strong love for them this month, I had to mention it. I would personally like to thank Nikkie Tutorials, Shani Grimmond and Zoella. I also highly recommend these YouTuber’s, have been loving them a lot, but I think you guys know that now! I now have a lot of inspiration and hopefully that will be proven in my upcoming blog posts!

And there we have it! I feel like I’ve rambled a lot in this blog post, I’m very sorry. Let me know what have been your favourites this month and what you think of any of these products if you have tried them yourself. And don’t be afraid to talk to me or ask me anything in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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